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  1. PhotoCred: @cgm_dramas I love it when she drives him. Ugh! I can only image how great the dialogue and story line will be.
  2. Ha no no. I know it's on SBS. I meant that I usually watch KBS daily dramas (if I ever do). Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I'm soo happy this drama is FINALLY airing this week. Jun So MIn is lovely to watch and Shin Ha Kyun is always good. As I've gotten older, I'm really enjoying quiet romances or drams that are not over the top but dealing with people just dealing with regular issues. This is going to be good. It has to be.
  4. I can't believe I almost missed this show! It's on Viki but the subs are taking forever as opposed to Nobody Knows it's predecessor. The first two episodes really remind me of why I LOVE Choi Kang Hee. I haven't watched her since Protect the Boss (I know, I know) but this character reminds me of her character in Protect the Boss. I'm here for the ahjumma's kicking butt and Jun must love working with ahjummas (Avenger's Social Club). I like how everyone's past is connected and Micheal HAS to be in the NIS. Has to be.
  5. I've been wracking my brain on what they could cover in season 2. I definitely think something will happen in Seoul and that will be the catalyst for hi to come back.
  6. This is my first daily in a loooong time. However, if they are kids involved and they stream it on KBS's YouTube channel, I check out a few epsiodes. I watched the first episode last night to fall asleep because it was subbed on Viki and didn't want to start one of my other dramas while drowsy. Boy was I in for a nice surprise! I like it. I like the characters I'm supposed to like and hate the characters I'm supposed to hate. I absolutely love Pilsung's son Minho (such a cute kid). We'll see but for now, I'll keep watching.
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