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  1. My other fav part was when sm looked at jk with her poor facial hair and dear god that was the cutest face reactions she gave and jk got to put his head down and burst into laughter. Somin doesn’t shy to show some weird moves too when she’s try to imitate the sexy dance Man... i want this type of relationship when we do do silly things together and full of laugh and happy! psttt am i the only got trouble to enter this web forum, gosh its so annoying. I dont have trouble visiting other site. Took me forever to post one comment!
  2. its...its a sign guys its a signnnnnnnnnnnn wow jaesuk said it omggg
  3. its...its a sign guys its a signnnnnnnnnnnn wow jaesuk said it omggg
  4. i am so happpyyyyyyy ahhhhhhh KJK darlin you’re such a tease! guys. I believed they’re confessing to the public. They’re act cutely on stage! Thank you so much for the gif @MandelBrot btw KJK’s bum is so damn sexy Somin my girl you’re one lucky girl!! excuse my extremely delulu
  5. I don’t feel like watching this episode. I’ve said it before I’m dealing with their 2 lovelines with positive way even sometimes their conversations cringe me. And this sudden kjk interventions somehow... make me frustrated. There I said it. My opinion doesn’t effect the show. I know it’s their job, I know they’re going to help SC winning the award, I know I shouldn’t be an richard simmons over this but I can’t help it. I pretty sure they’re not going to stop with this CM loveline even after the award considering the ship is getting more attentions now. I’m a delusional KM shipper. Is there any tutorial how to abandon a ship? I know there’s no turning back for me because I’m going to keep visiting this forum anyway...
  6. lol KJK, you can’t fool me. So why you still let Somin sat near you? you can always ask SM sat near her *boyfriend* somehow I really feel that he’s trying to clean his *jealousy* image over the love triangle incident?
  7. Even if ChanMin won the award I don’t think the loveline will stop. Can you imagine how hard is to become a KookMin shipper, as for me I’ve got to deal with 2 lovelines... *sigh* and here I’m waiting for any new update hoping there’ll be more KookMin content every week. Sometimes we’ve got so lucky but sometimes not.
  8. Wait, what about the yondu family penalty? It’s not from this episode? Lol guess I will have to face chanmin loveline. Again. When Monday couple is over they’re pick kjk as their next target. When kwangmin is over they’re put Sechan as their newest target. You still think this all real? Let say if KJK and SM married next year with someone else, I’m pretty sure they’re will create a new loveline between SJY and SC. It’s predictable. Lmao I’m kidding. But who knows...
  9. TBH as a big fan of him in RM, I always wanted him to get penalties but that guy is too damn good and brilliant sometimes always manage to escape, always manage to win. I wanted him getting dangerous missions too because I wanted ‘to see him more’. I wanted to see him doing something unexpected. It’s cool if you win in every damn episode but it’s get bored if you in a variety show. Sometimes I desperately wanted to write to PD and request if the team can manage to get JK a penalty and what’s even funnier the PD team tried to do it in ep 411 but that guy still manage to escape and caught all the thieves! Now since he’s getting along with SM somehow it changed his behaviours too like he’s not super competitive and more relaxed, more cheeky, more happier these day and heck JSJ also mentioned he’s changed I really like this new KJK very much! We got to see him fake crying don’t we and thats one of the best episode! Let the fate find him with always teaming him with SM. Let the girl’s funny-bad luck bring them together and doing all the penalties and create a new memories together too! If they’re a couple JK don’t mind doing all the penalties or doing dangerous missions and I bet, he’ll just simply saying to SM in his cheesy line, "I’ll do anything even if I have to swim across the sea of fire, for you" lmao ok that’s my complete delulu ^^ So excited for next week!
  10. I saw the episode last night. Love the Kookmin moments but what I really concerned is how Somin being so flirty to Sechan. I know the chanmin loveline were so fun but I remember how Seokjin asked Somin to stop teasing Sechan because he’s worried he’s gonna get hurt. I believed him actually because I used to tease a guy at the office the same way like Somin does ^^;;;; I told him how beautiful and lush his long hair is and I even asked his name! and then I noticed the guy keep coming to my department and keep staring at me from afar omg, I feel bad when I think about it tho, so yeah I’m worried Sechan will develop his feelings while somin just doing her job. Somin is very brave happy go lucky girl and straight forward. Remember when she even mentioned KJK lovely expressions while they’re playing game? How handsome and cute KJK when his smile? I believed KJK already fall for her charm too. It’s funny when she asked she wants the handsome guy! Who else is the most handsome guy in running man lol
  11. Hello<3 So I just scrolled KJK Instagram this morning and I saw a pic of young pretty lady. My first glance I thought that was JSM but I know that’s impossible. KJK will not posting a single pic of fine sexy young girl on Instagram to avoid speculation right? haha so I was right, that’s the pic of his beautiful niece. The first time I saw Jeon Wook Min on RunningMan I always thought JSM’s younger brother looks alike KJK’s older brother too so I guess KookMin does have resemblances. I always fascinated with couple who looks alike. What you guys think?
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