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  1. this is random, but after watching Junhwi & Jinwoo's dynamics until now, I had a thought that Jungyeom would be the wisest & matured one amongst them if he's still around but then, it gonna become a different story since JG used to tell CA that he would want to date her lol
  2. The thing that irk me the most tonight isn't the post break up, but it's the way Judge Hong bring up Jungyeom here & there in order to guilt trap Junhwi, as well as validating her sorry excuse Back then, she covered JG's hit & run to protect him. Now I don't know for whose sake is it that she asked both Junhwi & Cheong Ah to forget each other I was like, "mam please... you only have one son left & CA who has been treating you really well. Don't ruin things for them, will you?"
  3. Rather than CA’s mum, I think JH cares about his mum & CA more. He felt suspicious over whatever his mum is hiding about JG yet he never truly push her on it because he didn't want to hurt her. He also couldn't bring himself to tell the truth to CA as he knew that she went through a lot, & that his identity as JG's brother would only open an old wound. Anyway, it's safe to say that JH loves CA. He's aware that he ought to break up with her, but no matter how, he always went against what his mind told him to. Thus, I guess JH probably doesn't want CA’s mum to know about his identity just so he could keep meeting CA longer. Yes, but I don't think they've mentioned about her sickness yet again? Maybe later? To add for more drama than what it has been at the moment?
  4. Mostly because of the mums. Though both mums approve each other's kid as for now, we knew it will be hardly the same when they learn that their kids are dating. In CA's mum's POV, JH's & JW's family is no good to hers. First, it's due to CA's connection to JG's death. It wasn't CA's fault, but she knew that CA is still effected by the incident. Secondly, it's because she witnessed SA being treated poorly by her MIL. So which mum would allow any of her daughters to go through or getting reminded of the same pain? For that, she even warned CA & SA to not come close to JH's & JW's family again. Remember she also hesitated to let YA sign with Inter Market just because it's related to JW? Meanwhile for JH's mum, she probably didn't want JH to meet CA because she's scared he will learn about JG's suicide from her, & later he gonna find out about the hit & run. In short, both mums want to cover their mistake from the past in the present. Hence, if I may add, the writer probably make CA & JH seeing each other not for the sake of the plot, but as a chance for their respective mum to redeem themselves. That's why I think CA & JH won't break up (maybe yes, but only for a short time)
  5. Junhwi managed to surprise us big time by asking Cheong Ah out before, so personally, it won't seem unlikely if ever he proposes to her after the kiss Well... I just hope those 19 individuals (as for now) who voted out the possibility of break up will receive a good result in the next episode #TeamNoBreakUp
  6. Personally, I think Junhwi won't break up with Cheong Ah. I had a feeling that the reason Junhwi saved the kiss(es) before is the same to why he was hesitate to call Cheong Ah's parents as mom & dad. Probably because he thought that it would be unfair for them since he ought to end the relationship. So in my opinion, that kiss wasn't a farewell kiss, but a promise. Like Cheong Ah said, Junhwi is unpredictable/ unstoppable (which he then 'corrected' her that he only acted like that towards her). Besides, if the writer suddenly turn Junhwi into a noble idiot, it would seem to be out of character honestly PS: A tiny part of me actually don't care whether they will break up or not. We have 24 episodes to go for our OTP to make up & get back together
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