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  1. I understand where you’re coming from, I really do. But it really was just a harmless joke. Do you guys have Twitter accounts? A lot of people on Twitter tweet like that and no one takes it seriously because most tweets are just for fun, if that makes sense. I think there are far more worse tweets and posts about MY, SJ and PPC that should be reported, in my opinion. But anyway, I think the account deleted the tweet so we don’t have to worry about that anymore. By the way, I know you guys don’t like to dig up old stuff but I would really like to know about this because I wasn’t around back then. But what was the rumor about MY and KJW being together in Turkey last Summer about? Where did it come from? Was it a shipper who started it? If it’s possible, please someone let me know. Thank you.
  2. I saw that tweet too and it was harmless and meant to be a joke but *coughs* certain people from another ship made it a huge thing and reported it to Namoo. So unnecessary.
  3. Them posting on the exact same day (once again ) minutes apart (once again as well ) and then this. Why is something telling me they were standing right next to each other when they posted? I noticed SJ rarely writes his captions in english, maybe someone helped him? I don't know why but thinking about it makes my heart flutter. Well, maybe it's just my delulu acting up, sorry © parkparkcouplefan Instagram Story Edit: Guys, can you see the image? I'm having trouble with the URL.
  4. Agreed! MY has such a feminine and classic style, but of course, every time she’s seen wearing something more casual/sporty, which is unusual, it turns out that SJ somehow owns it as well, they don’t even try to hide it
  5. I really think it’s SJ that buys the shoes for both of them, because we can clearly tell that kind of style is not really MY’s, and I think that she wears them once, posts a picture and then never wears them again, so that probably just became an inside joke between all of them
  6. Wow guys. This has nothing to do with how much I believe in/support PPC. I started shipping them late last year and everything is kinda new for me still. I tried to search things up to be up to date with everything that happened since 2018 and I know last summer Min-young turned her comments off on some posts due to some delulu from other shippers, and everyone freaked out. So I thought everyone would have the same reaction now. I’m sorry I don’t know any better The reason my comments are always related to “worries” is because this forum is filled with people who have been here since the beginning and I feel like getting reassurance from you guys is what I need to feel better, if that makes sense. I know someone said that shipping PPC isn’t for faint-hearted people, and I completely agree, that’s why I’m trying to toughen up a little. I’m sorry again.
  7. Guys... Min-young turned the comments on her last post off. I know you guys said not to freak out over all this but I really can’t help it. I really didn’t know the comment section was that bad (?), I thought shippers stopped commenting/tagging her after she changed the caption. I’m so confused...
  8. The fact that she deleted the caption makes me kinda of worried and anxious... I mean, once again, if it was really a hint, she knew people would speculate and shippers would start freaking out/making posts about it, then why did she delete it once that happened? The whole situation is a mess. @twoparkcouple Can comments on DC ever get to her? I mean, does she have to have an account to see the comments or are they being reported to her somehow? And by all the hate they're getting from their "lovestagrams", do you think knetnz still think ppc are together?
  9. I really don’t wanna let my delulu take over but there’s so many “coincidences” in one single post The location, the shoes AND the caption. It makes me feel so good but I’m trying so hard not to think too much of it. But at the same time, there’s a part of me saying that this is his way of slowly letting us know about their relationship because there’s no way it didn’t cross his mind us shippers would go crazy over his post, especially regarding him calling himself “Léon”
  10. Hello everyone Is there a reason why this thread lost 10+ pages? Does anyone know the reason why? As for the PSJ/KJW fan commenting here, as it was said before, we can’t prohibit anyone from coming here, it’s a public forum after all but i kinda agree that it’s odd.
  11. Hi everyone! I normally don’t post here that often but I constantly check what everyone is up to and talking about. I decided to comment here today because I really think everyone is starting to drift apart from this ship which is making me feel so frustrated and sad and that even makes me feel even worse because I get to the conclusion that I’m too emotionally invested in PPC. Most of the Twitter / Instagram fan accounts are starting to become inactive, barely posting anything and everyone here seems to be starting to not post as well. Do you guys think it’s time to say good bye to this ship? I know MY and SJ are busy filming and there’s not much going on but I’m genuinely asking if there’s anyone here who still 100% believes in them. I’m so sorry for the long post, I really am, I feel like I really need closure on this topic and to know that I’m not the only one who still ships them. Happy new year by the way!
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