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  1. A Food for Thought ..... Yes, writers have feelings in fact I expect them to have intense ones in order to write well. And true the writer has the last say when it comes to the final draft. But in the same token your audience has the final say whether you are successful or not. Maybe if the writer can just listen it, would be to their advantage. Just like Yin and Yang ok, writers cannot be alone they need a reader or an audience.
  2. I think you are right. What Jthief does not know is the swap. YK knows who her original baby’s daddy is. YK did not want HJ hurt and HJ did not want his mom hurt when EH blackmailed him to marry SERA this is why it really got so messy. Only EH, IC and the old nurse plus EH’s dad knew about the baby swap. The protagonists are two steps way ahead of them now. for today The writer seems to understand the rule of karma. YK is now forced by circumstance to acknowledge to MY who HJ is. EH being a psychopath will of course use HJ as a hostage to get back her house. The guilty conscience of YK will blame Carrie but this forces now the hand of Carrie to reveal who YR is. The fake YR should ran away.....she did her part in giving that info to Carrie about the swap. Of course Carrie will get her karma from Janice. I am looking forward to next week where I assume will be chaotic in revelations. IC is the genie EH has as the puppet for evil. Jthief will have no control yes he can still do damage but he has to think twice because of DoRi. He will have to let go Of cute DoRi to YK while he serves time. Karma is a richard simmons.
  3. @Lmangla Yes, her character is fun. Her attitude is so down to earth and opportunistic. She knows her role will not last long so she makes use of the opportunity. That old nurse was such a pathetic character I am glad they took her out. I mean the drama itself has very few happy moments . If it were not for fake Yura,Carrie again would be in the dark. I do not think YK has any intentions of sharing HJ unless blood was needed or a kidney was needed. One thing going for her is I believe her biggest asset is listening and doing things quietly. This is why she is effective.
  4. Congratulations to EH and IC they both have managed to turn their daughter into a psychopath. The beans are out and surprise surprise fake YR spilled the beans. I hope Carrie is as smart as YK and does a DNA test too. Janice should be the chairman of JGroup. Then EH cannot get the money she needs to save her house. Another psychopath. Jthief in the end will not be able to manage JGroup and YK will find it in her heart to raise cute little Dori. Jthief should definitely have jail time. He murdered MY’s husband. I hope YK after the initial shock and fear that HJ will be taken away from her should realize that HJ will forever love her as his mother who nurtured him. She has to share what she enjoyed to the person who gave birth to him. He also seems to have inherited the goodness of his real father. I am sure Janice will slowly be able to accept her biological parents. I find it hard to reconcile the fact that EH dunked her in the water several times and IC just watched. That scene was so brutal and graphic. Carrie then should see the danger she placed Janice into. Both sisters really paid for their mother’s indiscretions. This revenge drama is quite different. At least the protagonists fought back and in order to fight the villains had to think and act like them. She too will suffer the karma of her revenge.
  5. @ tulip06 especially when EH lowers her head and glares as if she can eat you. And now she is desperate to have the marriage done and get the management of JGroup through Sera and HJ. Both husband and wife does not know when to stop. . Sera only thinks about herself....amidst the condition where HJ is medically ill all she thinks about is Janice disrespecting her as his fiancée. Did I see that right in the preview her trying to kill HJ by taking off the oxygen so Janice cannot have her. I just wish she would go completely nuts.
  6. Sera has gone mad......I hope YK realizes the foolishness of their wishes to force a marriage with Sera. The only role of that nurse now is to point the finger at EH. She better not show her face tomorrow if she does not have anything to contribute. her role does not add to the suspense she,became an irritant. They have underestimated YK.
  7. @reydevan I do someone who can speak Korean can interpret the words.. Anyone pls. I know that YK overheard the conversation between SERA and Janice and she asked Janice to confirm what she heard. So she goes to EH and IC and You know EH will coverup and tell her half truths. Janice role her “mom” she loves HJ and the question was posted to Carrie if she will ever be happy. HJ is hanging to dear life and all they do is plot to better their position. When will the masquerade be toppled because it truly has become a show how obnoxious a character IC, Jthief, EH, and throw Carrie into that pile of garbage. Let us get to the fight between Carrie and Janice. Of course Ms. Parasite MiHyonga is still in the thick of things. She should be thankful and spill the birth secret ou because for sure EH will pin it on her. And Carrie the child you used as a revenge machine is hurting you have your wishes give her the truth and suffer the consequences. Although Carrie did not start this shenanigan she still will be punished for kidnapping. How much more will this children endure. HJ fighting for his life and Janice is having an emotional meltdown. I wonder what the cliff hanger will be tomorrow. I hope I do not see that old nurse’s face trying to talk and go into a siesure before she can utter a word. EH will put the blame on her.
  8. Carrie will have to know if she has to donate blood and a kidney. Of course EH will have to do something to try to cover up her tracks......Carrie will have to divulge Janice true identity. Fake Yura has had her fun. We are are past the half way mark......and furthermore that Miyonga has no use except for being a burden to everyone. They should not show her face unless she sings out the truth. This week she has a new excuse for not telling Carrie. Her son needs her now. her role is the easiest nothing to memorize.
  9. It wouldn’t surprise me. This all started from the grandma who micromanaged every move for the sake of the company. In the meantime YK was always cuddled and never taught to think for herself and was living a sheltered life. She thought all was trustworthy. Her own flesh and blood in their greed surrounded her with sharks. Money is good to have but not to the extent of making your child sacrifice their own happiness at your expense. I do not think Carrie is excused regarding Janice. At a young age she was never given a chance to be happy. This I guess is what gets me to stay and watch to see the writer’s views on revenge and karma. And lastly she now feels all alone because HJ can be manipulated to act for her sake when the malicious intent was only to make him think so while they pull the puppet’s strings. His character is unlike Janice’s who is completely clueless. He knows what SERA and her family is capable of and he just does not want to face the reality that they and Jthief will do anything to stay in power. Get some comprehensive know how HJ. This accident should wake you up.
  10. Whatever it is I hope it is truly redemption time. JS and the rest of the cheating gang need to crawl like snakes.
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