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  1. Today is Friday. Supposedly preview day... @cococahpi Thanks for all those nice stuff! I love the house tour! I wish they could do it for the other houses too! I was trying out the new drama Find Me In Your Memory, and Jun Hwi's housekeeper is in there!! I could recognize her right away although I can't find the actress' name in BLWL wiki. She looks different too in her wiki page.
  2. I miss the old them! Seems to me CA has mellowed and matured after the breakup. @ende I love what you wrote! Some of those things (like the above) were in my mind too. LOL about HR's room. And if I were TR, I sure would have rolled down those steps when I slept in that area! Totally agree about Baek Rim! To add to what you wrote, it's because JH felt jealous seeing CA with BR that JH confessed his feelings and asked CA to date him. That unforgettable BR-soju-spill-from-mouth scene! And from the final ep, BR was protective of CA and wannted to lash out at JH. They both go back a long way too! How I wish the office folks didn't take BR away! Scenes I wish there were: BR - CA - SW hanging out together (BR has yet to meet SW!) Scenes I'm glad there weren't: BR - Ms Oh's "romance" (there's this episode when she thought BR might have liked her since he helped her when she was drunk, something like that) Yeah, I thought she would have been jailed. Is it because the case was so long over? In reality, what would the punishment really be, anyone knows? Regarding SIA's farewell letter, she addressed KJY as KJY ssi and not JY oppa?
  3. Oh yeah, withdrawal symptoms kicking in already I enjoy that IG post of JH-CA BTS! It's like some sort of quiz too... I was trying to recall the episode, scene and lines even! I really enjoy the earlier episodes very much, around up to their freezing first date coz it was mostly about just the two of them (no family intervention yet). And I still find that scene where JH re-grabbed CA's hand for a prolonged handshake and their first time handholding heart fluttering, even more so than the kisses! What's your favorite scene(s) / lines, my dear friends?
  4. Wow. BLWL has finally ended. I'm quite happy with how it wrapped up. We got "I love you" from CA to JH, she kissed him first and they had a good, long kiss. I won't complain much The scene when CA was in JH's room: Yeah, I had some dirty thoughts For someone who had twice expected JH to kiss her, CA should not be scared of his advances! I don't remember JH having CA's photo, haha I thought JH was gonna bring this up: Hey I found this worry doll you gave me when I was packing for London... A few random thoughts (bear with me, thank you!): I like JH when he's flustered, angry and jealous! I love the "we're friends" scene - it's like Yoon Park and Oh Min Suk are being themselves! (I didn't have a good impression of OMS in his past dramas; he's often a jerk, but in here he's really likable) CA-JH couple is one of the best in Kdramaland! I hope some time, some where, we can have a cameo from both of them as a couple in some other dramas. It's been wonderful being in this forum! I learnt a lot of stuff too! Special thanks to @triplem for the live recaps, @stroppyse for the translation, @Ameera Ali for the entertaining gifs. Thanks so much to everyone else! Thanks for sharing news, pics, vids, OSTs, IG updates, answering my questions and reacting to my posts! (I feel like I'm giving an acceptance speech, lol)
  5. Judge Hong remembered JH's birthday: Maybe they just stop celebrating birthdays since Jun Gyeom died on his birthday. And that's probably why JH didn't even remember it was his birthday that day. The housekeeper remembered his birthday too Or could it be that it's the Judge who asked her to cook seaweed soup for him? ________________________ JW: I have a spare ring. Do you wanna buy it from me?
  6. Me! Me! LOL, we have a lot of useless curiosities! Yeah initially I thought it was the bathroom too but he kept walking in with wet hair and towel from the other door... (And his room is next to the entrance to the house, right?) I have no answer. Just let your imagination run wild, haha!
  7. It's 7 March. It's in my calendar. Lol! Kidding! I remember coz I've posted about JH's birthday before. It's CA's dad's birthday too. The suit/tie scene -- it could pass off as noona romance (err, maybe ajumma romance)! I had this nanosecond thought... what if Judge Hong & KSW become a couple!? I like angry JH. I'd love to see him get mad at HR once he finds about what she did to CA.
  8. @sjlsjl You're welcome! Glad to see you've made use of it immediately With the current Covid-19 situation in Daegu, looks like the youth handball competition this Saturday may have to be cancelled!
  9. Why, why do the best CA-JH episodes have to be when I'm super busy IRL?! I haven't even watched the latest episode (only those clips that are posted here, thanks so much!!!! And thanks too for the recaps, translation, analysis, etc.! You all are the best!) @triplem I can't help but think of you whenever Veiny Hands come onscreen HR has only been slapped twice (by TR & dad), yet she felt no remorse for the things she did to CA. I'm so mad at her! Eeeww, she removed the gum with her bare fingers... this is a no-no in the current Covid-19 situation, haha Hmm, SW knows where CA lives? It's a good thing that JH got promoted to team manager. He can escape meetings and run off from the office anytime he likes! Lol @stroppyse A bit off topic: I love Glorious Day! I like no makjang! The actress playing CA's mom is in there too. Hope to see more of Dongha...
  10. In my opinion, CA's source of strength (and healing) before she met JH for the second time was Jun Gyum, Baek Rim and Anne of Green Gables!
  11. I was quite disappointed with CA's colleagues, at how they avoided her. Luckily Papa Mun is nice to her! Oh BTW, interesting how he managed to get the case file. I thought the corrupt lawyer had handed it to Judge Hong. I'm sure some of you noticed it, ep 37 (of 1-hr length episode) has an extended version of the cold-butt lunch scene! (Courtesy of Judge Hong's recall of the scene.) After JH ate the sausage, he had a second round of soup from CA's bowl! Oh I was lurking at the Oppa Spotlight page -- wow, so many pages now! The part where JH is jogging -- I remember seeing it much earlier on and wonder what purpose it served, haha. I checked it out again, and yup, it's in ep 5 (of 1-hr length episode), around the 5th minute.
  12. @triplem Thank you for the analysis! The auto-translation is quite funny! Like, who's the Ambassador, and how do we endure the sweet potato...LOL I really hate Double X! What does she have against CA?! It's like she hates CA more than she hates SA. JH is so protective of CA even when he's not witnessing the abuse she gets. I think he will be super pissed if he really sees it with his own eyes. For a moment, I did think, could Judge Hong actually be sincere in wanting to help SW clear his name? I didn't expect this move from her. Since only Judge Hong knows the truth about JG's hit-and-run, I hope there will be other evidence, maybe JG confessed it in a letter and it didn't reach JH. Or JG tried to somehow reach out to SW or the granny whom he hit. Something like that. Hope JH manages to get critical info from the hospital.
  13. I'm here! I'm here!! Totally didn't expect that confession and kiss! JH really loves CA a lot. He hugged her tight when there's puke on her clothes, and now he kisses her when she's all sweaty. CA is the first to express her feelings for him but I think it has always been JH initiating all the skinship.
  14. @sjlsjl Thanks for the IG updates! Keep those coming! Oh, what's Papa Moon doing at JW's room...? I love seeing all these behind-the-scene shots and how the filming set is actually like. Hey, today is 7 Feb... 1 more month till Jun Hwi's birthday!!! (And CA's dad's too, but who cares about the dad... haha)
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