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  1. I still don't understand, why did Joowon plant evidence in Chief's office? What did I miss?
  2. Jongmin's movie quiz was soo funny... Son Ye Jin x Park Hae Il Son Ye Jin x Bae Yong Joon Jeon Do Yeon x Bae Yong Joon "Jongmin is having issues with Bae Yong Joon!" Jongmin is exceptionally funny this season. Smiley PD really knows how to fish laughters from Jongmin's characters
  3. Bang Geul Yi is evil. When Jongmin tried Siberian Husky pitch game, I died. That is one of the funniest scenes this season Ravi on his knees hugging Jongmin's leg, dying with laughter is beyond adorable
  4. So proud of you, show! Soenho is a definite winner, almost no competition in that department. Congrats to other winners; Junghoon, Seyoon, Dindin. I knew Jongmin won't get the award, it would be too much if he did. KBS had to divide the cake to keep everyone happy. Congrats to Smiley PD. She's a badass. It is a win for everyone but she's the leader of the bunch. She shows them that a girl can do as good as the previous PDs. Hands down for her. Ravi didn't win anything but gave us one cool performance. And the dance...oh the dance Ravi was struggling to keep h
  5. Watched the latest episode for 2nd time and still dying with laughter. When Ravi tried to make bubbles....I just cant Those scenes were so funny I just have to post it here I wonder since when he became a funny clown instead of smart cool maknae
  6. Latest one may not be the best episode, but I was laughing so much especially during the balloon game. Jongmin was incredibly funny and eveyone were having so much fun. Gosh, I think Ravi really loves Jongmin. I never see a junior loves Jongmin that much in this show. Beyond cute.
  7. So happy to see the show is still standing tall. Bang PD is a gem. I wish she would stay long. The show and its cast, although come and go, is so easy to love. My heart still constricted and my throat still clogged evertime I see Season 3 casts, especially Cha Taehyun. Such a horrible ending for such a marvelous casts, but I will save a place for each season in my heart. I love the show that much. This season is definitely a success. I hope they will win a lot in KBS Ent. Award if they have it this year. They deserve that. I don't know about Daesang but Rookie Award,
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