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  1. Nikaa, I'm pretty sure it will be all over IG. I remember berlutti last year, even I watched that show to catch LMh's Glimpse, although i didn't see him LOL. The Biggest mystery is whether or not LMH will be in Shanghai Physically, or he can't travel and he is tuning in online. If he is watching Online, i hope he will do another post, showing that he is watching. That way we get 2 post back to back from him and hoping if he does post, we will get to see his face. Honestly I'm surprise that out of all the city LV chose, they choose Shanghai, China. I mean China was the hot bed of cover-19. @gtLmh0622, is everything back to normal now??? PS: I'm going to be away for 10 days, and would get less internet signal than usual, and my luck, LMH will post something important, announcing project or his latest CF will be released and i will miss the party here
  2. So, researching about LV 2021 menswear Fashion show, reading Vogue article regarding this, supposedly, the concept is, since people can't make it to paris, LV will bring the fashion show to few countries such shanghai and tokyo. And The creative Director Virgil Abloh mentioned that he is doing this because fashion show needs audience. And Looks like Henry Lau (Which is singer/musician based in SK and China) is also invited and on his IG he says "See you there". Although maybe he is currently in China, i'm not sure. So looks like they are invited to be there in person and maybe it's part of the invitation to post it on their social media to get more online viewing. Can SK residence travel to China? I heard from a different thread that, this might be the reason the LMH hasn't been posting, because He probably flew to Shanghai 2 weeks ago because he had to quarantine before get out in public. And from what I hear China is very restrictive when it comes to Social media like FB and IG, so maybe LMh was just laying low. IDK. This is all just speculation. he might be watching Online. If he is traveling to shang hai i hope he is staying safe and healthy.
  3. Miss you too Nikaa and everyone else here. RL has been busy for me so i had to take a break from here, otherwise i can't focus for my job hehehe... Just saw that LMH posted on IG and i had to come in here to see how everybody is doing LV is such high end brand and i love that LMH got to be invited for the fashion show and probably become an ambassador like he was with Berlutti? Is He gonna be in Shang Hai or he is watching the show Online?
  4. Just want to drop by and say congrats MinEun shippers for passing the 1000 pages mark! havent been active in here lately but I surely do check from time to time. here’s to our Our couple!!!!
  5. Yep, and i don't know if would watch saeguk again, unless LMH is in it heheheh... I mean, i wouldn't say my Faith as my favorite drama of LMH, but i surely Love Choi young and how he was written and most importantly, I get to see it unfold onscreen. It was a slow burn development and i like it. I will write my overall thoughts here when i finished watching The camera sure do love him. Every touch, every look from Daejang is heart fluttering.
  6. I have to admit, in the beginning, Eun Soo annoyed me, but then later on....i realize Eun Soo personality is exactly what Daejang need! I have 4 more episodes to go, but really, i feel like im cheating on Lee Gon by saying that Choi Young is my favorite LMH character in drama. Lee Gon could be more but he is not well developed. With Choi young you see his progression in each episode and Faith has 24 episodes. I can't help but thinking about how LMH now would play choi young. He is more of a seasoned actor now. I heard Song Ji na retired. I really wish they could collaborate in Drama again. She seems to write good story and good character.
  7. Daejang is swoon!!!!! His lines are just.....sigh.... so powerful. I think because he is a man of few words so whatever comes out of his mouth is very impactful.
  8. Me!!! and yes, I agree with that you said, LMH would do real good with this type character. The charmer but Hiding a dark secret about his life. Basically like Penn badgley in “you”. Maybe I just really miss lee Min Ho, but I remember in TKEM, after LG gave the suicide order, that was sooo intense and dark and afterwards, he was all sweet cause he saw JTE. LMH can definitely pull the dual personality type. :).
  9. Huh? I thought Udon is wheat noddle often used in japanese cuisine? and i ahve eaten udon, both can be stri fry dish or Ramen style with broth. Maybe some menu included kimchi in it? but Udon is a wheat noodle.
  10. Do we have some Minoz members here who could spill the beans on us after august 1st? i understand that the may not want the official minoz members to give out every details, but maybe just hints? like "we will hear something by the end of August", or "He is reviewing offer, be patient" Please please....
  11. I Just watched that Episode last night. Daejang is swoon!!!! I love how Choi Young is a so different than any other LMH character. Daejang is not overly romantic and that's what makes moments like Tracing Imja shadow and statement like what you just posted so significant, because it has so much weight coming from him. Love you Chingu Haha.... I will take it voluntarily, i can eat paper and live under the bridge. haha...
  12. He was looking at his shirt. Yeah I put the wrong code earlier. Hope everybody can see them now
  13. I was wondering when the recruitment for Min Ho umbrella holder would open? I have to holler at @Heretorant for this, hehe....
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