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  1. Check in to feels the happiness radiates in this page. Guys, everytime I read or saw something related to BinJin, this is the only page I could think of to celebrate the joy together. Valentine's day in 2021 is the best ever amidst the global pandemic. Not only BinJin in one frame, but it is also in full English Language. Thank you Smart, I don't know how you convinced BinJin but, you guys did it!!....
  2. To Smart - I hope its not a merely 5 second binjin in frame, shown at the end of the ads.... I will be very dissapointing since I've/we have been waiting for this ads since last year. I have high expectation since smart had choosen V-day to reveal the CF. Chaebal Smart
  3. While YeJin confirming her relationship with Hyun Bin via her personal instagram, Hyun Bin confess his love/adoration for her in an award show for everyone to hear . Sweet gestures ever. I'm melting .. Congratulations Bin Shii for taking the grand prize home. Now go celebrate with your other half
  4. The fact that Yejin personally confirmed it in her IG means, they are going serious about this relationship...to the altar . Yejin so cool to finally admitting dating after 20 years in K-ent. BinJin to the altar
  5. According to Dispatch, when the co-stars denied dating rumors multiple times in the past, they were telling the truth and were not, in fact, romantically involved at the time. However, a source close to Hyun Bin reportedly stated that around March 2020, the two developed romantic feelings for one another. The anonymous source commented, “I think that after the drama ended and they spent time apart, they began to miss each other.” Source: soompi
  6. I am not dreaming am I???after desperately waiting, praying for this news and now we got confirmation.. I know it!!!! We are not delusional. BinJin is real... BinJin is real. Virtual hug everyone
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