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  1. as expected, the trumpet creeper memories really comes back to them when they gain a new set up, i feel alot of mixed emotions for the last episode and i dont know what to expect but please!!!! i hope they dont make haru disappear again :(((
  2. i mean haru goes to seuli highschool so isnt he still considered to be rich or well off? i mean its only juda who goes there on a scholarship (also unaware haru was very fashionable with the school uniform with those t-shirts)
  3. it would be fun if they do end up in a new manhwa where both of them doesnt have a love interest but are only friends of the leads but they fell in love in the shadows and suddenly one day the writer decides to pair them up which kinda confuses the heck out of them but as well a win on their part since they can be together in both scenes LMDIDJDJS
  4. im rewatching the episodes where new haru comes out and i realized that haru started remembering snippets of trumpet creeper when he was given the more prominent extra role, is it because he came back with a more similar role from the haru of tc? cause old haru was basically no one and all he can feel was the striking pain from his wounds which was unexplainable, so i guess regaining their memories also has to do with the set up they are assigned to?
  5. tbh if kyung ends up killing himself in the shadows for all the guilt he feels for doing that in secret and in trumpet creeper it wouldn't feel like a satisfying end to his character?? he did alot of wrong things to all the characters especially to dan oh and haru and it would be better if he atleast asked them for forgiveness than just choosing to forget everything (it would be really tormenting on harus side to have him the only aware one on what has went on with everything while kyung and dan oh enjoys the bliss of ignorance and unawareness, its unfair) but then again, i can see it happening with kyungs selfish tendencies but i hope they dont do that T___T (or atleast his brother doesnt attempts to do that to him to make hin forget everything and restore the balance of the manhwa)
  6. is it just me or the latest episodes (13&14) kinda felt a little off?? SHDHD idk i just have this kind of feeling that it wasnt as satisfying as the past episodes but thats completely fine
  7. it makes me wonder whether haru had to sacrifice himself in the shadow to save dan oh in the stage hence why the previews make it seem as if hes avoiding dan oh but its really because
  8. if you think about it secrets is starting to really turn into trumpet creeper's parallel, with the main female leads falling for the second leads in the shadow i think it's safe to assume now that juda has feelings for dohwa and is slowly understanding the difference of stage and shadow due to dohwa (also that scene where namjoo is holding onto juda but juda is looking towards dohwa which lowkey means that her feelings belongs to dohwa) i wonder how the plot of secret is bound to change especially since juda would probably want to break from her character (i also thought that nah it wouldn't turn out like trumpet creeper since dohwa was ready to accept his fate and knows it would be juda and namjoo in the end but then again in trumpet creeper too, haru accepted it that they can't be together but dan oh held onto him, would juda also hold onto dohwa? can juda and dohwa be also a key into changing something in the manhwa?)
  9. im still curious as to why the book cover of the secret manhwa is literally the same as the charm trumpet creeper haru gave to dan oh, even the writing on it is exactly the same, like what does it mean is it significant to the storyline? KSKSKS i might judt be overthinking but the detail was kinda nice it's like telling them that there are secrets that exist in their world one of them is them being manhwa characters
  10. hmm if haru and dan oh fell inlove in the shadows in trumpet creeper then how does kyung know about it? so even tc kyung was self aware since he was able to pinpoint that haru likes dan oh during that time which stopped haru from moving during the flashback it makes me wonder whether it was kyung who attempted to change the stage in trumpet creeper hence bringing the tragedy since he was able to understand how the changing of stage works, like he changed something up to make haru suffer
  11. i think by what haru meant in changing dan ohs stage so she doesnt have to die is by sacrificing himself in place of dan oh, just like what kyung said that every changed stage needs a stand-in who could fill in for the role that is supposed to be played but then again in whatever universe they are in the writer keeps killing dan oh, does the writer hate dan oh that much? (also saeguk haru seems to be the one who ends dan ohs life hence why jinmichae says its a tragedy and dan oh is someone he can never protect)
  12. im happy they retained the curtain stars scene in the drama like in the manhwa, its such a pretty sight but the context of it in the drama was kinda sad
  13. just a strange thought, if haru is going to keep on changing dan oh's stage by probably replacing her character with other characters to play in, wouldn't dan oh lose her purpose to portray and make it easier for the writer to vanish her? Haru is going to tamper with dan oh's stage which is going to harm her importance in the drama since she is expected to be in a stage with kyung but if she won't be playing it then there's no reason for her to exist
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