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  1. Entertainment IAM was not the same one which So Min got her role for Princess Aurora. The original one was known as secret enter or something. If you are able to understand Traditional Chinese writing, you can refer to the Taiwan wiki page for a history of her agency change. https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-sg/全昭旻 If I happen to be incorrect on this, I am happy to stand corrected. Hope this clarifies.
  2. Yes, according to the fans from Taiwan I interacted with, they are not the same agency (i.e. the current agency is no longer the one which So Min started with during princess aurora), so the "loyalty" argument doesn't make for a very compelling case. I mean, I wanted to hear the good things from the agency as well. Believe me, I really tried, but I have lost faith with time. The agency released news confirmation about So Min's role in "big data romance" came very late (IG posted it on Xmas day itself, the day the show was aired), and the agency made zero articles on her new book - So Min had to promote her own book on IG and even Running Man's mention was arguably a better promotion effort. And now, the IG account is focused on promoting another artiste's film with nothing on So Min's book still. Quite frankly, if you do a poll now, I would be surprised if you don't see an overwhelming majority of fans hoping she would change agency as soon as possible. This is really how bad the situation is.
  3. Tell us (So Min fans) about it. We all feel the same. In fact, I am a relatively new fan but all the senior fans, especially the ones from the bigger fan bases (China, Taiwan, and Malaysia) all tell me the same thing -- they have been wishing for So Min to change agency as soon as possible. Some of these senior fans even asked me to list down the good things So Min's agency has done for her, which quite frankly, I can't name any! In fact, one of them, whom I shall not name, even shared this joke with me, that "Even her ex-boyfriend has abandoned this sinking ship, hopefully So Min will do the same as soon as possible!" For the longest time, as a self-proclaimed positivist, I have been trying to convince (i.e. lie to) myself, that perhaps the agency has been doing some good things that we fans cannot see. But this self-denial is reaching the limits even for me -- you are so observant and absolutely right. And you can be assured that if this non-effort from her agency continues, we would be literally begging for So Min and her current agency to part ways soon.
  4. Hi fellow kookmin shippers! Rather new shipper here. This is a completely random post -- I apologise in advance if this is not acceptable on this forum page (will need to trouble the admin to delete if this violates any policy). But I thought this was harmless fun ^o^ https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/social_customs/zodiac/compatibility-test.htm?u1=Kim Jong Kook&u2=Jeon So Min&d1=1976-4-25&d2=1986-4-7
  5. New kookmin shipper just joining the clan I belong to =) I hope we have a great time together!
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