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  1. I was not his fan b4, but LSY always appeared in the drama that I watched (Miss Ripley, Nice guy, Jang Ok Jung WYWS, etc) @Katsuragi @Nodame @Cuplik I understand you, but still I don't like Nahee Nahee is very beautiful, smart, very logical. I admire her mental strenght, she won't let anyone abuse her. People like Nahee of course very much needed and very valuable as doctor. But sometimes she looks like someone that doesn't admit her mistake, and doesn't respect other. She changed patient's therapy that was under treatment of other doctor. Alhought her therapy was based on scientific evidence and very good, changing other doctor's patient's treatment is something that violate medical code of ethics and she was so angry bcos Gyujin didn't defend her. When Gyujin criticizes her for separating colored clothes and not (which is right advice) she didn't acknowledge that and instead throw Gyujin clothes out of the house. She yelled at Joon Son when he gave her advice. I'm not saying Gyujin and MIL did nothing wrong to Nahee. Gyujin, like some people say is dishonest and coward. But he is hard worker, loyal, and very kind to Nahee's family. When her mother showed off him to all neighbor he didn't complain. He ignored her bcos he really doesn't know how to express his various feeling to Nahee. Nagging and speaking it out make NH ignited too. it was even nahee who refused to go with his car. Jeong Rok is very perfect, but his love hasn't tested by the time, unlike Gyujin that has live with her for many years. They have been through up and down, thick and thin, and many argument. Why it is easy for him to be honest to JR than NH?, maybe bcos Nahee's reaction is more important to him than JR's. MIL has childish attitude, bad temperament, and bad drinking habit. Her classy lifestyle is even a bit scary for Jaesuk. I will be angry if my MIL keep bothering like that. but, if u think deeper she do that bcos she is so lonely (she rarely drink since Dahee and Jaesuk visited her time to time). She called NH and Bought her the clothes already indicating she has a little concern to NH. NH should use that moment, but she didn't want it My point is Nahee should realize if she want to be accepted for who she is, then she should also accept other for who they are. If NH wants to be accepted as she is but she wants a truly perfect partner she can choose JR , though I'm not really sure he will be the same after years (conflict will always exist in household life btw)
  2. @cuplik I think Nahee hasn't tried hard to be close to her MIL. In first episode, her MIL bought her a dress and brought it to the hospital and she said she already had the similar outfit. I mean accepting it and saying thank u wouldn't hurt you. I will feel sad if someone do that to me. She always ignore her phone call, and yes the MIL has bad temper, so how will their relationship be good. If her MIL hate her thats not because she is OkBoon's daughter, but bcos she ignored her. To be honest its very difficult to like Hyun Kyung and Nahee's character. They have to do self introspection. Their ex are not perfect, but they are not jerk (like Gahee's ex or Dahee's ex). Not only their ex should improve themselves, they also have to. Jaesuk's expression every time his mother praised Dahee is so priceless. It is sad to see sadon couple in their busy schedule circumstance.
  3. I want the full version of Jaesuk's song. I guess he didn't only sing, he played the guitar too. Next time Jaesuk's turn to be jealous with Dahee's college friend Jaesuk-Gyujin's bromance is really something. They are so hilarious together. Jaesuk is a little bit immature, wearing his hyung's clothes, car, apartments, and now gyujin can't use the toilet bcoz of him. Poor Gyujin
  4. 10 Most Talk Dramas and Actors based on Good Data Corporation 3rd week of June 2020 Drama: 1. Its OK To Not Be OK 2. Once Again 3. Backstreet Rookie 4. Kkondae Intern 5. My Unfamiliar Family 6. Mystic Pop Up Bar 7. Good Casting 8. Dinner Mate 9. Oh My Baby 10. The King Maker Actors: 1 Kim Soo Hyun 2 Seo Ye Ji 3 Lee Cho Hee 4 Ji Chang Wook 5 Lee Sang Yi 6 Jang Na Ra 7 Choo Ja Hyun 8 Park Hae Jin 9 Seo Ji Hye 10 Han Ye Ri
  5. I prefer Nahee with JR too. Its very boring to see a man that keep sticking to a woman and have a role in make misunderstanding and at the end he suddenly say he will go for woman's happiness, like second lead male in some drama. JR is very nice to Nahee. He and Song's family like each other. Its a tough challenge for the writer if she wants to make gyujin and nahee together again with story that are not cliche
  6. Its funny to see Jesuk and Dahee date. now is all about time secret will be revealed. maybe gyujin will be the first to now it. Mama Okboon is happy to see her potential son in law. Nahee finally find a man that will always understand her. then why both she and Jeong Rok can't leave gyujin alone. Asking love advice, asking about guilty feeling, asking for dinner together.. I'm happy for Gahee and Hyoshin. I just still can't get when and why he loves gahee. I mean he is mysterious man that doesn't talk too much
  7. Can't wait for tonight's episode Can we have nahee and Gyujin wedding flashback. I want to see the interaction between dahee and jaesuk that day lol. @Jelly I understand why Lee Cho Hee chose Jaesuk as his ideal type of man. I even thought it would be nice to meet a man like him in my life. he is smart, kind, funny. he is also honest about his feelings. he seems to be the type of person who respect his partner. He is not rude like the ex or like some lead male in K-drama @Nodame Lee Sang Yi isn’t as handsome as Lee Sang Yeob. But the more you see his work the more charming he is. Now I see him as a talented actor and truly passionate about performing art. I think actors and actresses who have musical backgrounds have their own charm
  8. Thanks to Her Oldest sister's advice and Jaesuk's mom's babble.. it made Dahee explode and dare to claim her boyfriend
  9. Wow...Lee Sang-I is very good at playing guitar and singing. It will be very nice if he and Lee Cho Hee sing together. I even hope they will sing one of the OST Once Again
  10. I think its the mysterious old man that killed jaemin. it seems he is ex serial killer and father of jinsu and myeongsu. He killed jaemin because jaemin killed his son???
  11. it's a bit disappointing to see jaesuk give up on pursuing dahee's love, but at the same time I think he is very cool. He is brave enough to show his love and confess to dahee clearly. He is always honest about his feeling to dahee and when dahee rejected her he just try to be realistic. I hope his character is consistent till the end of the show I feel bad for gyujin. I think nahee is a little bit cruel to him. his first love is also not an interesting character to watch. I prefer his first love in good casting than here hahaha . I don't care whether he will end up with nahee or not as long as he is happy. i hope gyujin's character will develop in the next episode I had guessed before the two women who worked for kimbap woman will end up with two man that work with joon son. I feel sorry for kimbap woman, even though I support chisoo with okja. I hope she will know about her old brother soon..
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