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  1. Ohh I saw that one too god I am not the ig owner but am I the only person that feeling so embarrassed for getting caught for shipping her with JK ... of course she will scrolling down the page to see the contents
  2. If they’re did won the couple award, either we’ve got to hear the real life announcement hopefully KookMin or they’re going to shove that cringy lovelines down our throats for years to come Even when I said I hate such fake cringy lovelines but I still love all the members equally. They’re worked hard to make the show still here till now I can’t imagine not seeing them again if RM is over.
  3. So I wonder if RM ever won any couple awards in the past? MonCouple was so big and really popular back then. What about the other Kwangmin and Spartace? Why is fake couple with cringe lovelines still such a thing in K-ent. Can they win something just base on great chemistry like KookSoo? I rather like something natural like bromance or womance tbh Well there are potential KookChan and MongDol but then you’ve got to be really honestly close with each other to win such award.
  4. Hello guys! Can someone help me how to write kookie in Hangul. Tried google translate but it’s 쿠키 and I’m not sure if it’s correct... so anyone??
  5. I just rewatched their 9th anniversary episodes and I was just thinking what if, what if JS asked SM to tell him who is the secret guy? She made him to sing that Confession song and we all know he was so uncomfortable about the lyrics. If I was JS I will definitely ask. I agree to sing this song now how about you tell me who is he? Now, we’ve got footages of JS teased JK either he likes SM or they’re probably ended marrying in later episodes.
  6. Just wondering who was that punk that she referred to? JK or the detective? Wanna say I love JK’s laughter and he looks so beautiful too!
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