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  1. That’s actually what happened with HJY like a couple days after they won their best couple award lol. She was very blunt about their relationship being pretty much just a senior/junior relationship. And basically emphasised that their loveline was a thing of the past and that he wasn’t her type. Which is why their loveline went cold for a little while. But yeah all lovelines are just business at the end of the day so there’s no need to worry about them too much.
  2. From my perspective it’s a new loveline that’s currently being pushed by SBS because their previous popular KJK loveline (jinkook) can’t continue anymore due to HJY’s current situation. Overall I don’t think it’s that big of a deal tbh.
  3. !!! It really does seem to be a reoccurring theme lately. Yeah she’s always been the butt of jokes and she takes it well but lately certain things haven’t been sitting right with me. And what happened in this episode is one of them. Especially when you could see Somin’s smile slowly disappearing from her face after being told what was said about her. I’d probably not think any of this was a big deal if it weren’t for the amount of hatred Somin has been receiving lately.
  4. Ok anyone who’s seen my comments before knows I’ve never really 100% thought that Kookmin are currently dating. Just mainly hoping one day they do but some of the reasons being used to say they can’t be more than friends is a bit of a reach imo. But I’ll just talk about some since a lot of you have already covered the main ones. I don’t really see the issue with this. Whether or not Kookmin are dating why would it be weird for him to like a pic of Somin with someone she clearly considers a friend? She picks Haha because she thinks Haha is the best looking. She’s been s
  5. The denial doesn’t really bother me. What I’m really surprised about is the fact that Jongkook was even mentioned as a potential love match for her. They have no loveline and nothing that really publicly indicates they could have something going on. Yet Janghoon picked him as a match for her.
  6. Not fluent but Haha always uses “sister in law” when talking about a potential wife or serious girlfriend for Jongkook. So it could be applicable to anyone lol
  7. Can the people with amazing analysis skills look at next weeks preview and tell me who is touching Jongkook’s arm
  8. I agree with all the different perspectives about this ep. I think the one thing I didn’t realise I thought about until now was the fact that a lot of the negative comments made about Somin in this ep will be used by the people who often twist anything she does or is said about her. Especially since she was compared to Jihyo a couple times. That’s probably why this time the teasing that I usually don’t care about bothered me slightly. As always I know the members love her and love focussing on her. I know that Somin wasn’t upset by the teasing so it’s not really a big deal. It’s just
  9. Ok I need somewhere to rant about this but besides the kookmin stuff I didn’t like this episode all that much. It actually made me feel bad for Somin even though she was enjoying all her temporary power lol. The whole thing just gave off this unintentionally mean-ish vibe. Like all the random segments where the members bad mouthed her just felt awkward to me rather than funny. I dunno maybe I’m just being over sensitive. What I expected from this ep was both women (begrudgingly) being treated like new guests. Not only did I not really get that but there was a clear difference in h
  10. I don’t know why people were still debating Somin and Dong Min anyway. It is a good way to keep shippers grounded though because if not they could head into dangerous territory. By that I mean shippers could very well start attacking either half of Kookmin the same way other shippers do now because their ship isn’t going the way they want it to. At the end of the day we’re shipping real people not characters on a TV show. We can’t control them or their personal lives so it’s always good to be reminded of that. That being said Somin doesn’t do public relationships and won’t hint at be
  11. It’s definitely casual fans. I see them under every post she makes that includes a male friend always asking if that’s her boyfriend. Most Somin fans will ship for fun but we all know she would never date publicly again and definitely wouldn’t announce a new relationship via Instagram.
  12. Nope. They’re not even friends anymore. In fact they were never friends. They’re actually enemies who pretend to be friends because they don’t want people to know their families are in the middle of a great war to decide who will be the next King of Goryeo. All their close interactions over the last year till now have actually been played out by carefully designed high tech holograms so they don’t arouse suspicion.
  13. Just wanted to say the reason why Jessie said that was because she’s been paired with YJS every time by the producers. Meaning she’s never really had the option to pick her partner or team on camera before. Every single time she’s been a guest (so far) her partner has been pre picked for her off camera. So while it is true they pick the best pairings for the audience I think its also highly likely Dongjun did just choose Somin on his own without a producers suggestion.
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