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  1. Hi everyone!! I have followed Pichi Couple for about 2 years but I really didn't know if they had any dating rumors? And either had official statements about that? Tell me plz!!!
  2. Yeah LDW teases all his co-star because it is his character, he's quite naughty like a kid haha But what we have to focus on is that the way he cared for her in TYH era. That they made the loveline in drama is real cuz we can see it's popular in K-drama. I think currently they're still friends but we don't know what will happen in the future, right? Just sail this ship Pichi fans!! I always believe in them and always feel grateful for happy moments they bring to us
  3. yeah i saw it too. Inna seems quite hurt Actually Dong wook is told to be a irritable guy, not as soft as his drama character by one his close friend co-star. So I think he treated Inna like a friend or a junior in goblin era, so comfortable like when he treats Goeun. But you can see it became different in TYH era. He treats Inna softer like treating a crush?!!! Actually when I saw this video I was also a bit shocked cuz he patted her back quite hard
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