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  1. @lu09 Hi!! thank you, will do! The ruin is real! I picked up Signal right after and dropped it... it just didn't have the same feel! Would love to hear your recommendations! Ps: from QC <3 it makes me feel warm to find a fellow Canadian fan of this show!
  2. Hello everyone on my second rewatch... I'm pretty sure this show has ruined all other kdramas for me! Love the leads' natural acting, tight script, characters, the pacing, mood, and OST. Supremely satisfying! Eagerly waiting for season 2 xox Love from Canada
  3. Hello everyone, New forever fan I discovered JSW through forest of secrets and have since binged his works marathon, inside men, feng shui, life, gods gift (dropped horse doctor half way through). Eagerly waiting for his future projects ! There's something incredibly compelling about this ahjussi xox Thank you so much everyone for sharing pics, news, and tidbits! Love from Canada
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