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  1. Hi guys, I’m still relatively new to this forum and one thing I noticed was that this forum isn’t very active compared to other forums such as the kookmin forum sorry that this post is mentioning another ship but I’m not supporting that ship so it’s fine right? Also I’m quite scared about kookmin because I looked at a few posts over there and the evidence that some people there presented was actually quite convincing idk how the rm members dynamics are irl but I did notice that kjk is undoubtedly becoming closer to jsm and as a pretty hardcore spartace shipper myself im a bit scared that maybe kjk might start to take an interest in jsm tbh it does seem as if we’re getting less and less spartace moments in recent episodes (I don’t really consider just talking to each other as a moment although some really hardcore shippers do) and i think that maybe that’s because sjh is becoming pretty withdrawn. Sjh has been looking really out of it for quite a while now and as others have said, I think she might be leaving rm soon and being replaced by khn (no hate to khn either I do like her) kjk has recently been mentioning his “girlfriend” more and more on his five brothers show and no matter how much I watch it I’m getting a small feeling that his gf is not sjh and even though I realllllyyyyy reallllyyyy want spartace to be real, I don’t think it is. Perhaps it’s because we’re kinda going through a drought of spartace moments recently and I’m not a very longtime shipper so I might be overthinking a bit. (I only started shipping spartace around 2016 after Gary left as before that I was still a pretty young viewer and shipping and analysing member interactions didn’t really interest me at the time) I also really don’t want sjh to leave rm as she’s my favourite member and even though she doesn’t get much screentime recently, I think she’s still an important member of the show. Please let me know your thoughts on these matters!
  2. Hi I’ve been a reader on this forum for a while but I’ve only just made an account. I noticed that a spartace fan account on instagram (I think it was @mylovespartace) made a post about kjk’s five brothers show newest episode where he says that while he’s thrifty, he doesn’t hesitate to spend on his girlfriend. Keep in mind that he said girlfriend, not ex girlfriend. I know that kjk has brought up stories about his exes on the five brothers show quite a lot, which is unusual for him since he’s usually quite secretive about his personal love life. However, I think it’s strange that kjk refers to him being willing to spend money on his girlfriend as something he’s doing in the present, and not in the past tense “I used to spend money on my girlfriend”. This is not a mistranslation on the english subs either, kjk is referring to his girlfriend in the present tense even in korean. He’s not telling a story about an experience he had with his (ex-)girlfriend but instead he’s talking about a behaviour that he exhibits with his girlfriend. It might not mean anything, but I find it strange considering that the public consensus is that kjk is single and therefore would not have a girlfriend to spend money on. Seo Jang Hoon also tried to deflect the topic in case viewers narrowed in on the fact that kjk mentioned he has a girlfriend by saying “they’re also called gfriend!” (referring to the guests from gfriend, which is pronounced the same way as “girlfriend” in korean) which leads me to think that kjk really does have a girlfriend, otherwise why would seo jang hoon feel the need to draw attention away from kjk mentioning an ex, which knetz know he’s had a few for sure. Also, as much as I hate to say it considering that spartace is my favourite ship and I really hope spartace is real, I have a feeling that the “girlfriend” that kjk is referring to is not sjh. Sjh previously mentioned on MUD that she doesn’t mind the fact that kjk is thrifty and doesn’t like to spend money extravagantly, which leads me to believe that sjh also lives a relatively thrifty lifestyle, and thus would not ask kjk to spend money on her. Thanks for reading my post forum sunbaenims!
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