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  1. 804/5000 Personally, I think JCW is more than a pretty face. He makes his films for his audience, his fans. I'm not focusing on mistakes (it's easy to find in everything) I'd rather try to figure out why you chose this project. He was a soldier for 1.5 years, this was his capsule
  2. Fimes (SP and K2) are easy to understand even up to the age of 20 (MMS) is more understandable for 30-40 year olds. One should not be underestimated, just another target audience. MMS is more philosophical.
  3. 550/5000 I understand JCW chose this drama. I like the story. It encourages the viewer to think. It would have spent 20-24 episodes. I love PD MA. I love the 24 year old Go MI Ran. The first 10-12 episodes are flawless. Unfortunately for the plot threads, the character developments in the last 4 episodes are confusing to me. I like everything in general, though not an Empress Ki or a Healer or a Fabricated city But no worse than Suspicious Partner or K2 Let's be understanding, JCW also lives on money, can't wait for the perfect scenario all the time. FFF
  4. What I didn't get in part 16: Crazy flashing watches that are then disconnected from each other's arms. What was unnecessary: family meeting 2 work meeting Ko MI RAn's character thawed so slowly that he was "frozen to 33.3"
  5. The Last Episode - We Swim In Salty Tears- and hopelessly sugar free
  6. MDC: In a week from now ... MDC: we can do anything and live like normal people. GMR: Are you ok now? MDC: Yes MDC: I'm not sick at all NHY: When I come back later, I hope we can become friends. MDC: We have to catch this moron MDC: This was an assassination attempt GMR: I can't let this happen to you GMR: Because I love you more MDC: Hey, Go Mi Ran I'm waiting Lee Moo-saeng, the second movie I see him I'm impressed
  7. I thought a lot about writing it down .... It was the worst written jealousy scene I've ever seen. It has nothing to do with reality or the character's personality. The location is unbelievable (serious debate in the workplace corridor ???) Was the scene written by a man? The woman wants to get information from a guy and after the second sentence puts the "gun" in the guy's hand (shoot me) !!!!!!!! She cried all night, then accepted that the guy wouldn't explain. KM worries that the guy's only guilty about him ... Is it reassuring that your boy doesn't even know what he likes in her? Before, every scene was so focused, now it's like someone would reach in (hurry)
  8. DC – It starts now! I am Ma Dong-chan! VO – The urgent board meeting has started DC – I will provide all the evidence Man – As a disciplinary act. MR – you quit? DC – I know, 52 years old is too much to start a new life, but I will start HY – I made an irrevesible situation because of my decisions Camera man – 20 years ago, after you disappeared. She came and visited me. DC – I thought you abandoned me. It hurt me so much.
  9. I think HY's dirty method saved the professor's life. Without it, they would have been shot. I don't understand the classification very well. Where I look after Vagabund has been the second most watched series since its inception.
  10. i'm waiting, in the meantime i'll watch the previous episodes again
  11. The kiss happened at the right time and in the right place. All the dialogue made me laugh. What's the problem with timing? Out of 16 episodes, we have 10.
  12. 616/5000 True love does not go away. I think she had only longed for her for 20 years. In her girlfriend, Na Ha-yeong) hadn't even thought about what it would have been like to freeze herself with the boy for 20 years? 1. dangerous then i'll talk about it. 2. harmless then I commit myself. They didn't seem to fit together from the start. Na Ha-yeong is a compromising type MDC pioneer type 1. Go Go-mran looks back at the recording. 2. do not want to freeze 3. Have an interest in this boyfriend 4th after melting, looking for MA first 5. You flirt with the girl impudently from the beginning (touches the girl, does not keep the formality, annoys, interferes with the ex-boyfriend, looks for his companion)
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