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  1. Yeah, and I believe that is what's going to happen in the next episode. She's going to find a sperm donor. But I think she's going to choose from someone she knows. From the trailer the candidates are her childhood friend, the marketing department hobae, or Yi Sang. i just got into this drama and I like the character developments a lot! I think Jang Nara has a really good eye for cast chemistry and script, because there has yet been a drama starring her that I didn't like. The relationship development is well paced and I like that YS beginning to understand her. It might seem like a simple story at first, but it's shredding light on the pressure on women in a patriarchy. What's rare is, the character doesn't want to rebel against the norm, even so, marriage and motherhood didn't come easy to her like it seemingly does to others. And every woman must've felt the same at one point in their life. Jang Nara is really good at embodying their stories into one character.
  2. I'm glad they ease off the PPLs in this episode, and like that they even made fun of themselves with the coffee PPL in front of the police station. But I agreed with many that it seems choppy and not much happen to progress the main storyline. I don't think they can even justify it as non-linear storytelling or time travel, it's just poor editing, imo. I hope that it's just this episode. The preview looks very promising! As for the romance, when they're together it's cute, so they have chemistry... but i just don't feel emotional invested in them like the drama wants me to be. So the big dramatic scenes where they run into each other's arms or crying in each other's arms or even the last dramatic kiss, they feel like a Hallmark movie, beautifully shot but a bit empty. I'm interested in solving the mystery, though, and I like the cast of actors, especially WOH as Yeong and ES. I've been watching the drama at 1.5x speed lately, and normal speed for the more interesting parts. I recommend watching it like this for who just want to see what happens next but don't want to sit through the slower pace scenes and PPLs.
  3. me and my last braincell watching this after a long day of work... trying to make sense of this episode's reveals 1. LR using in between world to stop his aging... it seems to me that they can only let the worlds fast forward since time is slower in no man's land. It doesn't make sense how LG can travel back in time to save himself when time can only movd on in a linear fashion. Unless... LR's half of the flute opens another gate that reverses time. He clearly isn't using the gate that's in the palace ground. And with the theme of balance, it would make sense that his half does the opposite. When combined it allows the user to travel back and forward as he pleases. 2. Time-control kid/diety... so with this writer, she always plays around with themes of destiny and fate, no surprises there. But it seems that the kid is 'fiddling' with destiny in both worlds. He first bumped into JTE making her lose her ID, then he seems to have a connection with Luna in Corea. Now he's dropping big clues for LG as well. Is he the "sage" that LG recited on his sword? 3. The timestamp in the video is 5/25, that's JTE's birthday which i assume is also Luna's birthday. With the merging of the worlds, does it mean that one of them dies to replace the other? A rebirth of a new JTE who's not her, possibly Luna impersonating as her? This has been the rule with dopplegangers thus far. Two cannot exist in one world. It also seems in the preview that Eun-sup might be the next doppleganger in grave danger. 3. The PPLs are really killing the drama. I feel so bad for LMH, that he has to say those cringey lines. He's a good actor, but I can't get immerse in this drama when every other scene gets interrupted with PPLs, this just feels so silly. It's an outdated method of getting sponsorship and I hope he'll stop taking on projects like this. I like the story and it's a shame that they just have to do my man like this. I heard the show even got an infamous nickname from K-netz. The King: PPL Monarch. Okay, that one is funny, it's sad, but it's fair game when they turned their main hero into a walking billboard.
  4. I've seen fans of the show being slightly disappointed/saddened about ratings. But I honestly think the story is shaping up nicely, and have seen much social media discussion and buzz around it. So even if it doesn't generate the same amount of anticipated ratings, the show is still going to rake in earnings from international popularity. Anyway, after catching up on the last episode, I have some thoughts/theories on some of the plot points. Needless to say, spoilers ahead. 1. We know that Shin-jae's real mother is definitely being blackmailed by Lee Rim by with-holding SJ from her. But why would she give up her son? I think because her husband died early, she became a single mom and widower in the parallel world. With no financial means to support a child, she took LR's offer and sent SJ over to the other world in hopes that he has a better life there with two parents who can support him. 2. The theme of balance between the two worlds. We understand now that those who belong to one world shouldn't cross over to the other. It has dire affects on time and space. When Lee Gon and Lee Rim cross over, time does a funky thing of stopping, but who knows what domino effect this has in other aspects of time and space. 3. Lee Gon realizes that his duty as the king and owner of the flute must restore order to the universe. To do that, they need to return the people who crossed over to their own world. This is important to the romantic plot line because he and Tae-eul instinctively understand (even though he's optimistic now and she's still in the dark about the parallel world folks switching places) that their love is going to end because they can't stay in each other's worlds. 4. Combine the three plot advancement above with his tragic background, I think the time traveler who saved Lee Gon is Shin-jae. We all know that SJ has to return to the Kingdom of Corea. He's a sharper shooter than Tae-eul. His real mother was the one who stole TE's ID so maybe he's traveling back in time to right her wrongs, thus the ID ended up on him. And because he has an unrequited love for TE, he would do anything to protect her and the people she cares about, including Lee Gon. As the second lead with a sad background story, I see a strong potential for this character making the greater sacrifice to save the world. I apologize if this has already been discussed, but for once, the second-lead has a deeper, more intricate storyline. What do you guys think? Side note: The Prime Minister character so far still feels completely left out of the plot. She's still several steps behind the main couple, and with her meddling in Luna's affairs, who knows what these two will brood up. We know that LR wants to use her power, but I'm not sure if he wants to threaten her with the obviously less accomplished version of her in parallel world, or perhaps use her mom to bargain for her. If she teams up with Luna and LR, then what does that mean for LG and TE?
  5. I really wasn't going to watch this drama. It's a role he's done so many times before, and the plot is familiar (poor girl meets rich royalty and they hated each other at first). But LMH looks better than ever, and I believe the whole drama is written so he can say those romantic lines to feed our thirst. And frankly, that's enough to keep this thirsty girl interested.
  6. I also like GJ's almost confession at the end. She just needs a little push to let her guard down. I love how HJ admits that even if she never will let her guard down, he'll continue to like her just as she is. Unfortunately, the romance came too late and not enough. More brevity would've better balanced the last two episodes which were weighted down with politics and investigation. As for Song, I still wonder how his motives are connected to his wife and his sister-in-law aka S&K's other head figure. There's a shady reason why she's in a coma, and I don't believe Song's undying devotion to her.
  7. For once we have two actors who are pretty aggressive kissers. That's just my impression of them through the characters they play. I'm glad that GJ is letting HJ see a very vulnerable side of her. Of course, after that night, she's going back to pretend it never happened and for him to forget their past, find a nice wife, blah blah. Yeah right, lady, not after a kiss like THAT!
  8. I just got into this drama, and like that things are picking up around ep 5 and 6. I agree with you all, that this romance is about two people who instinctively understand each other, and they have the same obsession with the truth. Although HJ is starting to suspect that GJ isn't as cold as she appeared to be, and that there are deeper reasons why she needs to be a lawyer other than money. That he wouldn't let the past go and continues to question her motives makes it clear.
  9. I feel bad for laughing along, but that emoji is such a succinct description of his acting in this role! He had a couple of emotional crying scenes at the end, but it was a little to late. Jang Nara should definitely be winning an award or two with her performance. She's world class.
  10. Watched the ending, and thought it wrapped up all the loose ends nicely, a little too perfectly. I agree that it is a little lackluster, but honestly, there just isn't that much to tell after most of the drama/mystery was revealed. The drama did dragged, but at least the side stories kept our attention through the most of it. I also think this has something to do with JS's resignation, that she's just tired of fighting, and a part of her broke along with letting SJ go. As for all of that loving flashbacks in the end, I'm not really buying it. I know it's meant to tug at our hearts, but frankly, I'm too exhausted by his indifference for the last 15 episodes to really care. I think it's a lesson for the writer of pushing the bad guy angle so far that the audience becomes apathetic to the character. Hatred is the opposite side of love on the same coin. The worst thing a writer can do is muddle the character so we neither love or hate them. As for Yuri's ending, I think it would have been more satisfying if she learned her lesson. That she shouldn't have coveted what isn't hers, and how chasing after the material things she wanted didn't make her any happier than when she was a nobody. I guess she's one step closer in realizing that SJ pitied her, to him, she's a constant reminder of himself in the past and all of his wrong-doings. Her going to study abroad wasn't a just end for her considering what she's done to JS. But it is an ending that doubles aa commentary on society. Rich people can and will always solve their problems with money.
  11. Thanks for setting the record straight! I saw some here-says floating around this idea. I haven't seen the final episode yet and just waiting patiently for the sub, but the few posts that I've seen makes me think there was more Yuri than wanted which literally made me laugh out loud! A drama without hated characters to cause drama wouldn't be a drama.
  12. I also, of course, want the satisfaction of watching JS burn her bridges with the company as I've passionately proclaimed a few episodes back. But now I see that it isn't that type of drama. And I think it would be cliche to go down that path. Also, I think because of her loyalty and friendship with her team, I don't see her burying her coworker's careers with the company. I didn't know that the writer changed the plot after hearing the public's responses. It still doesn't change my mind that JS is a well thought out character, and Hyunah and Mina's stories were fully fleshed out as part of the main story, rather than one-dimensional fillers. If the writer wants us to be sympathetic to Yuri, they have some explaining to do. Yuri has no autonomy, no aspiration, and comes off as a manipulative immature girl who wallows in self-pity. She wasn't a likable character even before the reveal. Perhaps if we got more of SJ's backstory, maybe he wouldn't be so hated. I still don't know what his motivation was for becoming the VP's gofer.
  13. Unlike most here. I like the way this drama is ending. I think JS summed it best. Despite the cheating, she thought he's at least a good person. Realizing he's not who she thinks he is, she posed the question: Did they really know each other at all during their marriage? I think the short answer is no. He never was honest with her, not about his family, his roots, not about his ambition to climb up the corporate ladder. She wasn't even given a chance to get to know him. The real him. Which is why when the couple faced the miscarriage, she didn't feel like she could rely on him. She didn't think he'd understand her because he never opened up to her at all. Now that she's realized all of this, she can finally let him go. It looks like SJ's realized too late who he truly loves and it's not Yuri. And the keywords here are once again: too friggin' late. I don't think JS would ever be out for petty revenge. Out of all the characters in this drama, her heart is the purest. Even when she realized Yuri's the mistress, she was still looking out for her, telling her to come out under the rain. When she hears the truth from SJ's mother, she realized that he's just a pitiful man. We can see her changing her mind about the revenge, that she no longer wants anything to do with him. JS was never about blind vengeance. Her story, unlike Minah and Hyunah isn't a love story or redemption. It's about her journey to self-discovery and self-reflection. She's come to terms as a woman, an ex-wife, an ex-daughter-in-law, and an ex-mother. She's accepting everything she have and then lost. The real triumph is that she didn't let anything of those change the core of who she is, which is a smart, kind, righteous, loving friend, daughter, and business woman. Leave the revenge to the VP's wife and sister.
  14. Agreed, but not to BLEEP. Just put [REDACTED]. Tell it like it is.
  15. Omg, Knetz are savage! LSY's acting hasn't always been this bad. He was decent on Twenty Again and Liar Game. Knowing his insecurities as an actor after seeing him in Master of the House made me feel sorry for the guy. Perhaps the stage direction is be as emotionless and frustrating as possible because that's just the way SJ is written. As for the big reveal, it's not so much a revelation but a confirmation. The only new information is that he's in on monopolizing the company's shares which is somewhat surprising. The drama made him out to be this decent hard-working guy who wants to live an honest life because his mother was ostracize by his father's family. So was he driven by greed all along? I empathized with JS so much because we don't really know who SJ is until now. I have to say, it's a bit disappointing to know he really is a piece of trash because deep down inside, I thought he's still a fundamentally a good person who momentarily lost his moral compass. But perhaps it was never there.
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