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  1. Some comment said, it was photoshopped by netizen. TVN never post for a special eps. I also checked my NETFLIX, but sadly, there won't be any new eps.
  2. Can we please follow the soompi rules.. I don't want this thread to be close.
  3. I saw that too..... I never saw this part of interview . I believed I'ved watch this before but not this part. Where can I watch the whole interview with Eng Sub? I believe they were also asked about how they call each other (and this remind me how Yejin prefer to be call as Yejin in Master of the house, she is so cool!) @tvfij89 have faith, its no 1. . Stop worrying so much about the denial.. Body language won't lie no matter how proffesional you are.
  4. I wish this drama will win big at any award this year. The productian team has done such outstanding work. As I read the bbc link given above, I know for sure that this drama has gained international success, its massive! and CLOY had set such high benchmark for future Kdrama to recreate North Korea in drama or film.
  5. https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-crash-landing-on-you-breaks-record-for-online-clip-views-138901.html The best performing clip was the tikitaka scene featuring actors Yang Kyung-won and Son Ye-jin, which earned 5 million views. Daebak!!
  6. Hahaha..thats exactly what I said in my previous post. Agencies, reporters and even haters are probably lurking here. Hello spy .. Lol
  7. Me too..the Korean Language came first before the English language, so I was like.... What announcement?
  8. She is so versatile, with lots of awards & recognitions under her belt yet so humble among her casts. It feels so nice to hear praises from the juniors.
  9. Saturday is coming... Gosh Why am I not excited lol. Some of my friends are watching CLOY (Those who stay away from on-going drama) and they cannot stop talking about how good it is especially the chemistry between SYJ and HB.. And when I showed the bts clips, they are positive that BinJin has extra special undeniable strong chemistry.
  10. Gong yoo...I want to see her with him. In film or drama
  11. Moment to remember will always be my fav Yejin's movie. It never fail to make me cry no matter how many times I watched it. Anyone know what is YeJin next project after CLOY? (I didn't do any backlogged reading, sorry if it was already discussed)
  12. With so much hype and attention to our BinJin couple , I'm not surprise if somebody from Vast ent & MS Team are monitoring our thread (esp after the holding hand rumor) . But one thing for sure, reporters probably lurking here reading comments, looking for materials because we know anything BinJin is hot news. I sincerely hope our BinJin won't feel pressured by all the attention and over flowing love by the shippers. We want them to enjoy their close friendship. Love is a beautiful thing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres... So, Vast & Ms Team if you are reading this,tell our BinJin ... Fighting! Saranghae
  13. I'm not jumping off this ship yet. I'm going to stay in this thread. And I know, it brings so much positivity and comforts here. HB is a CEO, he also needs to take care of his agency, his people, his image as a businessman. I love how HB (Vast ent) take the lead to stop the rumor, being in charge as SYJ's man. And I bet, sooner or later, it will be Vast to announce their relationship ..
  14. I am so looking forward to see them attending an award together. Best chemistry on screen Best couple Best actress Best actor Best production team Best director Best writer And this post cloy day 2 is killing me.
  15. Oh my heart I never thought being a shipper could be this hard. There was a day when my faith is rocketing high, and some days I try to be as rationale and neutral as I can be (shipper hat aside). So reading all your comments gave me comforts too. There's a lot of comparison clips between how HB treated his co stars before, a big different when he is with Yejin (be it in interviews or bts), HB- the only male actor dominating Yejin IG, body languages, they always glued together (wrap party, airport, ahjumma pork cafe) and on top of it LA Groceries shopping (before that someone saw them playing golf together). So, when in doubt (Sometime I do) ...remember all of the above. Virtual hug to all
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