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  1. I only know him from Flower Crew but now I am totally a fan. He is so charming, attractive and multi-talented. Hope that he gets more good projects in the future. And I do hope to see him and Gong Seung Yeon in another project. Their chemistry is top notch
  2. Words cannot explain how much I love her. I first knew her from WGM and started follow her since then. She is such a gorgeous beauty with mesmerizing eyes and charming features. I love how she can portray different roles in different types of dramas. She is also a girl full of positive energy and a kindhearted animal lover. I truly hope that she can get more and more great lead role in the upcoming year. I can't wait to meet her in her next project. And as a Min Jae & Seung Yeon shipper, I secretly hope them date each other
  3. I am totally in love with the drama. I am quite sad that it did not get high ratings but anyway, each drama has their own audience and I love that many people watching this also enjoy it as much as I do. I start watching this drama for Gong Seung Yeon as I have been a huge fan of her since WGM. Initially, I only watch cuts of Lee Soo and felt very sad and unfair for him. But as I watched the drama from the beginning to the end, I started to get what GD's actual feeling for LS is, it is a sense of family, not a sense of love with heart-flutter, jealousy... And I was step-by-step drawn into GD and MH's slowly emerged feelings for each other. Seng Yeon and Min Jae's on screen and off screen chemistry is daebak. I love watching their romantic cuts and also bts clips and ELLE interview. They are so comfortable together and also flirty at times. I am a SY-MJ shipper right now
  4. This is so true. This is like the first ever couple that I ship out of a drama. They look so good together and their interaction is full of chemistry. I love their ELLE interview so much that I replay it time over time and smile like an idiot
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