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  1. Same questions here. I wonder why all these bts resurface after 7 mths of post cloy ( I am not complaining since I loveeeeeee anything BinJin).. And since the staff /crew are feeding us with pics, we are hungry for more. Give us more pls
  2. I love everything about HB's look nowadays. Tanned, bulky, muscularBin Jin height difference is so cute. We probably see them in one frame soon..very soon ...
  3. Now I know why did BinJin said 'Shining Brightly' when asked to make an acronym poem about RiRi characters during their TVn promo vid... Auwwwww
  4. Can we start celebrating now :hooray2:

  5. First it was HB who wrote a letter to his japanese fans, and now SYJ will be having an online fans meeting in Japan .... I stop believing it was coincidence with anything BINJIN since the grocery shopping. P/s i need more than 6 mths for post break up Yoon Seri-aaaa ..
  6. Thats level detective 100 .. Fans can even notice this???wow..
  7. HB new movie will be so interesting to watch since it is based on true story. So far, we have seen some of the actors but we do not know the actresses yet. According to wiki: The 2007 South Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan began on 19 July 2007, when 23 South Korean missionaries were captured and held hostage by members of the Taliban while passing through Ghazni Province of Afghanistan. Two male hostages were executed before the deal was reached between the Taliban and the South Korean government. The group, composed of sixteen women and seven men, was captured while traveling from Kandahar to Kabul by bus on a mission sponsored by the Saemmul Presbyterian Church.
  8. Ooooolala, I love HB dark and bulky figure. Suit him well. whats up with the 'just went out from gym' look? Last min workout with his close friend? Anyway, he looks comfortable and hot even with that sporty look. Good luck with your LDR and shooting Bin-shiil. Fighting!
  9. Oh my heart, omo omo ... And I thought we are done with candies at baeksang... My heart is racing . Bin-shii, be prepared to be tease by fans .
  10. My shipper heart said BinJin couple is slowwwwwwwlllllllyyyyy revealing their ehemmm relationship .. I feel like the people in K-entertainment are well aware of their relationship. Look at them walking together looking comfortable together. For the infinity time I say this- they are in a relationship.
  11. What is this feeling First yejin is doing fans service by liking lots of pictures and now candies from baeksang bts. Shippers' hug everyone ..
  12. Soompi Ad: clubs are now available. Me: if there is a 'BinJin' club here , I will gladly join.
  13. I watched many Kdramas but nothing can beat CLOY. I haven't watch WCB or SL so I don't know how good they are compared to CLOY.. I can't say I am not dissapointed by the results but Yejin-shii said this tik tok award is more meaningful since it was given by fans and that at least mend my broken heart.. Baeksang or not, CLOY will always be my forever No 1 My first ship My first forum My first watching K award ( is it usually boring? mianhee ) My first Tik Tok.. Congrats CLOY nation & BinJin family.
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