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  1. I thought HB looked tense yesterday and people (elsewhere, not on this shipping post) have posted their thoughts about this, aloofness, disappointment, coldness etc. I am happily married with four children and spend far too much time lurking on this site. I just include that information because I had a different interpretation re HB’s tension. I think he was tense because of his being in a relationship with another, caring about they received the recognition they deserved, their disappointments whether they win. HB had three things to think about, his drama, SYJ and himself. I know as a parent/wife it is easy to bear and mask own disappointments but unbearable to watch someone you love go through it- if I watch my son run a race at school I can’t look or feel sick until it is over where I cheer or commiserate. Was it difficult to not see CLOY/SYJ get their recognition? For shippers yes we felt disappointed, but how much harder for someone who maybe or actually is in a relationship with them? I noticed HB’s balled fist walking to the stage, his taking control of the route to walk and the smile once they were on the stage walking to get their award, hand looser. Imagine a conversation beforehand “I am dreading walking in these five inch heels and this dress”... HB reminds me of how my husband can act, what can come across as aloof and controlling at times, is his trying really hard to manage my stress and make sure things go well. Yesterday SYJ could look happy. That is being in a relationship.