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  1. Omg I’m so happy for Somin, she’s finally free!!!! Hopefully this leads to a lot more opportunities for her! Also while I’m not really glad about the hate itself, I’m happy what happened has blown up as much as it has. There’s a lot of people who had no idea what was going on or how bad it has been. Plus it’s always good to see the fans who actually count towards the ratings, show their full support towards Somin!
  2. Saw dispatch wrote about those DMs and I’m glad they’re getting exposed even more now. Somin haters have been trying to play victim a lot lately so I know it bothers them that one of their own has been written about.
  3. Just watched a clip after Somin left and YJS sounded so sad and worried while explaining what happened with her
  4. Aw this is sad news to wake up to. I hope Somin is ok and gets plenty of rest in the meantime.
  5. Not 100% Kookmin related but I’m really annoyed rn. That one LKS fanpage wrote this whole obnoxious post making it seem like tons of Somin fans were sending hate to him over the whole unfollowing situation. Turns out they weren’t sending hate some people just asked why he unfollowed then later deleted their comments while one Cfan was arguing with others. They asked people to send hearts to the comment section and report bad comments but they “unintentionally” encouraged a bunch of Somin haters to spread hate about her under there and everywhere else. Now his insta comment section is filled with people attacking Somin in between those hearts. It’s so irritating. They always seem to encourage hate towards her in their comment section then try to act innocent later on while ranting about how awful Somin fans are.
  6. So in the last 2 episodes we’ve had lovelines that include Somin being accused of playing with someone’s feelings and jokes about her being a home wrecker... fun. Forbidden couple jokes were funny briefly but sometimes when the PDs or the cast find something funny they tend to overuse it to the point it stops being entertaining. Which is the case with JSJ/JSM jokes unfortunately. Honestly I hope the backlash makes the new PD drop lovelines all together even though Chanmin is still somewhat well received by knetz. Because at this point I’m tired. Let Somin go back to her love frog character and call it a day.
  7. Loveline stuff didn’t bother me today because it was just a convo, Jongkook pointing out when Haha is forcing things and Sechan doing what he’s always done E.g. taking care of Somin. Only thing that slightly annoyed me was JSJ. This is like the second time he’s gone on a mini rant like this. And both times someone has cut in to stop him. First time was Sechan and this time it was the rest of the cast but mainly YJS. I just wish he would’ve stopped after the first comment but oh well. Anyways there weren’t many huge Kookmin moments but the little ones we did get were cute. Mainly because no matter how you look at their dynamic you can really see just how much Jongkook adores Somin. He’s promoted her book multiple times already and him flipping through it while they were still filming made me really happy for some reason.
  8. I thought they were gonna talk about the loveline didn’t expect them to call Somin. But I’m laughing at the fact that it’s Jongkook calling her instead of Sechan or even Haha. As for his mom being mad I’m assuming it’s because he’s more excited about someone else’s “love” life in this scene rather than focusing on his own
  9. Oh it’s fine it’s YT comments they don’t really matter especially considering they have no idea what the context is behind the scene and are just reacting because they saw hearts in between Kookmin. TBH only people I’ve ever seen complain about their non existent loveline are Somin haters and people who have been claiming she’s been trying to make a loveline with him since the coffee story. Wouldn't worry about Chanmin blowing up in Somins face just yet either since I haven’t seen people genuinely believe they’re dating in the same way people did with Monday Couple, Kwangmin and even KJK/HJY. So I doubt there’d be huge backlash. Especially because even though some of the cast tend to to joke about Somin being his GF they usually always say they hope they date which makes it clear they’re not for anyone watching.
  10. Ok so this is a minor thing and was probably done because he assumed Sechan would reject Somin. BUT did anyone notice right before Sechan got up to give Somin the bear Jongkook shakes his head for a fraction of a second before laughing? I dunno why but I found him doing that adorable lol
  11. Ok so after watching with subs I don’t think Jongkook was trying to push the Chanmin loveline during the first and second half of this ep. Also don’t think he gestured to Sechan to move Somins hair out the way for their loveline either. But I’ll specifically talk about the Gorilla suit bit. I know there were theories Jongkook prompted Somin to do that but he was talking about Kwangsoo’s suit being cute and then talked to Jihyo about something. After Somin hugged Sechan in the air suit he said “I thought we were (all) just friends“. Which is a weird thing to say if he’s supposed to be pushing their loveline lol. Then after Somin kissed the suit Jongkook told her to cut it out while laughing and she said she was just playing. It’s probably nothing but I noticed they just replayed the moment right after she hugged Sechan from a different angle instead of continuing the scene post air suit kiss.
  12. I have to say I’m surprised people thought their loveline would end by now. They usually don’t end unless someone is dating publicly, the people involved object to it or viewer reaction is hugely negative. Since none of the above is happening it’ll likely continue until then. I’m not bothered by the Chanmin loveline like I once was when it first started. Not because of shipping reasons but I just really disliked them pushing the idea she was desperately into Sechan and constantly trying to get his attention. Now that it’s been going on for a while now I’ve just stopped caring altogether. Unlike most lovelines pretty much everyone is aware they’re just friends and the loveline is for the show. From what I’ve seen it’s just a few people (most of which are fans of another ship) who genuinely want them to date. That’s just from the international side though. I haven’t seen that many people actively believing they’re dating or wanting them to date from Korean fans.
  13. Slightly off topic but a couple I was shipping while they were partners (and just friends) on dancing with the stars just announced their engagement today a whole 2 years after I began shipping them. Now I’m over here hoping some of that energy rubs off on Kookmin
  14. I agree and disagree with some of what you said @RunningGirl7686. Firstly I just wanna say that I’ve always been in the “Kookmin aren't dating but they could very well end up a couple at some point” camp. So I can agree to an extent that he does treat and care for her like his “junior brother squad” however that’s what makes their dynamic so interesting to me. We rarely (if ever) get to see him treat his female juniors the way he treats his male juniors. I’m not saying he’s never nice to or doesn’t have strong bonds with women (See: SJH). I’m just saying his bond with Somin as of late is unique. Like he’s doing things he would do with his dongsaengs but there’s an extra sense of affection. I disagree with this. Mainly because I don’t think YJS comments about Kookmin are him trying to hint anything. It’s him making jokes because he’s noticed just how much KJK has changed towards JSM. And how quickly they’ve established w/e bond they have over the last year. The 2 times YJS has ever said anything about Kookmin have both felt completely spontaneous rather than planned. And both times he’s made little comments that tell me KJK’s behaviour has changed towards Somin. 1st comment that peaked my interest wasn’t him asking KJK if he liked JSM it was him pausing for a beat after and saying “sometimes...” before cutting himself off. It felt like he wanted to elaborate more on why he asked that question but held back. The 2nd one wasn’t him making a marriage joke it was him saying he found KJK’s actions funny before asking why he comments on her social media. Which proves my previous point. YJS has known KJK for years IMO he wouldn’t comment at all if how KJK treats JSM is exactly how he regularly treats all his female colleagues. I don’t think that’s what’s happening at all. If they were going for a love triangle we would have a lot more than what we see now. Of course we’ve had moments that could be interpreted as jealously but I really don’t think that’s KJK trying to join their loveline. For example when he was upset about JSM moving away from him to sit next to YSC that was just him being him. As in anyone who’s a fan knows he can sometimes be sensitive when he feels he’s not “picked/chosen”. So him saying JSM hurt his feelings by choosing to sit next to YSC over him didn’t really feel out of place. What actually felt out of place was his reaction to the whole finger fiasco on the bus lol. He’s been one of the main people pushing Chanmin yet was shocked because JSM said YSC touched her fingers. There’s one point where JSM calls YSC bold and everyone laughs immediately except for KJK who was straight faced and mumbling something about Sechans fingers. He then continues to make comments about Sechans fingers after the jokes died down. If they were pushing a love triangle someone would’ve at least chimed in with a joke about his reaction but there was nothing like that. The focus from the rest of the cast (and editors) was on Chanmin. I mean that could be why but she’s received non stop hatred since she joined RM and her popularity has always been at a similar level. So I cant see why he would choose now to suddenly try and help when he’s had years to. For me it feels like he’s finally gotten to know her over the last year and enjoys her company to the point that he considers her someone he’s close to. Rather than trying to do specific things to help her out career wise if that makes sense? My point is whether you look at Kookmin from a platonic standpoint or a romantic one there’s a sense of care coming from him that’s very different to how he normally behaves with female colleagues/friends publicly and I think that’s exactly what makes their moments so addicting.
  15. TBH I doubt that was a kookmin shipper. Of course there are shippers who do stuff like this but anyone who knows or follows most of the big KJK fan pages should know they don’t like to post shipper content for a reason. And there’s been some Somin hater accounts who have pretended to be kookmin shippers in the past to bring her more hate. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. As for the other 2 comments It’s really sad because the hate against KJK didn’t just start recently. It’s been growing since the RM ep where they talked about Somin’s mother thinking of him as a potential husband for her. All because some fans of one ship don’t like it when he interacts with other women. I just hope kookmin shippers never get that bad!
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