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  1. Actually most celebrities especially in Korea do not disclose their dating status publicly unless they are married. Even it is in the contract. They can have onscreen lovelines even though they are dating someone in private. It could be strictly business. Hong Kong actors even hidden the fact for so long for dating someone in long term. Even though when they got married, they don't disclose it. Somin may have gotten into relationship or serious dating but not enough to disclose that is in a very serious relationship. Some are casual in a way to see if they can move in a next level. You can be affectionate with significant others in early stage. It takes time and testing the waters before addressing the public. Most celebrities announce their relationship when they are getting married. Somin once revealed her dating status in the past publicly, but it eventually ended with painful break up which comes very soon after their announcement. It left her with deep embarrassment. She may be dating or having relationship but because of her experience, she won't be telling until she is serious about someone enough to get married. About the MUD's scene where JinYoung was a guest, Jong Kook's friend asked Jong kook the four choices that is closest to his type. What was revealed: he likes someone who is bright and cheerful. His manager said Jong kook needs to be with someone who is more assertive. Jong kook said that it takes time for him to give attention to a woman. There are many theories why Jong Kook's friend gave him choices without mentioning Somin. I have talked about that before, and I was the one who find it quite odd but others said it is normal. I find it odd because it wasn't mentioned in the show but Somin's name showed up in news article as one of the choices. 1. Jong kook acted before that Somin wasn't his type. There were times Somin was not considered to be Jong kook's type. One of the episode showed that he got upset with her for saying that his Christmas memory didn't touch her heart. He was so sensitive. 2. Jong Kook's friend forgot to mention her. At that time, Kwangmin was often promoted that you dont want to take attention away from Kwangmin. There is possibility that his friend forgot to mention her. But there are others who also know Somin didn't even correct his friend. It is funny that he called them women of running man when Dahee and HaNa were just guests or even long term guests. My opinion, it doesnt hurt kwangmin loveline from getting voted again. It can be ignored. There was no loveline with Dahee and HaNa for Jong Kook either. It was obviously JinYoung. I actually read the article that Somin was one of the choices. I was Kwangmin fan. It didn't hurt or second guess about Kwangmin and Kookmin. I dont think Kwang-min fans notice it either. Most Kwangmin fans dont watch MUD diary, but they did see the article because Somin was tagged in it. There is a possibility of forgetting Somin but why mention in Soompi article instead. It is like they wanted Jong kook to choose JinYoung. And you see she was also a guest. There is a possibility for forgetting Somin on purpose because Jong Kook mention later about her directly few times especially setting her up with Jong Min. Jong Kook really act like he didn't want Somin and Jongmin to happen secretly. He didn't even brief Jong Min to prepare for the call. It was HaHa who did the most of the work. It feels like Jong kook wants to mention Somin and how close he is to her. It goes same for his first solo concert when Somin, Jaesuk, and Kwangsoo came to visit. The camera looked at Somin like she was his girlfriend watching the show. It was a nice and timely shot like a love story. And strangely, the mothers were quiet about Somin. Notice before they see a beautiful lady, they always ask about her. She didn't have to be popular. Just beautiful young lady they could ask to verify her relationship with Jong kook, if not they will talk about setting her up with their sons. They were talking awfully a lot about Jaesuk and bits about Kwangsoo. Maybe mentioning Somin was edited out. If you become Kook-min fan, you will find this quite strange. 3. Somin is too young for Jong kook. Actually HaNa is the youngest of the five: Jihyo (1981), DaHee (1985), Somin (1986), and HaNa (1989). Dahee, Somin, and HaNa are around same age and 10 years younger than Jong Kook. I find it more strange because DaHee and HaNa were both guests. And Somin was in the show for almost 2 years. It is quite strange for forgetting to mention her. 5. They didn't mention Somin because they are promoting JinYoung to the show. This is what I think. Somin and Jin young are quite similar- bright and cheerful. Jong kook said that Jinyoung is bit too much. Somin is actually more calmer version of JinYoung. It depends. But Jin Young comes really strong on Jong kook. Somin did more of few jabs. When Jong kook said Jinyoung is bit too much, it probably gave the cue to his friend that if they mention Somin, who is sort of like JinYoung, it might edit it out. In my opinion, Somin was softer version of Jinyoung without being romantic with Jong Kook. His friends and manager were probably aware that Jong kook may choose Somin. Jong kook is very thoughtful and frank. And also his managers need to manage his image. They know promoting Jinyoung could gain more fans and exposure for entertainment business. Maybe they wanted to keep Somin and Jong Kook's friendship or relationship in private. It is very delicate for both of them. At that time, I think Somin wasn't very close to Jong Kook, but she is growing on him. I think Jong kook has taken notice of Somin secretly. It is already in public that the two dont get along, and she richard simmons him off or drive him nuts. There were times, out of blue, he gave her tofu to forgive her or felt sorry for her with a hug and pat on head. He pulled her to his chest. It was really tender hearted. But I was Kwangmin fan-- was too focus on his crazy marriage proposal joke. It was so funny. It was pretty much distracted Kook-min tender moments. SBS also owns MUD. They also do not want to overlap lovelines. So there is a possibility that they wanted not to overlap one another. So better not to mention Somin for loveline with Jong Kook. At that time Kwangmin was immensely popular winning best couple, and nominated again. Before the announcement of Kwangsoo's dating, Jong Kook took part in conversation when they teased Kwangmin about breaking the ceiling by installing the blinds. Jong Kook was asking why not him. I think at that time during best couple nomination, Kook-min have develop close friendship and finding things in common over the time. I do think that Somin and Jong Kook didn't want to date or test the waters together too soon otherwise it wold be so awkward to meet each other at work every week. Remember, Somin has been part of RM for three and half years. First year, they weren't close at all. They were focused on their jobs and private lives. Somin became closer to Sechan and Kwwangsoo, who were also very close to Jong Kook. It is quite interesting that Jong Kook was the one who vouched Sechan to be part of RM. It is quite a coincidence and fate. Early second year, Somin often share that she likes Jong Kook's traits when it comes to courtship and conversation. Jong Kook turned out to be a deep talker and romantic. It was something Somin loves overtime she hears it. She revealed and shared it. She even touched Jong Kook's arms that she is attracted to him. She does even share that she loves his songs and have been big fan of his. She consistently mentioned reminding everyone that he is a singer. Asked him to sing and always defended him. Around late 2nd year to third year, they have become very close after finding some things in common. We dont know what's going on in private life. Late third year to now, the two are very close like best friends. Jong kook said it takes a long time to finally to accept dating or etc. Somin had a long talk with HaHa about love. And HaHa even mentioned Jong Kook when putting more emphasis on Sechan. In my opinion, it is easier to get Sechan to date easily or anytime than getting Jong Kook's heart. It requires a long and intensive talk with HaHa if anyone wants to get close to Jong Kook. I think Somin and Jong Kook have interest in each other and they know it. But they weren't ready. They are friends which is easier for them to face each other at work. They are testing waters with others, and talk about it together as friends. It could make them closer than ever. If they couldn't be apart as time goes, i think they will consider it. Their friends especially Jong Kook's will push it. I think Somin and Sechan was forced to have loveline because many international fans asked for it several times. Somin often said that international fans want Somin and Sechan together. So they are building upon it to fans's wishes if repeated demands. I find it funny that in latest MUD episodes especially early 2020, Jong kook said he prefers to find someone he loves over time and even through circle of friends. He wanted long relationship to see if they can work it out. Some people have long friendship but have shorter relationship with fast track to marriage because they have been friends for so long. I think they dated others just to see if they can't live without each other. I think Somin in a way has doubts to marry Jong Kook because she often misunderstood his strict and stingy nature. He wasn't very popular for being romantic or perfect boyfriend. His father wasn't exactly an ideal husband for Jong Kook's mom. She loves him but he does make her cry. Somin said one time that it is hard to be his wife. Jong kook has already said several times that he would never be a husband to make his wife cry or miserable. He would want her to be happy and being spoiled. Tarot readers and fortune teller said Jong Kook is very devoted husband who will treat his wife like a queen, someone he loves the most. Fortune teller said Somin is destined to marry someone who will care for her like his own daughter. It is quite strange that if you see Somin with Sechan- it is more equal like taffy. Somin and Jong Kook has 10 year gap. you can see that Somin looks up to Jong kook, and Jong Kook cares for her very tenderly. He said should take care of her. Others act like Somin is strong and can take care of herself. Jong Kook is sort of spoiling Somin in a cute way. He adores her like little sister. There is a lot of respect and platonic love for each other. Privately, I have no idea, but I can tell that they are best friends who have a lot in common. And even enjoy chatting with each other, and even talk to each other for hours about anything. It could happen. It would be nice to have a couple who are best friends to marry, and always stick together.
  2. I am at fault and that is why i edited my post. I am sorry to offend you. I state about Jihyo as an example. Somin's situation was like Jihyo's before. They could have died from exhaustion. And the industry is not taking precaution about it. Sorry if I offended you. But I just want to raise the awareness that they should sleep when needed or between shots. We dont know what is going on. But I hope we just stand to support them and give them more love they needed. These things are serious and scary. They really should set the standard not to overlap the schedule, and payment to allow them to work full time. RM. is like full time because the shooting takes two days non stop. It is hard and time consuming. I get very sensitive about that kind that it may not be true of Somin never sleeps between the shots. If she has not, she better do. Please dont get offended. It is my fault but I thought it is good to understand Jihyo's story that she had napping persona. Nothing to compare which I didn't intend to do. I wish I could have explain it better.
  3. I dont know about between shots. But I think she did have moments of rest during break or etc. She almost fell asleep in Japan with Jaesuk and Sukjin. It is just editing. Somin is very hyper and hardworking. And she really shows it every step of the way. For example, Jihyo had to take a nap between shots- the editors made a new nickname for her sleeping in the car which gave her new nickname for sleeping between and unusual places. It creates her persona naturally. Jihyo gave a lot to RM especially early days. She had several fainting spells because her agency were always fighting with RM to fill her schedule. Her schedule were packed. She was very exhausted and almost faint in the show. It was very hard on her in the past. Jihyo also has a condition that her body needs a lot of rest and sleep. She can sleep for 48 hours. If she didn't sleep for two' days, she will sleep for two days or all day. Her mom had to put her favourite food under her nose to wake her up. One time RM had a medical check up for the show, doctor said Jihyo needs sleep. When she sleeps, better not to wake her up. Her body needs it otherwise she cannot function well and harm her long term health. Sleep is one of the diagnosis Jihyo needs. She only sleeps when she has a break. RM editors show it to create a persona for her. They have around 5 hours or longer shooting for a day or two. Everyone in RM are professional but there is a need the PD will let them rest. They have editing. They have to take care of the team. Somin has a very bright personality and very energetic. And how many screen times she has to have that kind of energy. She is amazing. She is works hard. She shed her image that she had to wear beard and crazy wig and makeups. She charmed Jong Kook's heart that he revealed that he finds female comedians charming. They were in topic about dating, relationship, and cheesy lines. Jong Kook said in the morning that SOmin is a comedian as a joke that she is like following Kwangsoo's path. I love Somin's natural wits and sense of humour. Her humour works so well with Jong Kook that she surprises him several times. HaHa and Kwangsoo were shocked and loved her jokes and brazen humour with Jong Kook. Kook-min became closer and became weird together that they always give appreciation to each other that made others cringe. Kook-min is weird, classy, and lovely. There is nothing wrong in your comment, but we have to be more humane because it is very painful to see member getting overworked and slept less. Pls dont get offended. I made comments like that before. And saw Jihyo and Somin going through this, it is too much. It was very gruelling journey as korean celebrity. Jihyo had experience of over exhaustion in the past. She has my very respect but I dont want her to go through this again to gain my respect. That goes with Somin too. The thing is that, the haters kept on saying that Somin doesn't have a job beside RM, and why does she needs hiatus. The hospital news may be just cover up to have more trends and pity for her. That is one of the reason i hate about haters.
  4. In my experience, if we reply their comments, it will burst your veins. They are so unreasonable and manipulative with negativity with annoying self righteous manner with BIG double standards you will be surprised that it really exist in this world and lifetime. I dont want another fan war because it has cause a lot of harm on Somin. It brews more hate even more that Somin's fans voiced concerns. But the more we express our concerns, the more they wanted to attack her. They wanted to destroy her fanbase and get her fired. So they have to push the buttons of Somin's fans really hard unless RM members and staff will take in action if it gets too serious. But it does hurt Somin's career and future offers because everything also applies globally. Somin's fans even expressed their concern over her going to Vietnam. There was a Facebook page filling up message to find a way to throw eggs or humiliate her. They gave a notice to Tiny in Facebook. For security reason, Somin cannot go to the airport in public to get photoshoot like the rest of the members for security reason. Did you see photographers come to take picture to post about Airport Fashion or trends? Jihyo seems to be sponsored because her jacket shows the name brand. Jong Kook for adidas but I dont think he was sponsored. But everyone had a chance to have photoshoot for trending, news, trends, fashion, or etc. It is really important for celebrities to have this kind of opportunity to get more sponsorship or etc. Sechan had to go with Somin since she cannot go alone. Sechan has little threat but he was there for Somin so she won't be alone. They two always go together for security reason. Somin missed the opportunity for her career and offers because of how the international fanbase perceive her. It will hurt her chances. Her agency can be at fault but it was sometimes us dealing with fan wars or etc. That is why we have to be careful and prove our point in another way. There is no way that will make things better if you reply to their comments. I only think we should give supportive and constructive comments to support her. Make more postings about her or comment in her fan page. Give constructive criticism if needed. Try to be reasonable and positive. Support RM as whole. If we support RM as whole, they will always protect the gem of the show that also kept the show going and bringing everyone together. Haters' comments are very obnoxious and everyone can see through their comments. They are not good for RM, but companies have to take precaution to promote someone. It is unfair but it is reality. We can share how we can help overcome the hate comments and avoid fan war. If you see any somin fans trying to defend, just DM to let it go or tell them it may not be worth it but be cautious. I dont know what is the best way, but feel free to share advice and points. Sorry it is not about Kook-min.
  5. I felt sad for her going through this when she was doubting her self so much. However, one experience can make her stronger and find true friends that could lead her to true love and friendship. I observed that Somin was going through exhaustion earlier on especially with cold that she did almost went to ER. And she was dealing with book releasing in a bad timing during virus outbreak that led her to cancel the autograph book signing. She loves to meet people who have interest in her book. She is such a sweetheart. I hope the hiatus will give her newer and fresher perspective with good health. She is hard worker and dedicated to her craft and newfound craft. WIshing her health and happiness back soon! I think you can tune in when Somin's absence. Most of us actually wish she would rest. Finally hospital forced her to rest. Everyone here kept on mentioning how tired she is. She finally gets to rest and relax. I just hope she is not too hard on herself.
  6. You guys don't have to go there. Not going to ruin your mood by summarising their agenda. Read at your own risk. What I am writing below gives you example for non-simin fan to get the big picture of what she and her fans will go through. Now she is taking short hiatus for her health, it gives a lot of sounding joy to haters. And this is what we are worrying about of how it will blow up causing another fan war. I hope and only hope Somin's fans will not fight or argue or mind them all. Even though haters tag to members of RM, but each member is like us. But they know somin better in personal level to grasp how she is perceived, and gives them understanding whether they fail to protect her place or know truth because it also affect her job offers that affects globally. I am expressing it as Somin's fan that I have gone through that IG several times popping up in my IG. Good thing most of them block me. It is just, Somin would definitely need a lot of love and support even individual fans of other members can support RM as whole, not just Somin. She is one of the gem of the show. It would be nice if you can just send support, and avoid fan wars but to put out positive comments and constructive criticism rather than arguing or comment their hate comments. RM members, SBS, and staff cans see through the content of message. So it is not like copy and paste or filled with weird symbols of hate. you guys can share how we can present positive comments and love for Somin and RM members. It is going to be an interesting few weeks yet to come.
  7. Where did they put bad comments on her? Somin's fans, Kookmin fans, andti Jong kook's fans plus RM fans-- lets always cheer her up with wonderful and supportive words in her IG. Support her fan pages as well as Kook-min. I hope she'll be overjoy with love and warmth from international fans. I find it quite interesting about Somin's absence versus Kwangsoo's absence. It will show a lot of comparison, and will hurt Somin more because it leads to some misunderstandings. There could be possible ways for something to be successful without one certain member in it. It could be game concept, different PD, or etc. It wasn't because of one member's absence. Kwangsoo was greatly missed, but RM had good episodes, but they never have forgotten about him. Somin did several times that she always remind us about Kwangsoo. She is really amazing and supportive friend of Kwangsoo. My guess in next show with somin's absence, Jong Kook may be the one who will make sure everyone misses Somin. He'll probably wave the book or thoughts about the book around. I think Somin was dealing with exhaustion earlier on, and Jong Kook started to be very caring and supportive of her. He must have known how she had gone through. He was very consistent with her book, and it even ended up in MUD that Jong Kook's fan started to get curious. I don't know if it is rare for Jong Kook to act as a fan of someone so openly. He really shows he cares for her that people often think they are dating. I really wonder if Jong Kook really sees her as a woman. It just cute when I started to recall some of the older episodes that he finds comedians charming. He likes girls with big eyes and rounder (big) face. He prefers someone who is more assertive. He likes to connect with the love of his life emotionally. He calls her in MUD as if he wanted to mention her and show his closeness with her. Coffee truck- he is included trying to be in background but it is always pointing at him. He became very jovial and closer to Sechan, who is also close to Somin, In that way, from one thing to another, Kook-min is sort of more than a friend, colleague, and etc. They really have good chemistry whether they are dating. I have seen Somin's honey eyes at Jong Kook several times. It feels like the two have strong sense of attraction and connection to watch other that fate has been working hard to intertwine them together with roulette and picking numbers. I just thought about Jongkook's t-shirt that made Somin blush. There are so many cute moments for kook min that i can't really deny their special bond, chemistry, and attraction. You know, if the haters are shouting and trying to manipulate the situation that Somin doesnt deserve to be part of RM like sending her DMs and posts. Haters even tag RM member's IGs. RM members know Somin more than these crazy haters that wants to prove that she is not worthy of place. I am very sure RM members will do anything to prove or protect her to the very core they can deliver. Even the haters wanted to end RM because of her. Each member have a lot of love for her. Sukjin shared his admiration for her his interview with Apink member. Jong kook was like SOmin's manager. Kwangsoo and Sechan always share crazy stories with her. Sechan will come to be part of cameo for her. He is very supportive friend. I think Kwangsoo will feel the emptiness without SOmin there. She's always there for him to give a lot of slapstick comedy and bickering. Jaesuk always look for her to give example so the guests will know they want to present without being shy. Jihyo will miss her forever boy crazy sister and friend. Somin always cuddle with Jihyo when it comes cute guys coming over. Jihyo will miss being protective sister. HaHa--- will miss his cunning twin who always made him laugh and crazy. Somin is hardest working and she really shows it. Last year, I have seen netizens wondering why she didn't get the award. Even though I am SOmin's fan, i thought she deserves one. I think her role wasn't advertise well. Even MUD couldn't advertise her too well. She was always thrown into vagueness. I hope she will be able to overcome it and get better everyday. She's a wonderful person with a great mind and sense of humour. Her chemistry with Jong Kook is so lovely. She works well with everyone in RM. I would love to see her act out more with her wits. I hope she will rest more, and get more love from everyone around her drowning out the haters' scream.
  8. Pls be mindful with the choice of your words even though you felt frustrated. It is no stranger for kook-min shippers and other shippers to feel frustrated because dating life is very very very private. It is very unlikely to see it in real life unless you have eagle eyes. We share our frustration here but remember this blog covers both Jong Kook and Somin individual fans. I will be happy if there is more Jong Kook fans are members of kook-min. However, please be mindful to comment someone with frustration. I dont think to comment one's sexuality is something to vent our frustration because we have Jong Kook fans. Seeing how it hurts Jong kook fans also hurts Somin's fans. Both Jong Kook and Somin are both very cautious and professional. Their interaction, quiet body language, chemistry, and support for each other is something more real to us than creating skits or skin ship or etc. I was Kwangmin fan for a while. It felt that boat had turned upside down leaving us wondering where we get wrong. It is no denying that Kwangmin has the best teamwork with comedy and skits. They also share very good friendship. This blog serves analysis and observing the chemistry and its body language. We tend to be frustrated with lack of it or felt that we want to see it more but it is not possible because it is not how RM works. It would be more fun if we see kook-min in WGM. However, Kook-min are very private, and their dating and love life is very personal. I often become more aware of it after seeing a lot of post from other ships that were so angry at Jong Kook for promoting Somin. This shippers were so upset that Jong Kook went non stop promoting Somin. There were a lot of terrible words to criticise Jong Kook. DO they realise that Jong Kook is not even dating or dating their particular ship? He said he is single. He can do whatever he wants. He is grown man and also a celebrity. He is always careful with the woman he loves that he wouldnt want to expose his relationship in public especially before you get married. Hee Chul turned off his social media after his dating announcement. Even though the fans support him, it is not up to them to like it or not. It is his life and the woman he loves. Because of this blog, I have growing admiration and respect for Kim Jong Kook as a singer, entertainer, a gentleman, and bachelor. He is actually one of the most genuine celebrity that has all the things women want. And I also credit Somin for bringing this soft and cute side of him. He looks more active and content. He was willing to dance crazily to make Somin smile. She was so dang proud of him. If they are dating or not, they really do have special bond with each other. Somin did all the work earlier, and it is time for Jong kook to give somin a praise she deserves. Somin always said she is his fan of singing. She always ask him to sing. It is like reminding the RM viewers that he is a singer. Not a athlete or muscles. She question his soft side, and it gets cuter than ever. She complemented his sense of humour that he is no longer a guy who can take the cake whenever teasing female guests or colleagues. Somin has some kind of similar humour as his, and they work really well with each other. Her wits had blown him and HaHa away. She is very hardworking. Last year, she didnt get any award, but she works DANG hard for RM earning a lot of screen time and trends. She will continue to work hard, but sometimes she felt like it is not working. That is why I notice Jong Kook now is trying to encourage her to keep her spirits up. The two do really seem to show that they talk to teach other a lot. Jong Kook and Sechan are quite different when it comes to understanding with empathy. Jong Kook seems to have higher emotion intelligence or empathy to read people and how to interact with them. He is doing well for somin and even others too. He reads a lot and likes to give advice. Somin has emotions all over the place. She gains a lot of experience though it. I thought it would be wonderful if HaNa ask Jong Kook to guest speaker with Somin to share dating advice to see female and male version. Male really do have different antics like not answering texts for long period of time or text very little words. Sometimes little words means a lot. It depends on the way men thinks. It is sometimes they are born that way. There are a lot of theories and even jokes about that female thinks way too much. And male always misunderstood. I think Jong Kook will be perfect. He and Somin have very good emotional chemistry even without romance. They two can pick each other brains with rapport. They could be best friends. But I have to say that the two are both very attractive. So romance could happen. Jong Kook seems to like a girl who has big eyes and rounder face. Somin has big face and known for having big eyes. She is probably little too tall for petite but it is personality that matters. Somin in 2014 mention all the traits she found someone attractive is pointing jong kook. The show is called witch hunt. They met four years ago. Somin had to work closely with Kwangsoo for two years. By the time in march 2019, two of them became close like it is just two of them to hang out or chat all day. In Korean fanmeet, they have intimate dance that requires skinship. Somin wrote her book in late 2019. So... it is still early for them to develop deeper relationship they could have wanted for their lifetime. The fortune teller in 2020 told Jong Kook to be more conservative that he won't be having more luck with women or money. He is more stable but he will be more stable if he decided to choose something more conservative. Marriage is one of conservative decisions. But it takes a lot of work to get it happen. Somin's destiny is to be with someone older than her, and cares for her like she is his daughter. Jong Kook is now opening up more to Somin. He was there for her in each of the episodes. They two weren't even allowed to have lovelines no matter how obvious. Sechan was always a distraction in every step of the way. Remember in MUD-- they were very careful mentioning Somin no matter how many times she was there. Jong kook had to be the one to mention her. It is a strange pattern that I actually at first found it offended that they rarely promote her. I mean to say that this show is to promote anyone. Somin is a person to promote, and I wonder why she is an exception. Is it because she is not popular? This show is actually made for unknown or retired or etc to be known again. Somin was sort of pushing away like she is almost a background. Jong kook amazingly mention her during Jong Min episode that she was given a lot of attention. And I find it quite interesting that MC and mothers are very lukewarm about Somin. I mean to say most mothers are interested in anyone is pretty even though they are new or not famous. I find bit odd. But they have reason to edit it this way. I found that pattern very persistent when it comes to Kook-min. There is something quite private about the two. So when you vent frustration, please avoid harsh words and comments because it will lead to misunderstandings. We dont know Jong Kook or somin too well. I am actually sad that I couldn't see more of their interaction even though they want to remain private, and focus on fun aspects of the show. The current episode is funny as whole.
  9. I hope you dont mind me disagreeing again. The way I see HaHa deals with Spartace is more of business like that he follows what comes after Monday Couple after Gary left. I think he just want both of his closest friends to get married or encourage them to date or create chemistry. Also I notice a bit that it could give them more popularity and screen time when they promote it publicly that could have given them a rightful place in RM. They are very highly sought after couple in international fanbase. The are also a business couple. Coincidently, Spartace are highly compatible in 2017 and 2018 fortune telling forecast. However, Jong Kook also has high compatibility with Somin. Jihyo is compatible with Sechan. So it is quite an interesting shift. Most importantly, their fortune lies in their destiny rather than compatibility. HaHa does have a habit of forcing the lovelines on everyone especially on Jong kook. That is part of his persona. I believe he does with Jihyo and Jong kook because of their long friendship and working together in same program. Their personality compliment each other well. They also understand each other well. They also knew each other very well. HaHa is good at hiding his feelings and express some things he did for the show. He even probably did it with his friends that they had no idea what he has gotten married. I think HaHa seems to know when Jong kook has interest in someone. He mention during 2018 fortune telling forecast that Jong kook really cares about Somin. He is soft hearted. He goes it again when Jong kook chose to give tofu to Somin. He called him so warm. Another one when Jong kook helped Somin to pop balloon with her head. He said love is in the air. He may have say more before, and it probably edited out. I think HaHa is sort of dropping the hints and expecting people to forget it. It is very small hints like he talked to Somin about Sechan AND Jong kook. He said it really fast and very vague. He goes really fast or got edit it out partially. You are right that HaHa tried to bring reality for Spartace, but gave it up. It is up to them anyways. Jong kook seems to be having growing affection towards Somin as his younger sister. He called her his favourite. Observing Jong Kook, I dont think he wouldnt promote the book or sing a duet with someone unless he has a lot of affection with. It could be more than that. He adores HaHa and Sechan. They were in terms of having friendship like bromance. With Somin, he adores her like he adores Sechan and HaHa because of the way he was determined to talk about her, how closes they are, and the way they tease and talk to each other. He wanted to show more of their bond. It seems like he is asking for loveline with Somin. No one dares to do it so, which is funny. The more quiet they are, it seems like Jong kook started to be more assertive. Kook-min dynamics have become more and more clearer that the two gets along with each other so well enjoying each other's company. They learn something new from each other. If they are not dating or romancing, what's another version of it? Isn't a romance? It is up to them. They seem to enjoy each other, and look at each other without saying that they were reading their minds and knowing what they are laughing or talking about. They must have done several video calls and chat with each other with tease and food. The book adds another level of emotional conversation yet to come with several phone calls. Isn't he trying to be nice to support his friend? It is very rare of Jong Kook though. Somin bringing t-shirt of Jongkook from her loveline, Sechan. She said she likes th t-shirt so much. Isn't that very innocent and platonic feelings? The way she talks about it, and felt so embarrassed. Jong kook was laughing and getting all embarrassed. He looked at her tenderly. If he is not interested in her, he wouldn't look at her too intensely. He got the shirt back for himself. He is so cute when he does that smiling at the thought of Somin's story. If it is sechan bringing the shirt and said he printed ten of them. He wants to give a way some. The reaction and memory will be different. We are like placing our bets if it is true or not. However, if we are wrong, so be it. But their chemistry and bond is actually very special. Together, they seem to uplift the atmosphere more. Jong kook looks more content now. I think Somin is feeling impatient since she is aries. She has a lot in her mind, and wanted something to happen soon. She is so cute. I hope she will be more confident and rested during the outbreak. About Korean Kookmin's dance- you didnt say scold but it kinds of describes it. We see HaHa's perspective differently. You could be right, but I still think HaHa is trying to help Somin overcome her feelings that she shouldn't tense up that would prevent him having more injury. She was smiling and was so shy. Without HaHa's help, the intimate dance wouldn't have happened. If Jong kook kept having troubles and no one has answer to Somin's getting all tense up, it would force Lia and PD to discuss the change to make it more safe for Jong kook. Lia did tell Somin not to be too tense so Jong kook will not feel the weight. HaHa knew the root of it, and reminded her that her feelings is causing the setbacks. It was really all thanks to HaHa. hehehe. Hope you weren't offended. Sorry if I made it like you felt HaHa was scolding her. I think he is scolding her to overcome her feelings that he knew she likes him. It was cute. It is cute and funny that kook-min became stronger than ever. Even Jaesuk made marriage joke about them too. Duet and book promotion. It is getting more perpetual. =)
  10. Some couple were enemies or just friends first before they fall in love. Kook-min was an example of it without a love story yet be revealed... maybe or not. Their chemistry moves both ways in two ways street. Like when Jong kook teased Somin, she gives him collar, and he smiled at her back giving her arms a squeeze or pat. Most of the time Jong kook tease, snarky Somin revealed and rebelled giving more witty remark knocking him out. Remember... Jong kook said he prefers to find the love of his life among friends rather than potential dates. So it is an ideal to push potential dates into group of friends for Jong kook to express himself more openly. Not everyone could taken up his brazen sense of humour which tends to rub some women off in a wrong way. Remember when they first met that he mentioned her forehead. Jaesuk and Kwangsoo said Jong kook usually take the cake when it comes to female guests. Somin wield her wits and said something back to balance his humour. It was so funny yet so good. Jong kook was so sure about Somin, and she will attack him with more wits giving him another knockouts. I can tell Jong kook has a feeling that he has never felt that he met his match. His face said it all. it wasn't all about romance. It started to build respect and understanding towards each other that could lead to a romance some day. Somin got my respect when she was able to say something so witty and so funny towards his jokes. It is probably the beginning of their very friendship or bond. That is one of things I found that is something Jong kook likes. We didn't know he likes poetic stuff or write letters. He was so surprised and listen with interest when Somin read her letter to her parents, wrote her poem for her friend, and etc. There was light bulb lighting up Jong Kook's head. He loves these stuff. He commented her poetic IGs. It was non stop as if he is fond of teasing her as another way to suppress his feelings for her. If they are not dating, he must be very proud of her as her friend or knowing her in his lifetime with her intellect, wits, and sense of humour. He really adores her. Jaesuk adores her and put her under his wing. Sukjin express his respect for Somin. HaHa even shared his close friendship with her. Somin has a way of reaching everyone's heart, and everyone was proud to have her in their lives. Jong Kook is simply one of them.
  11. I don't think HaHa would go too far with one shipping particularly. He is more focused on wanting Jong kook to marry. He was Spartace shipper earlier on when Jong kook and Somin were just colleague or co-workers. HaHa serves as a balance whatever it comes to lovelines. He is very loyal friend of Jihyo personally. He just want Jong Kook to marry. 2017 fortune telling forecasted that Jong kook and Jihyo were compatible pair. He goes on and on trying to get them together. Spartace is a popular fanbase. In 2018 forecast, he tease Kook-min for a while. But continue on shipping Spartace when Kook-min was going through cat and mouse dynamics. I am not going to dig into details of theory because we dont know what's going on in real life. HaHa is official spartace shipper, and tried every ways to get them together. But when Jong kook was with other lovelines, HaHa sometimes support them and made crazy remarks on it. He was never against it. He goes really intense with Spartace coupling that really annoys Jong kook. HaHa didn't go with a flow because Jihyo is actually very shy. She is not that kind of person to take initiative all the time. She is not very romantic or assertive with romance. She is very simple and well mannered. The guy actually needs to be assertive or take action with her. Jong Kook needed a push, and that is what HaHa is there for. When it comes to choosing Jinyoung and Jihyo, HaHa tends to balance it out that he would choose jihyo knowing Jong kook would choose Jinyoung for the show. It is MUD show. In Big Picture, he would go crazy with Spartace. He is trying to match Jong kook up publicly. But notice privately, he sets up a lot of dates for Jong kook. HaHa will be very supportive to anyone who loves and makes Jong kook happy. He would be very happy if Jong kook gets married to anyone he loves. I am sure he will be overjoyed if kook-min decided to get married and live happily ever after. I dont think HaHa was ever against Kook-min. He may not be kook-min shipper, but he will be supportive if Jong kook really likes Somin, and wants to marry her. If it is for real, I dont think HaHa will expose it right away. It is up to Jong kook and Somin's timetable if it is true. It is not up to HaHa to deal with it. If it is for real, it needs to be carried on delicately like how Kwangsoo's dating was well kept secret for several months before the announcement. HaHa really loves and adores Somin. He adores Jihyo too. He cares for both of them, and hope to see them happy and get married. He does worry for Jihyo. She once gave up marriage to stay in RM. HaHa was the one who started Monday Couple. He was not Spartace or Kook-min shipper all the way- but he wants Jong Kook to marry. Jong kook is kind of a person who needs companionship that would make him happy to have a family of his own especially with his age now. He is very kind and considerate gentleman. He deserves happiness too. He just need to find a right person. HaHa would be overjoy to see Jong kook having a child of his own he can dote on. I don't really think HaHa would go too far with that thinking scolding Somin only for tensing up because of Jong Kook's back during Korean fanmeet. It would cause a lot of hate on Somin. I dont think in my opinion he would go so far to paint Somin for not being careful. If he cares about Jong kook's back, the best person to scold is PD. Somin was against the dance. Funny thing is that Jong kook was all quiet. HaHa knows the root of tensing up. He knows Somin doesn't want to hurt Jong kook's back. She didn't even want to do it in first place. If HaHa is not kook-min shipper, he would tell Lia to understand that dance is not good for Jong kook's back. Somin is actually under attack in my opinion for revealing her feelings for Jong kook that caused her to tense up. Without HaHa's scolding, the intimate dance wouldnt have happened. HaHa was able to help somin to overcome her feelings so she would not be so tense with reasoning of HaHa's scolding to prove that she is professional or not interested. So that intimate dance has not changed and kept the way it is. That time, Jong kook and Somin have become closer earlier. HaHa may not be kook-min shipper but I dont think he would show it because it is not his place to promote it. Maybe he was told not to mention it to balance the stance of the show. He is responsible for Spartace. He plays the role to balance the situation. Notice before kook-min happened, HaHa often commented Kook-min as loveline that Jong Kook has gotten soft that he cares about her. He is actually a warm person. I think when Kook-min got closer, RM and MUD had to promote Spartace and Jong kook-Jinyoung. So it is quite scripted when HaHa and the rest remain quiet about Kook-min. Okay, I think HaHa is happy with anyone with Jong Kook. He is close to Jihyo that he would support Spartace. I do think sometime he was kook-min shipper or he is just wanting Jong kook to get married already with anyone... if it is somin, he will be over the moon. If it is jihyo, he will be happy. If it is Jinyoung or anyone, he will be hugging the clouds. I think he ships jong kook with anyone as long Jong kook is happy and loved by a special person. I think he is late kook-min shipper because like us, we saw the growing chemistry and friendship between the two that made each other happy with warmth and spontaneousness. I think SOmin is a kind of a girl who always wanted to make Jong kook happy or cheer him up. I think the best way to keep kook-min stronger is sort of keeping quiet and let them be. If HaHa made comment about them into loveline like Chan-min, it would cause bit of reaction that Kook-min may be true or not. It is just matter of letting it be. He is probably given a job to promote Chan-min as well. I think HaHa's quietness in my opinion is not only about hating Kook-min. RM and MUD are very scripted. HaHa sometimes spill smallest detail like he talks to Somin about Sechan and EVEN Jong kook. HaHa is also a very private person that he even married Byul without Jong Kook knowing. SO I wouldnt say that HaHa wasn't even Kook-min shipper at all. I think in some time, he was. His quietness actually makes Kook-min go with a flow. There are a lot of obvious things going on between the two. If he wants them to stop, he will go weird to weird them out. it is hard to say. HaHa has a LOT of respect for Somin. If Jong Kook makes her happy, I think he'll go for Kook-min.
  12. I think .... HaHa is kook-min fan. HaHa commented about kook-min before. The obvious one was when Jong Kook was piggy backing Somin. More obvious when Jong kook tried to keep Somin from getting into water. Even though tofu episode, Jong kook gave tofu to Somin. Everyone's reaction is actually lukewarm and teasing. It didn't really bother Jong Kook much. He was pretty quiet with it ignoring HaHa. Even Kwangsoo said Kook-min are like a couple who kiss passionately after fighting or arguing with each other. Jaesuk stop interrupted the moment before anyone could say anything. During practice for Korean fanmeet, HaHa even knows Somin has feelings for Jong kook. He had to help her to overcome her feelings for Jong kook to be able to dance with him intimately. HaHa is a lot wiser than we thought. He was pretty quiet when Jaesuk does Kook-min teasing. Not only HaHa stays out of it, but he seems to let kook-min grow stronger than ever. For me, if he wants to stop kook-min, he would tease them by being annoying like he did for Chan-min and other lovelines. HaHa and Jaesuk are quite protective of Kook-min for some reason in my opinion.
  13. I am a late kook-min shipper. There are many interaction between Jong Kook and Somin long before I started to ship them. However, I actually thought earlier (when I was still Kwangmin fan) that Somin brings best things out from Jong Kook. He was at first moody, quiet, and lonely around her. He kept his distance from her, but support her as one of the team. He just avoid her as to avoid loveline or embarrassment he didn't want to deal with again. He was going through health problems and whole RM controversy. After Gary left, not only him, that everyone felt lost in some ways. Jong Kook and Somin both misunderstood each other before and after they first met. Both of them overgeneralise and underestimate each other's persona and personal life. I think it is their friends contributed explaining some misunderstanding personally. Kook-min do share similar circle of friends. Somin has a very close friendship with Sechan and Kwangsoo. And both of them are very close to Jong Kook. Somin have grown closer to HaHa quickly that they would even chat all night long. It may have contributed close relationship with Jong Kook after getting to know more about him. Her skits with Jong Kook is one of the classic in RM when she played as a wife. It was unscripted wits of Jeon Somin. It probably wow the writer of how Somin was able to get the best side of Jong kook unexpectedly. He was so eager to act along to show his real soft side. The way Somin challenged Jaesuk and even Kwangsoo amazed us and everyone. Jong Kook's soft and cheesy side of him attracts the adoration of Somin's eyes and heart. She loves these stuff. It is pretty rare for Korean man to have these kind of traits. Even Kwangsoo can't do cute stuff. Sechan can but not as romantic as Jong kook. Jong kook can be cute and very romantic. That's something Somin really likes, and she never denies it. Even when they first met, Jong kook won the game heroically, Somin eyes were full of adoration. Even the cameraman took close shot of her sudden praise after getting snarky at Jong Kook. It is actually easy to charm Somin with Jong Kook's romance. Jong Kook showed more of that side him because Somin wouldn't squirm away. She even challenges him. I was blown away with her wits towards Jong kook that really gave him several KOs. It was cute and funny together. She gradually could make him laugh and joke around after learning and observing him. The two actually have same sense of humour. They are unfiltered and brazen. They are cheesy and verbal. I remember the part when everyone scold Somin's question to one of the guest telling her she is his first love. She ask him a question that could shut him down. Jong kook was the only one who defended her. I mean, it is the most witty statement I have ever heard, and why everyone ended up scolding her. It seems like Jong Kook and Somin have same way of talking and thinking emotionally. Towards Korean fan meet, the two have become closer. The way the tease each other in IG live, and Kook-min kept on bugging each other while others are supporting and chatting with Somin. The way she smiles and laughs at his antics in her IG live. It goes on commenting her IG and poems. Teasing her endlessly. The two have been inseparable in background that they were never considered as loveline no matter how obvious they were several times. What makes Kook-min became so attractive was watching the kook-min video by someone who has better eagle eyes than we do. They saw the whole picture. I saw several kook-min videos, and became convinced that these two have a very good chemistry, and very good at hiding it or didn't know that they are into each other. I was expecting to fade away with other lovelines or etc., but i never expect Jong Kook promoting her song and book constantly and consistently. It annoys one big fanbase big time. They were SO UPSET. I wonder why he wants to do it. I mean.. one or two time is enough. Even the book appeared in MUD and convinced one of KJK fan. It gets more interesting, and Jong Kook kept on saying that he likes to be with someone who he can connect and talk with emotionally even though they have different hobbies or interests. He said it before that he would like to marry someone who understands his strange addiction to gym or etc. He would let his wife do anything she wants as long as they respect each other's interest and space. He mention that he wants to have reading session with Writer Jeon- is like he enjoys connecting with others and Somin with her poems. It is good for conversation, breaking the ice, finding topic to talk about or etc. It brings something to life that they could share their happiness, sorrow, joy, life, hope, and inspiration that became who they are today that they could learn and mature from each other. Or he would tease her relentlessly again. It feels like Kook-min has a lot of balance with each other emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There is a lot of warmth and spontaneousness between them. They have very different personalities and interest, but they seem to connect emotionally. Even they were apart, they always look for each other. There is a lot of comfort and recognition between them. Like fortune teller said Jong Kook's lucky colour is pink and red. He would look for Somin and laugh with her. She did the same thing like they have special connection. It didn't stop.. it kept on going and on and on.... even lone book in MUD segment with Apink's visit. It feels like Somin is also a guest. Yes, there is no fun in one side love shipping.
  14. I thought it was so nice of Jong kook to leave Somin's book plain in sight. It was next to Sechan at first, but I don't think he'll bring it if it is to visit Jong Kook. It is definitely Jong Kook's book he has been reading!! I do feel that he wanted to show how proud he is of Somin. He could have put in shelf, under table, or in his bedroom especially for filming with Apink and Sechan. I do think Jong Kook does like to share Somin's poems with everyone to strike any conversation. Somin's poem has a lot of stories of love, self esteem, nature, and many other things. He really does like making conversion and connect emotionally. About NaEun and Jong Kook's friendship, I think any women or girls getting close to Jong Kook probably tend to look like they are dating or have interest. It mostly ended up one sided. I think NaEun has interest in Jong kook. Who doesn't. I wouldn't forget how Hong Sun Young bats her eyes for him. He is very handsome, intelligent, and considerate. I felt Kook-min has a lot of special kind of chemistry and friendship. It is quite a special bond between them if they aren't dating. Rather than jumping into conclusion, I think Kook-min has a beautiful and gradual relationship finding something in common despite their differences in personalities. And how they find each other's interests become more interesting and new to them that they learn to embrace each other. Aries and Taurus often misunderstood each other in first place, and in first impression. David and Victoria Beckham both almost broke up because of huge misunderstanding before they got married. But gradually they became closer than ever realising how they got along so well with rapport. Jong kook seems to have something special with Somin. It was a special bond that brought them together after long history of love, broken hearts, confusion, friendship, life, and many things that really brings them together closer than ever. It was a lot of tender moments and attraction to each other like looking for each other to laugh together. It is very low kook-min moment in current episode but it needs a lot of talent having eagle eyes to pick things up between them. Jong Kook now relate something with Somin that he wants to involve anything with her. He is sort of competing with Sechan and Kwangsoo about Somin. When Kwangsoo came back, Kwangmin is a lot of fun to watch with their craziness and sense of humour. It is really tiresome to put two of them together in a team trying to win a game. It was a lot of fun. Daniel laughs so easily. He had spoken that he had a depression. He had to take a break to deal with his personal problem. Even though Somin had lower screen time or less talking, I think she is adjusting so everyone else could have screen time. Somin is still consistent. If others didnt have much to bring or felt tired, Somin will take charge. If someone is doing well, Somin will balance her acts like she won't overpower someone. Jihyo is now more witty and humble that she can take anything. Jihyo is gradually improving. We probably thought it is less Somin screen time, and it is probably others are improving their screen time. If Somin's leaving, she will always and continue to do well to the end. Despite the outbreak, RM members really have a good chemistry and energy. I think it is due to less workload and more relax time that some of them look more energised. I think Jihyo looks more energised like she had more time to nap. She finished her movie. She can't do any promotion due to the outbreak. I think her drama is sort of putting on hold for now that frees up her time to nap. She did well, and looked very rested. Kwangsoo came back that also shift the balance in screen time too. I looked into clips that somin had contributed as well. It is hard to manage everything into one episode. It is like 4 to 5 hours long shooting. There are a lot of good ones but need to fit into one episode. Everyone did a wonderful job especially this dire time. And I thought Kook-min would fade away especially Chan-min, Naeun, and Spartace or etc. With MUD's Somin's book in Jong Kook's living room, and his background interaction with somin (laughing looking at each other) Kook-min is still strong. Remember, small things-- can mean big thing behind the camera versus how they display lovelines for the sake of the show.
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