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  1. GJ seems to be witnessing all of NH-Director couple milestones. He is becoming more like the office peeking lady who pops up everywhere!!
  2. Irrespective of who NH ends up with these last two episodes were a turning point for GJ. Although nothing obvious happened the fact that NH family seems to have accepted the director and enjoying the previliges which GJ once had plus NH and director looking so much happy and attentive to each other (totally forgetting that they are having dinner with her ex-husband) must have triggered a sense of inevitability for GJ. I think going forward for the next 6-8 episodes he would sincerely try to move ahead with his life albeit suppressing his true feelings for NH by being more social and comfortable in his own skin, not sure if a new love interest is needed for this to happen. This aloofness might initially make NH move ahead too but after the initial peace she would start reconsidering the change in GJ and might feel attracted to the man she once loved. The tables would be turned and you can expect NH to go through the same pains GJ is going through now with mebbe a new lady love by his side. I also fully expect a proposal from the director which might even be accepted by NH but it will lead to one mighty mess by the 70 episode or so. This might lead to some progress on NH-GJ front but it might be NH who would open that door. GJ was feeble in his attempts to not get divorced and believed that NH would be happier without him around she would be the one to initiate a reconciliation of sorts. Correct me if I am wrong here but didn't GJ tell NH that there is nothing going on between him and BoYoung. It's just wishful thinking on NH side or mebbe she wants to believe that they are dating to feel less pity and guilty towards NH as both of them are moving on in this case. They have made the director too much of a smooth talker and perfect which puts me off a bit because NH will eventually stumble upon the unsavoury parts. It's as if they have tried to make the director exactly opposite of what GJ is. Although I like his character I don't think it's his place to keep on asking GJ about his well being as it does come across as he is doing it to alleviate his own guilt and get GJ out of the picture. Also, NH is being slightly inconsiderate from the point of view of asking GJ for advise and being all loving and happy with the director in front of her ex. Unless you have had a notorious breakup most couples avoid such situations as they did love that person at some point of time and what goes around comes around. Also the divorce is pretty fresh. In an ideal world one of them would have changed jobs, a change of scenery can do a world of good. I guess you need these conflicts to fill a 50/100 episode drama PS: GJ needs to pick his lunch/dinner mates carefully, watching him gobble his food gives me a stomach ache. Tells you about how good an actor he really is This was a long rant!!!
  3. Hi Guys, Since Bo Young is so uninspiring I think the writer might introduce someone new. It could be the psychiatrist if GJ does take that route. Someone feisty and a looker. Although GJ is realising his shortcomings he needs to embrace them and move ahead and that's where the psychiatrist will come into picture with a possible love angle. We would be charting into unethical waters with psychiatrist and patient relationship but this is K-drama world, worse things have happened. Also him moving away for a while even to a different department or hospital would bring a different set of dynamics to the whole situation
  4. Smile you won't disappoint. The family dynamics are great and the grandfather is a very well written character. LMJ's sister might get in your nerves sometimes.
  5. NH moving on with Director seems to be the focus for now with NH-GJ. But I find it cruel that she is getting dating advice from her ex-husband and also the Director seems to rub it in, albeit in a subtle way. Hope the writer does not make GJ miserable throughout the 100 episodes and has some positive arc for him. A new love interest will do him a world of good seeing that his confidence is dwindling by the day. Maybe GJ-NH don't need to get back together but only she moving on (is she??) and him being miserable is going for a few weeks now. LSY is too good of an actor to be just pining away for 7-8 episodes.
  6. I don't mind NH ending up with the director as long as GJ gets his happiness with someone too. But that someone has to be anyone other than his so called first love
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