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  1. @travelling thru I also agree that Geo Bok is behind Northsky. I remember a while back he was present during the investor meeting (albeit in hiding) and I never connected that to the fact he's obviously wealthy and all that English. @yonaomi123 Geo Bok and Mak Rye gave me so much joy! I think I replayed the scene where he calls her from the next room over just to say "Goodnight". She acted all annoyed but sat there and with her head in hands and entertained him for a bit. I really like them. @celebrianna It was so frustrating to watch BH get duped by HJ's mom again this week. The moment she hears the word "gallery", she should be on HIGH alert. Everyone this episode irked me except BH, HJ, Geo Bok, Mak Rye, and of course Yeol Mu. I get that the baker hyung really wants to have his own bakery but a private loan? No way! Especially after trying to commit couple suicide.
  2. I started watching yesterday too! I didn't pay any attention to this during premiere week but after watching the first 2 episodes, I really like the characters the writing. I started to watch episode 3 only to realize it wasn't fully subbed. I'm glad I gave this a try!
  3. I also think that it's the trauma of the accident that created this connection of business trip must equate to death. From my point of view, I don't think BH has any feelings but "oh he's cool guy but he's a knucklehead sometimes" towards HJ. HJ on the other hand is head over heels for BH and Yeol Mu (but who wouldn't fall in love with those cheeks??). Again I say, I am against chairman's and Eun Ji's relationship! It's not that I'm being ageist but I don't know why they are dating and it feels...off. Will HR's character ever be likable? I think the actress is great and plays up her comedic moments well but my God, how will se be redeemed? She's horrible. All of the inhabitants of that house are horrible (minus HJ of course). Mak Rye and Man Bok...this ship...so stinking cute! Poong Gi yelling at his father...sir he has dementia. The baker and his wife are goals.
  4. I agree with you about Tae Woo however, Seo Yeon is a victim of domestic abuse. I have seen women who haven't seen their abusers in YEARS but as soon as that person walks into a room their body clamps up and it's as if they have been transported back in time. I appreciate how the writers have Seo Yeon asserting herself and being boss but when she's in a situation where it looks like she might get hurt (elevator scene and when the thugs in the office enclosed her) it's like her eyes switch and she looks like the Seo Yeon when her husband was beating her in their apartment. But I don't like how they have Tae Woo smiling at Seo Yeon's text...please have them BOTH heal and get out of this mess before the romance. IDK just me being annoying.
  5. I love sageuks so I tried the first 2 episodes. I'm currently ambiguous about the drama. It has all the right elements but something seems off. I'm going to continue to watch it though because I can't judge this drama so early because it really looks like lit could be promising.
  6. @celebrianna Oh wow! I thought it was HJ's mom only that was involved in Yeol Mu's dad death. However, it makes sense that both sister in laws were involved in the shady dealings of the company.
  7. I thought the same too with HJ and BH's interactions. Their chemistry and acting is top tier. I live for their moments on this show. This week's episode had me all giddy. Those slow half smiles HJ keeps sending BH are really going to be the death of me. I'm also curious as to why HJ has a better moral core than his mom. I initially thought it was because of his grandfather but we learn how he got his money to start the hotel and that theory is now dead. I think HJ's aunt (Hae RI's mom) isn't too bad. I know she's motivated to help BH because she want to expose her younger sister in law but the thing is the actress who plays her (Park Joon-geum) ALWAYS finds a way in every drama to make me not completely hate her because she always seems to play the same character in every drama.
  8. I think Hae Joon's humanity comes from (in part) is failure in America. I really believe he didn't graduate from Harvard least of all attend in the first place. I think he also appreciates Beak Ha's determination to be a good mom to Yeol Mu and finding out what really happened to Yeol Mu's dad. Hae Joon's father is also gone so he probably sees his life mirroring Yeol Mu's. It was very honorable that Hae Joon recognized his mom's behavior and confronted her (so refreshing!). I really wish we would get rid of the storyline with the chairman and Eun Ji, it doesn't come off as cute to me (lowkey a bit creepy). My favorite scenes are when the inn residents are interacting with one another. The fact that these people are all falling into a semblance of a family with baby Yeol Mu in the center if it all .
  9. Kim Dong Wook is a great actor. I loved him in 'The Guest' never connecting him to 'Coffee Prince' until recently. I liked 'Duel' so expecting great things from this writer.
  10. I'm excited for this! TV Chosun has come a long way from 'Bride of a Century' and I really love saguek's. I haven't watched anything Jin Se Yeon since 'Inspiring Generation' back in 2014 but I liked her in Five Fingers and Bridal Mask (). Ki Min Gyu has dimples and he so freaking adorable. My favorite dramas this year were sageuks so lets see...
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