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  1. Sorry I was referring to MMS. I enjoy SP and hope they work together again in the future, but it’s alright I understand.
  2. Thank you for the welcome. I watched some episodes of Melting Me Softly. I actually think it’s cute and funny. I noticed at the end of the first 4 episodes (not sure how many but I heard it a few times) anyway I noticed the song “can’t take my eyes off of you” was playing at the end of almost every episode . This reminded me of a YouTube post by, I think dearyou.___ I know it’s silly but just made me chuckle. I feel Bong Hee’s spirit.
  3. Hello Normally I have never thought of posting. I prefer to lurk. I just want to say that it has been a pleasure reading everyone’s post. As you can see I’m a Noob but I have been following SP and all the awesome updates since the beginning of 2018 I guess close to the end of Military service. Thank you all for the entertainment and the inspiration. Honestly Bong Hee’s adventures in finding a new job, escaping from crazy workplace and a new life really resonated with me haha. For me changing my life path is just about to happen... I guess it helps to know I’m a Virgo in my early 30s so her portrayal does resonate hehehe. You guys and the SP story has been a blessing in the sweetest way. I admire these two actors and I hope to read more updates. Thanks again for the amazing work on this forum. You guys make me so happy.
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