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  1. didnt like any of Ju Jingyi's work but i gave this a try and omg Zhang Zhehan can have my everything too bad this is his most known work, and he looks so good in historical outfits that his real life pics dont interest me as much lol i like to see them again though their next work prob come out next year. i like their chemistry and how the girl isnt annoyingly stupid or the guy too overly cruel. he's just cold lol the Poison Du people's costume had me crack up cause it looks cheap lmaoo but this drama has everything i like and now i need to feel this void ugh i finish everything in 2 days lol
  2. i liked this at first but the girl is such a pushover omg she let everyone step all over her. The styling isnt good too, do the girls no justice. Then the whole family is ridiculous, i keep thinking if i was her i'd prob off myself instead of staying, they really torture her. Yueming is annoying, Yuexuan has no backbones and lost his charms. She hates Yuexuan for lying to her but girl you almost lie to him too. Everything kinda fell apart and i stopped watching.
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