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  1. am a new fans of Jang Hyuk after binge watching 'Innocent Thing', FTLY, Beautiful Mind and Money Flower.. im on ep 14 now. have been marathon this drama for days and gonna finish this drama today.. Jang Hyuk is such incredible Actor. and then he choose to breath life to great, conplex and enigmatic historical character like Yi Bang-Won. im hooked. the character itself remind me of GwangJong of goryeo / Wang so on Moon Scarlet Ryeo.. a lonely and troubled soul as human, a great warrior and scholar. a nationalist in recently established Kingdom with great vision but a long and hard way to go to reach the throne.. a figurehead who history remember in Cruel Bloodbath and Tyrant. JH as Yi Bang-Won breath a life to the chatacter and make us see unexplained side of the Ambitious figure of Taejong, as an emotional human being.. a side of maybe there is reason of all the bloodbath.. the decision he made as a human not just bloodthirsty prince who greedy for power. he really make us rethinking history, Humanizing the figure and reason behind all the bloodbath that happen. maybe i just couldn't hate jang hyuk. but from the start i pity and adore Bang-won. adore cause he is janghyuk character.. and pity cause i see him as a lonely, troubled and tortured soul who just trying to survive, must do thing that for all his life will always burden him, bloodied himself,, he just have a dream, a vision for the better future for people, his country,, a hard man, who deeply troubled and pained due to bad relationship with his father, the king. some of his action maybe unforgivable.. but i just couldn't help pitying him. "it's really lonely to be on top" in the end he get the throne.. but sometime the cost and the way to reach it just really high. it make me wish for alternative future for him.. for hwi, seonho and the other real or fictional character..
  2. i never have a chance to attend RM Fanmeet a live before.. in the end just enjoy it by various video post online after FM. im curious.. is RM usually make multiple FanMeet around the world in one year ? or just recently/ 2019..
  3. @Bonardo couldn't stop smiling seeing JK shy smile to RM video of his & JH mock fight and JK-JH subtly (bumping each other) interaction in stage @Fanny what JK-Jh have is precious right? 9 years deep friendship/family bond. whatever the label of their relationship in the end.. they already are each other 'Significant Other' who always there for each other
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4u3Yv-hOOp/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link i found this video a while back.. and watch the full episode of 1st video: Happy Together with Turbo & etc. it's peak my curiosity who is that ex-gf that JK talking about.. any idea guys ? the episode itself aired on 2016, and when the MC ask him, he answer spontanously 'a year ago'.. while he clarify his word when YJS angry that he doesn't know anything about JK dating. and we (spartace fan) sometime make speculation about JK & JH dating around 2013 or 2015, based on their unconscious closeness and skinship on screen in various eps at that time. it remind me of an episode in BP when some PD mentioned JH presence in KB, JK ask about it. and HH mentioned JK curious cause 'their' Break upset him or something.. (JK and JH break up?) all the talk on eps above make me think that maybe they 'were' dating. but in previous year or so.. maybe they take a break or even break up now (huh?!). it's confusing. anyone could help clear me up some answer?
  5. RM eps 476 vers. RAW has been up in KShow. and SJH has less and less screen moment
  6. sorry for the uncalled word guys.. i dont mean to make JK look bad. it just my frustation come outward after i watch few recent RM eps, and throwback MUD last year with HJY.. but then i re-watch again other news, video about them. and it clear my frustation a bit about HJY situation. about JSM or other girls LL, well i'll try to just dont take it personally and be chill and have a faith in our SA couple.. whatever it is the label of their relationship. even if JH-JK in the end dating or even marry other people.. i just hope it's a good person and for their happiness
  7. Hello, im a newbie in this forum. i watch running man since 2013, but usually im just focus on the game. i support MC when it still loveline.. but always spartace relationship as a great friendship. and i envy them sometime to have that close best friend all this years (if they are really just friend/family) i kinda absent from binge watching running man since 2017. so now i just watch it back from earlier eps to refresh my memories and analyse the SA moment from the way back. and wow.. its amaze me what could be hidden behind the On screen / full editing process camera. (the no Gaps when sitting / stand up together, how protective of each other, how warm and happy they laugh and smile when they are together, etc.) but in recent eps.. especially after the world acknowlede Spartace probable relationship. Why.. oh why my SA is kinda more distant toward each other. Jihyo smile and tired/sad eyes and face in very recent eps.. JK who, as days goes become greedy for woman around him (HJY, JSM, etc). in old eps i could believe that they may be dating secretly. but as year goes by.. why it look like they are a broken up couple.. or best friend who give distant to each other. every rejection from JK & JH. make me confuse.. they dont want each other, but always look jealous (subtly) of other male/female close interaction with JH or JK.
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