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  1. It’s really hard to look at all the hate and not say something. We all know who the haters are and what they say but when we want to defend Somin and talk about how unfair it is they always say that we play the victim and they’re the innocent ones.
  2. I agree with you, honestly i deal with a lot of anxiety and depression, but I started watching clips when she became a permanent member and her character and behavior always brought a smile to my face, she’s funny and quirky and so freaking cute that I just couldn’t resist watching the show. She’s unique in her own way and she not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s the reason I started watching the show and I’m glad they added her as a permanent member ❤️
  3. I’m excited as to what new things he’s going to bring to RM. and I just wanted to say that a Spartace account already posted the news and antis are already saying that Somin and him are really close so they’re worried about what will happen to their ace. I hate that they tag her into all their hate posts
  4. I honestly wish they could stop pushing these lovlines and they could go back to having regular episodes where they just joke around and make fun of each other and get serious about the tasks/missions. Some of my favorite episodes were where they would travel abroad for the penalties like the Indonesia or Australia ones
  5. So I follow this page in Instagram about couples, and I saw that jsm follows it too and she liked one of their recent post, and omg the post is so cute and so kookmin lol❤️
  6. Hi first time posting here, I love Kookmin interactions, I’m always excited for a new episode to see them interact. I’ve been a SoMin fan since her drama 1% of something. I kind of feel that the trainer she followed might be her trainer since she was trying to get in shape for the fan meet, not that she needs it lol.
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