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  1. It is difficult for me now to make a decision and answer the question "what to do?" . I found out my boyfriend started taking drugs.
  2. I like to play world of warcraft
  3. Guys, thank you for the discussion. The topic of saving money is a topical issue
  4. I watched the movie The Birth of a Star with Lady Gaga
  5. This is a matter for the specialist to decide. At least an electrician and an engineer
  6. Online games are fun. I like it, too.
  7. It's not good without a job. It's income and statusIt's not good without a job. It's income and status
  8. I like leather goods. It's not just jackets.
  9. If you want to dance then you need to dance
  10. It is intresting. Thanks a lot
  11. My child likes to play board games. We play as a family
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