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  1. Aww our kookmin sure a true artist, they’re draw sing act and thank you for keep posting and cheer us the silent readers every week <3 you guys are the real hardcore! Wish for the best to our fav couple this year!!
  2. As a devoted muslim I believe, we makes our plans but the lord will always determined our steps! So if you guys still hoping for them, there is always hope! If one of them announced to be marry with other person then I stop too. Let me have this one. My happy place! Honestly I ship them without even hoping them to end together in the first place. I’m not dare... it’s just too delu for me. I just love them to be together in my delu land base on what I’m seeing. Kookmin will be always my most fav rom com drama and will still be a kookmin shipper until it’s finally over like Monday Couple.
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