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  1. Its just another day, and I find myself watching their BTS from TYS and Goblin. I got curious and watched behind the scenes from his latest drama.. I want to avoid comparing but damn, (i don't know if I'm just being delulu) just look at his eyes, I really think that his face particularly brightens up when he is conversing with Inna so much it radiates and becomes obvious as to compare seeing him with leading lady in new drama I personally think its all professional, I just look at his expressions in bts and his eyes just doesn't glow as much, he is I think naturally caring and is mistaken as f
  2. Hello! I've been silently reading in this forum for quite sometime now, I don't have anything useful to contribute but I just want to say, even though uri pichi ship don't have any updates on interaction yet and going through their own seperate paths with their new dramas, I want to give y'all a shipper hug and a cheer up. I appreciate this page so much for all your insights, its one of the things that makes my day. Here's to a wish that our pichi heart may soon be fulfilled <3
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