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  1. @Jillia What you said about kyung's change process is pretty reasonable, I hope you didn't misunderstand my post later because What I really want is DO and Haru to help him go through this not that i see DO guilty of Kyung's abusive behaviour! You know what I say is that I really love to see these three as characters with forced fates who wanna change their cruel ending together not another cliché love-traingle. I'm talking about something like that friendly love-traingle in drama The King Loves (Trivia: The Director of TKL is the same as this drama) and yeah I hope some fans stop making her responsible for that anymore because I see this happen everywhere these days, not only this furom!
  2. As for me, I ship Dan oh with Haru because apparently, in that historical comic Haru was the second lead and his chance to have a happy ending with Dan Oh were literally 0% BUT I think the situation going for Kyung is totally unfair because he is abandoned from both sides, his family and the woman he loves I really felt sorry for him when He tried to explain his real feeling for Danoh after the scene came to an end but she ignored him While when Haru was gone she told him that he is the only one who understands her situation and knows about the comic (Hello? Dohwa still exists!) Anyways! I really love this drama and hopefully Dan oh treat Kyung better so He finally could be able to change his abusive character when he is in the Shadow! This gonna be really interesting If Kyung understand Dan oh's choice about being with Haru and just want her to be happy (like what Dohwa did) and team up with them to change the story together! + Juda Can't wait until Wednesday! <3
  3. Ok so after this part and these It's possible that Haru might have came from another Historical Manhwa The scar on his palm also relates to this Can't wait to see him in traditional clothes SKSKSKK (I'm freaking out because I love sageuks so much LOL)
  4. I haven't watched ep 9-10 yet but i need to say something «giving extra characters a name and bringing them into the story can make things go wrong» (I don't exactly remember the line but ok :D) what Jinmiche did reminds me of Disney animated movie 'Wreck it Ralph' in the movie 'Turbo' erased the memory of 'Sugar Rush' game characters and introduced the main character as a glitch and outcasts her in order to put himself -who's from another game- as a main character in Sugar Rush saying «If players choose her It will ruin the whole game» He must be hiding something, maybe he doesn't want anyone to know who Haru really is! Guess I should just wait and see..
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