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  1. Check out my fanart of Lisa and Jisoo from blackpink. I'm Brandon a growing artist who is also a big fan of kpop. The girls are beautiful and make great models for fantasy, help me share on instagram - maybe they can see!! https://www.instagram.com/brandonfcreative/



  2. is there the option to insert media anymore??
  3. i miss high school, simpler times for sure, am i right. Aside from the emotional instability, and physical problems of puberty. it was aLOT less stressful overall. Games, anime, outside, no financial worries, no responsibilities like talking about it.
  4. 1. new member can't upload just yet 2. 27 3. Texas 4. want to add but error Hi' i'm an artist looking to spread my art and love of kpop.
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