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  1. @lolly84 i choose to be optimistic on this drama. Forced separation is somewhat a 'law' in kdrama, it could serve as plot device to show character development or a lazy way out. But in this case, separation is sorta necessary. We are not explicitly told that they break up the whole two years rite? Writernim wants us to think that way. If eps 15 and 16 are aired in a row (without 1 week delay) i guess many of us are not this flipped. I suppose the story is written to be simultaniously shown, so the plot would run nicer and more acceptable for many. Conflicts acceptance vary for many people. Let's just agree to disagree.
  2. Writernim loves to tease us, guys. Don't give up yet. It's a melo, so we should expect some heartwrenching plot. Remember eps 13, after the hug in the rain, we all sighed in relief that our OTP got back together only to find out that they didn't Now after some sweetness, they separated again, writernim wants us to think that they break up for 2 whole years. I refuse to be teased again. So, please expect a happy ending to this beautiful journey. If the theory turns out to be true, isn't that an awesome plot twist?
  3. We've been so blessed with fanservice, am not complaining, am ecstatic actually. But i swear this drama will put me in severe 'hangover' when it ends next week am just not ready.. I also read theories regarding the drama title and its relation to JH's memory. There's one that pretty much makes my sense. Find Me in Your Memory is like a request from HJ to JH, actually HJ is already in his memory from long time ago through SY's endless stories. He knows HJ's fave song, he knows HJ's allergy, he knows her sad story too. All he has to do is meeting her, and find her in his memory, who's already restored. So i'm not expecting JH losing his memory about HJ, for it'll make them start again at square one. That's too sad. If amnesia plot does take place, it'll rush the storyline, and looking back at the writernim's style in the previous dramas, that just doesn't work. Can't wait for tomorrow, we'll see JH in full throttle to get HJ back.
  4. Hello everyone, just watched all the episodes out of curiousity, and am hooked! Been looking for melo romance and gave this one a try, KDW give me flutters. Wow, he's so charismatic as an anchor, a perfect tsundere who smiles for MGY only..be still my heart! Can't wait for tonight!
  5. I miss old episodes when JH was a clueless tsundere, and how CA always got him with her spunky, straightforward act. This would be my fave fluttering moments Geez, am gonna miss them both!
  6. Guyysss...we survive BLWL! Before anything else, i'd like to send loves to @triplem @stroppyse @Ameera Ali @mizv @lalalaelala @sal2 @Rufus @cococahpi @tiMadam @ende @ktcjdrama @dramaninja @ck1Oz and so many others that i can't possibly tag, i'm sorry if i miss to tag you, who always made my sat and sunday evening more bearable with live recaps, hilarious gifs, translations and insights. Watching this for 6 months would be a torture if i didn't have people to vent my frustration, anger and love to. You guys made the ride more enjoyable and memorable. THANK YOU!! For me, the ending is satisfying and sweet. Knowing that JH&CA is lovingly married and personally living their purpose is more than enough. Like other weekend dramas, everyone has closure. No extreme punishment, no amnesia, no deadly illness. That's an achievement. Overall, BLWL is less makjang than most weekend dramas. I don't regret the day i clicked the drama and continued watching till now. I'll surely cherish this one when the season changes too, "Ah that 100 episodes of drama, that made me found great people on soompi forum. And made me change my phone wallpaper to Kim Jae Young's dreamy face" See you guys again on other thread
  7. Phewwww...i.can breathe now. And CA saying she is worried about judge mom is adding brownie points to her excellent resume as future daughter in law. Good move girl!
  8. @stroppyse i get your points completely. Very insighful. But I still think that creating potential conflict between our main couple in the last episodes of the drama is just...exhausting. The writer could have made them confronting SW and helping JH's mom together, sans the separation. CA rejecting JH's proposal is totally acceptable, but still heartbreaking. And i think, it could be avoided with different plotline. Isn't their love already tested enough? Their love story had grown in the span of 11 years as we're told. Well that's what the writer wants, i hope the twist might lead to something sweeter and beautiful for our main couple tomorrow, so it won't feel like they just need more stories to fill the last episode. I might stay away from weekend dramas for a bit. Dramagods, please get KJY and SIA great miniseries in the near future!
  9. This is so unnecessary and a waste of time. They just need filler scenes i guess, 60mins left and what's not resolved is just the Judge & SW conflict. With SW finally knows HR's bad deed to CA, I hope he softens up and is willing to talk.
  10. I agree. Jh is so scared of being separated with CA, he forgets that he's the one who told her not to ever put off her uniform. It's unfair situation for both of them. And he'll probably decide to stay and brace the storm together.
  11. The best end would be JH cancels his departure to London and stays happy with CA. It's not like he wants to move. I hope it's just the writer's way to spice things up to end it sweeter.
  12. My heart sank seeing JH's face when CA says no. But they're not broken up rite? Seriously not expecting this sad twist when there's only 2 episode left. I hope JH doesn't have to go. His mum should know that his happiness is CA. Telling them to separate again is just cruel. My satnite and sunday are perfectly somber now
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