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  1. Yeah I was wondering that also all this time too but my old brain just broke in trying to understand this kind of simple maths. Please someone with higher intellectual lay your light on this issue.
  2. Fully agree with you. It's not because of the actors personal life being in a relationship or not it's the directive to suit the censorship and to my knowledge Reba had a few good kissing scenes with Bin Bin and Denglun before so she can really do a good smooch if the director insisted. As for Vengo they did it already in V love so it not them to be blamed on. As for the rush ending I too will wait and see what entails to give any thoughts forward. But now let's enjoy the ride even if it's a bit bumpy and see thru the end.
  3. Omggg I'm not alone. DH been napping and fishing for so long his skin is as white as snow. Even FJ got a bit tan.
  4. The director did us dirty lollll. Wasn't expecting that. This is the most anticipated scene the making of Bai Gun Gun. We need a reshoot.
  5. Yes the wedding dress that DH didn't get get to see her in how their fragile fate plays dirty on them. I'm stocking my tissue boxes nearby for this heart breaking scene.
  6. I don't know anymore, my daughter always told me I'm colour blind but not the worst case. Maybe goes with the age.
  7. Many thanks for your effort to translated the convo. No complaints here. It so good to know the indepth of the director minds and knowing that our best couple are working hard to achieve the best of DH and FJ on screen.
  8. Wahh thanks for posting. Will we ever see Xiao Bai wearing her majestic blue wedding dress. A bit disappointed cus I thought it will be red. Why the director is so mean.
  9. Totally agree XY deserves someone better other then that beach JH she so delusional and mean. So she accepting XY as the rebound person is it. Tsk tsk tsk maybe the director and her make an agreement to change her storyline to have a happy ending which she doesn't deserve but I'm over her. Good luck to you XY for gaining yourself a witch all I care is my ultimate OTP as long as they the together with their son I'm so satisfied already.
  10. Is it true at the end XY end up with JH. Can't understand all. Ohh my don't like that one bit they should have taken the book plot just leaving their character hanging .XY deserves better not someone so malicious,mean, obsessive and delusional how she will control him later on. Maybe it's one of the changes that they agreed when she playing JH is to get a happy ending for her also to redeem her character.
  11. Almost in tears the time when Shen Ye reminiscing his time with Alanro and when he raised his hands to touch her face how much he suffer and the heart aches but then in fit of laughter when FJ was running away from Prince Qing screaming lollll. Su Moye is sure an eye candy.
  12. Yeah her insecurity and low self esteem get the best of her but correct me if I'm wrong cus it's been a long time since I read the book but DH is not left blameless in this situation. Remember to make any relationship works they both need to have a good and lay in on the table communication or talk. Trust and assurance goes next. He never explained to her all her doubts about the real relationship between him and JiHeng. Why the reason he have to marry her in the first place, the promise her father make him do and about her staying in Fanyin valley and most important of all is what value of her to him. He just told her I'm not into her cus our age differences and say he like FJ and expected her to take it all in and believe whole heartily without doubts. He knows she is naive and stubborn but didn't really put all her doubt to rest with him still goes out to JH whenever she call. He got the opportunity when at last FJ saw him after 200 years but still he kept quite .FJ only know the reasons after his on his suicidal act and even then he ask Zong ling not to tell her in order to protect her and not blaming herself in the future. They both have lots of miscommunication but that what the author wants to give us for dramatic purpose I guess.
  13. Yeah I saw the raw too and they give this kind of good Twist to the story to make FJ more connected to the demon King and at the same time as we all saw the opening song that she will use her blood to smear on DH sword will be the ultimate ending/death to demon King. I guessing they making her character more depth and purpose not just being DH lover/wife but also the perfect partner even tho with her lack of cultivation but with this she got the edge in helping DH in vanquishing demon King once and for all.
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