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  1. Hello all! I come here as soon as I read the news about script reading. Do we have other updates on the other actors or actresses cast for this drama already? I want to see some pics and clips from the script reading but none so far
  2. Just passing by and I thought that's not what @Uaenaforever meant by posting the webtoon link? @bombshellchick1 people love Moon Lovers up to the point that they are too eager for a Season 2, definitely. I always have the idea that your oppa (I assume you are a Lee Joon Gi's fan from your wordings?) is aware and unless he is the one shushing people about it, I can't say anything about being disrespectful for asking about the possibility. I have been following Lee Joon Gi's Instagram too and though I also find it rather annoying to read only 'Season 2 please' comments from other drama fans, so I understand where you are coming from, but shutting down these drama fans by telling them they are disrespectful while they don't actually mean it will not do good for your oppa either. Anyway, ratings are for domestic viewers (Koreans?). I don't know if watching online (tvn tv-ing stream website) will help but if you can promote your oppa to those International drama fans who love him as Wang So in a better way, I think they will be willing to support your oppa in terms of watching online to boost the ratings, too. I mean no harm or offense, just saying what I feel as a non- fan who loves Lee Joon Gi from watching his dramas including the internationally famous Moon Lovers . See you then on the Flower of Evil Soompi Forum? I have joined and looked forward to the update there along with some other dramas I have been following this year.
  3. wooo... hello everyone. i'm a new comer in the forum. really look forward to another collaboration of Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won after Criminal Minds. I am also looking forward to discussing this drama with you all later when it airs
  4. I actually had another account that I used to vote for my favorites at annual Soompi awards but it's been a very long time and I forgot the password, so I created a new one because I started watching some new dramas again. I was hooked by Moon Lovers when it was aired, so I feel you! It is good, though, that you are here now, because back then the things seemed too messy. I remember reading the posts and got upset, that's when I stopped lurking here. Nowadays it seems peaceful and you all can start swooning over these two sweet people again. I think as long as there is no too delusional, potentially harmful rumor created out of it, shipping celebrities should be regarded as just for fun. I am happy for IU/ Lee Ji Eun for her achievement in acting projects. She has been doing very well and hopefully the new movie will open more opportunities for her. My friend attended her recent concert in our country and told me that she is really famous now, comparable to those big K-Pop boy groups and girl groups. I kinda miss Lee Joon Gi on the screen, though. I hope this year he will find the project(s) he likes, he is such a gem too. Enjoy your healthy shipping time! Here crossing fingers for you guys
  5. Hello! First timer but a long time silent lurker here. I am amazed that this shipper thread is still alive even after more than two years! Wow. I think I need to read some recent posts again as the last time I peeked at it, it was a little bit messy with people throwing angry words towards shippers . Happy New Year to those of you who love Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun . Maybe it will be a good year for you guys, who knows, keep the faith .
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