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  1. Yeah I was wondering that also all this time too but my old brain just broke in trying to understand this kind of simple maths. Please someone with higher intellectual lay your light on this issue.
  2. Fully agree with you. It's not because of the actors personal life being in a relationship or not it's the directive to suit the censorship and to my knowledge Reba had a few good kissing scenes with Bin Bin and Denglun before so she can really do a good smooch if the director insisted. As for Vengo they did it already in V love so it not them to be blamed on. As for the rush ending I too will wait and see what entails to give any thoughts forward. But now let's enjoy the ride even if it's a bit bumpy and see thru the end.
  3. LOLLLLLLL. I'm going Oprah here. "You perverted" "I'm perverted " "everyone perverted ".
  4. Omggg I'm not alone. DH been napping and fishing for so long his skin is as white as snow. Even FJ got a bit tan.
  5. The director did us dirty lollll. Wasn't expecting that. This is the most anticipated scene the making of Bai Gun Gun. We need a reshoot.
  6. Yes the wedding dress that DH didn't get get to see her in how their fragile fate plays dirty on them. I'm stocking my tissue boxes nearby for this heart breaking scene.
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