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  1. The "This isn't the US" quote was a gem for sure, LOL. I'm sure both their legs would've been broken by now, but hey, it's not the first time where I've seen the director uses a skyscraper as a giant slide. The future is already here, and the future also defies friction and gravity, apparently! From seeing how the technology actually works, it really is a teleportation of atoms, so far it's shaping up to what I think it's happening. But now that we have a glimpse into Seo Hae's diary, I wonder if it's not a note from her future self rather than her mom. This would expl
  2. Whatever the case (heh), the suitcases are significant for each character. At first, I thought all suitcases has the same setup, but each "cubby" is tailored to specifically hold their personal artifacts. This is weird enough on its own. But then, there are the technical/medical gear that seems to be integral to the smuggling. In Tae San's suitcase, there are different measuring meters and gauges, but Tae Sul doesn't seem particularly interested in those while Seo Hae's glowy pill bottles seem more important. I do wonder if they're asked to smuggle tech from future to the Sung Dong Il charact
  3. Hi everyone! So many theories and we're only on episode 2! Like many of you, I have similar thoughts such as there are multiple timelines due to time travel. Like the title Sisyphus suggests, the protagonists are stuck in an eternal loop of traveling back to the past, failing, and traveling back again. The beginning shows Seo Hae's first trip to the past, and I believe we've skipped ahead of time to the present, where this is no longer her first time to the past, but another "redo" from her perspective. How many times she's travel to the past is unknown, but the next clue tells me
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