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  1. 6 hours ago, wafflesyaya said:


    I agree with you.


    This is just something that I have noticed while watching the new RM episode. I see the JH seems a little distracted or sad when watching SM slide around while most of the others watching her are laughing. Although she did laugh a little in the end, it seemed a little forced. Also, right before Twice Dahyun ripped LKS's nametag for fun, we can see SM comforting/hugging JH. I put the pictures in the spoiler.


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    Maybe I'm being delusional but I'm guessing perhaps that SA did have a "fight" like you said and JH is sad about it. Please revise me if I'm wrong.


    Edit: She cheered up later on in the episode.



    I don't know I think she was tired because she has a very busy schedule these days but I really didn't catch that there was a fight. I could see KJK smile as they entered the third mission venue and I feel like Somin was just being playful when she hugged her unnie. 

    Can you put a picture of what made you guess they were fighting?


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  2. I want to discuss something that dates back to 2018 that I find peculiar. I don't know if it has been discussed before or not but do you guys remember the Nevis swing episode. I've been wondering about the pairing of KJK and SJH to ride together. Especially back then when it wasn't usual to see them interact much on screen. I have a couple of theories 1st maybe it was the PD's decision. 2nd maybe it's related to their weights, kjk being the heaviest and SJH the lightest and therefore had to ride together for balance!!! Or maybe (I wish) it was their choice. I mean why would the pd even pair them up? I think it would have been safer to be paired with Haha or sechan to avoid any suspicion or scandals. I mean you could see their reaction when they were paired before in the peppero game. I think a couple would naturally want to ride together or maybe SJH wanted the support of her oppa like she did once before in the game where she had to blindly put her hands in the box. I mean you could see her hold his hand and tell him you should try it oppa when he got the exemption card from the swing.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  3. I don't know how to tag someone but I'd like to thank everyone who responded and helped me clarify the point with Gary.

    I think that 2019 has been a tough year for us SA shippers. I almost gave them up but here I'm again shipping patiently and this forum is just what I needed. 

    I remember the time when I first believed they were a couple. It was a video captured by a fan camera in 2017 during a fan meet (I think the one they had in Taipei). When SJH had troubles with her mic and KJK helped her until he made sure everything was alright and when he ran to take the box she was carrying. I thought only a man in love would pay so much attention to a woman. I was a fan of SJH originally and paid little attention to KJK. He was just a macho commander in my head (as often displayed in RM) but after this incident I started noticing that he's also a kind and generous person. Maybe that's just how he is because I can see him recently become very supportive and nice to JSM. Maybe one day RM will end and SA will end up with different people but this ship will always be real for me (for all of us I hope) because even if he was just a close kind oppa who was always there for SJH that's enough for me. Their chemistry is real. Their love ( even if not romantic)is real. Their interactions and teasing is what I like most about RM. I wish them love and happiness. I wish they would always be there for each other.

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  4. I'm so glad I found this page because I've been obsessing over SA for 2 years now and it feels great to finally talk about it. I haven't shipped any couple as hard as I ship them because they're perfect for each other in every sense and their chemistry is unreal. It has been a rollercoaster of a ship indeed because there was a time (late 2018) when I thought that they were in a real relationship and I believed that the good news KJK had for 2019 was the announcement we all have been waiting for but then he joined MUD , HJY appeared and it was all over the internet how much KJK and HJY look good together and how much he ignored SJH. It broke my heart.

    Lately there has been so much awkwardness and avoidance between them especially earlier this year but the recent episodes (fan meet, the race in his hometown and the episode when SJH rested on his leg ) restored my faith in their ship.

    I really hope that they're real but deep down I don't think they're ( because of what KJK said once I don't remember when exactly but he mentioned one time that he'd never go near a bro's ex. I'm not really sure how tight was he with Gary but I got the feeling that he was referencing SJH. Plus that one time when he said about SJH  that she's the whole package until you learn her history. I think he was referencing her past relationships especially that she has been linked to more than one of RM cast. Also SJH's letter made me think  that perhaps they were a couple in the past and I got the feeling that she's still hung up on him while he's moved on because it seems like SJH is always the one initiating SA moments lately. What do you think?




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