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  1. [OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] While 'TMI News' dealt with the stars with the most expensive advertising model fees, it was surprising to hear that the chicken nuggets of Company M, advertised by BTS, were sold at an auction for a whopping 10 million won. In the M.net entertainment program 'TMI News' broadcast on the 4th, a star with a ransom price got on the air. In earnest, we looked at the best stars with expensive advertising model fees. In 13th place, mentioning actor Lee Kwang-soo, he won various CF awards at 800,000 won as a rookie. The ransom price soared to the prince leve
  2. Tbh, got a little disappointed when i read about the synopsis of this drama plus this would be the first to air and not Glory, however this is SHK's drama so I'm always excited. After years of waiting she'll be again on TV. Wishing all the best for Hye Kyo ssi and to all the staff and crew. Hope this drama will do well in everything. Fighting!!!
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