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  1. I am too tired to worry. Guess I'll just do more school....

  2. rest is good for the body but bad for the schedule. thus I can't rest.

    1. thanie


      Get yourself enough sleep :sleeping:

  3. I'm so glad I have two friends on Soompi!

  4. To be or not to be is a stupid question. I eat therefore I am.

  5. I just finished one assignment early...then remembered that I had procrastinated on another...

  6. wouldn't it be nice to have a flying unicorn?

  7. Does anybody actually read these often?

  8. No matter how many times I think about it, I come to the same conclusion.  Spiders are scary.

  9. I need more IRL friends...

    1. thanie


      @monbebe_fluffy, there is no such thing as "IRL Friend" in this site, that would be like looking for a tidy needle in a haystack :lol:

    2. monbebe_fluffy


      Yeah...I figure. I meant that I am on this site because I don't have IRL friends...But thanks for warning me:D

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