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  1. I agree. I don't think there is wrong with that. Imho, it is a bad manner instead if jh didn't even invite hh in her house after picking her up from that far place and helping her to arrive safely home. HH is HJ's friend. It is better for HJ's friend to take care of her than she can be put in danger outside. I think HJ will agree about that also and he'll be thankful to HH. ALTHOUGH, we all know HH has this hidden affection towards JH. Must be the reason why others are feeling crazy about this. For me it is not wrong as long as the bou
  2. I can't contain my LAUGH. Jjampong Entertainment CEO and GyeonJung Bank Manager.
  3. Let me flex the foods of ROY couple and so the chef Sa Hye Jun. I get so hungry. Samgyupsal Gui and Kimchi Jjigae and lots of side dishes. Yummy! cr:tvN
  4. ROY chingus, what do you think of these scenes? I think the bedroom scene we are all waiting has been finalized here at Ep9 after the rain dance. JH: "That day, we flipped a page of our youth." Did this mean they already made the bedroom scene because that figurative dialogue meant they took to another level their relationship and that included physical and sexual contact. What you all think? Couple in a relationship should know also how to make boundaries so they won't choke each other. I commend her decision not to go to family af
  5. Sharing these beautiful gifs of our Best Actor Sa Hye Jun. cr:nowornever0616 twitter
  6. Thank you eonnie. Btw, ROY eonnies and oppas, do you know what's the overture they used for ROY? Its title? Not included yet in the released OST? Thanks again. This...
  7. Gomapseupnida eonnies and oppas for making time to answers my queries from the previous pages. And also for the never ending posts and updates. Saranghamnidah!!! Yay, I finished the last two episodes yesternight. I really needed to attend first to my ODL because of studying stuff. I was so glad that all of my unnecessary stress were all relieved. Hooray to ROY!!! The PD and the writer are really making me crazy but I won't be crazy because there's more episodes left. Episodes 7-8 make me at ease. I love al
  8. Hello fellow ROY Eonnies and if there are Oppas. I miss you all. I have a question here and also a fellow eonnie here asked about this time issue. Kindly help me, this really bothers me and I can't get enough sleep. Ahhh, I really love this drama but this affects me so much that even into my sleep I'm thinking of what will happen to them. I kinda agree with her that all events happened in the year 2018 since the year was shown in the drama but the narration's setting of Hyejoon is the current year 2020 or in the future? So it was two years ago or more.
  9. News Article *SPOILERS ALERT* In the latest episode of Record of Youth, there were several heart-fluttering moments that left viewers shy with butterflies in their stomach. Sa Hye-joon (Park Bo-gum) and Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam) get closer as they find comfort in each other. They even go on a bookstore date, though they deny it's one, along with getting coffee and even walking under the same umbrella when it begins to rain heavily. When Jung-ha confesses that she hates the rains because it makes her feel lonely, Bo-gum wins hearts by sayin
  10. All KPop Seventeen's Seungkwan releases feel-good alternative rock OST MV 'Go' for tvN's 'Record of Youth' Seventeen's Seungkwan has released his OST Part.1 for tvN's new Mon-Tues drama series, 'Record of Youth'! Titled "Go", Seungkwan's solo OST Part. 1 for 'Record of Youth' is a vibrant alternative rock genre containing a message of hope directed toward all of the struggling youths of this world, reaching for their dreams. Combining elements of electronic pop with a rhythmic guitar sound plus Seungkwan's sentimental vocals, "Go" deli
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