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  1. @bluehibiscus Yes, I wondered why they added the mask in the first place to cover his face and that was the reason. It's why Wei Wuxian was afraid to be recognized; if he really reincarnated in MXY's body, he wouldn't have had to use it (and the writers wouldn't have had to add it). He could've just pretended to be MXY like in the novel and other adaptations. You can find the information on the wikipedia page of film censorship in China, with linked sources/references even though those are in Chinese. There's probably more articles about it on the Internet or essays on film censorship if we look hard enough. it's an interesting topic. I still don't understand why though :/ "On June 30, 2017, the China Netcasting Services Association, an online broadcasting industry body subject to SAPPRFT and Ministry of Civil Affairs,[48]issued a set of guidelines, signaling detailed control on all forms of audiovisual web content, including films.[49][50] Defamation of revolutionary leaders, heroes, People's Liberation Army, armed police, national security apparatus, public security apparatus, and the judiciary branch, etc; Pornography and cheap taste: prostitution, rape, masturbation, incest, homosexuality, hentai, sexual assault, sexual violence, extramarital affairs, one-night stand, sexual freedom, wife swapping, prolonged or provocative scenes of physical intimacy; Feudalistic ideology which is pseudoscience: spirit possession, reincarnation, witchcraft, etc. Showcase excessive horror, psychological pain, hysteria, causing strong stimulation to senses and emotions with uncomfortable pictures, lines, music, and sound effects
  2. @ichaicha @bluehibiscus The drama is different than the novel and other adaptations. In Chinese dramas and movies, it is prohibited to show reincarnation into someone else's body or something of the sort, so they changed it. he doesn't reincarnate into Mo Xuanyu's body. They never explain it but we can assume MXY gave up his body and life force to bring back Wei Wuxian's body and spirit. It's why WWX used the mask to hide his face in the drama. So he wouldn't be recognized. I wasn't sure about this either until someone told me and then i read the guidelines of what is prohibited :/
  3. Hahahaha what are you even saying, Wei Wuxian's parents had left him nothing to inherit, he was the son of a servant who then became rogue cultivators. Lan Wangji adopted Sizhui because of Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian considers him as his own child. If you've only seen the series then you would know that he cares little about bloodlines or the clan since he's always felt he belonged to the Jiang Clan (well, until everything happened). He cares absolutely nothing about the Wei clan or his legacy since when he left to basically found his own clan it was with the Wen remnants. Afterwards? all he wants to do is be a rogue cultivator. He ain't gonna do whatever you want him to do because it does not go with his character or personality, it would be OOC. He's not going to get a girl pregnant because he's in love with Lan wangji. Lan wangji is not going to marry someone because his heir is Lan Sizhui. Might as well just watch another drama that has that plot because that is never going to happen.
  4. !!!! The cover art is sooo nice! I'm still praying for an eventual professional english translation and publishing! I would love to hold the books in my hands...and all the art
  5. The best version to understand the story is the original 50 episode one. The special edition is a heavily edited version focused on Lan Wangji and Wei wuxian and their relationship. A lot of the plot and scenes with other characters got edited out. The special edition edited scenes are not helpful for the plot, they're just extended scenes of lan wangji and wei wuxian's scenes that are not important to the plot which is why they weren't added but it does make the wangxian relationship even more obvious (linger eye gazes etc).
  6. Yes I have! They add extended scenes and re-arrange the order of some of them to make them even more...gayer I guess?? Like, there's scenes where they add 5+ seconds of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian locking eyes and just looking at each other with the pretty music on the background, it's all very romantic xD They cut a lot of scenes but that's understandable since it's focused on WWX and LWJ. I'm hoping they re-edited the ending to make it more obvious to everyone that watches that they did reunite at the end.
  7. Not only the author, but even the actors of the drama, the screenwriters and the director intended it be a portrayal of a love story even though they couldn't say it explicitly or acknowledge it on screen. It even ends with them reuniting with Wei ying coming back to Gusu. The Untamed did a great job at that, but of course there are also those who believe that love stories only count if we get a love confession or kisses at the end which no. The Special Edition emphasizes it.
  8. No. BL dramas are implied in China, they can't explicitly show them kissing or confessing to each other, but it's clear from their interactions, loving gazes and actions that they are in love. Homosexuality is not illegal, but being portrayed explicitly on film is not allowed so everything has to be implied which they did very well in this one, and intentionally. The filmmakers and the actors consider is a love story between two men. It's the whole reason why WeTV is releasing a special edition cut that is focused on the relationship between these two characters while promoting them in social media as a couple and re-arranging scenes and adding new stuff to make it even more obvious (including that ending). So Lan Wangji getting married to someone else? never going to happen since the cast and crew did this intentional as a lan wangji/wei wuxian couple even when implied. And even Wei wuxian then marry his daughter? Bro no. You're just reaching, that will never ever happen except maybe in your imagination. It would absolutely not make sense with either character.
  9. LOL that would never happen since they're gay for each other and in love. Well, Wei Wuxian is bi but Lan Wangji is a one man kind of guy. He would've never gotten married with someone else, he's always devoted to Wei Wuxian lmao
  10. Nooo, the novel and drama are very very different. Have you read it? They changed a lot of things in the plot, including the relationship between lan wangji and wei wuxian (they're more friendly since the beginning in the drama. That's not the case in the novel) and Wei Wuxian's characterization (and other characters). He's a gray moral character. Some prefer the novel because it's more explicit (with sex scenes!) and there's a love confession and they get married. I've read the novel, yet my favorite portrayal of Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian is from the drama as well. If you start reading fanfic you can tell which ones are from the novel/donghua and which ones are based on the untamed because the changes between them are noticeable
  11. The bit about Lan Wangji calling Wei Wuxian's spirit daily for 13 years is a popular headcanon. That was never said in the novel, it just got get very popular in fanfic and fandom so people started considering canon. people just assume he did played inquiry many times throughout the years. Also, lan wangji not letting go of his hand, are you talking about when wei wuxian died? because that didn't happen in the novel either. Lan Wangji wasn't there when Wei wuxian died. Wei Wuxian died thinking lan wangji hates him. That was said in the novel and it's in WWX's point of view so the way he sees and thinks about things are biased. He was really blind about what Lan Wangji felt about him. He didn't even remember about the cave and when Lan wangji was defending him from the other elders from the lan clan. He died thinking everyone hated him. Now if you're talking about the untamed, that's different.
  12. How does it not make sense? He died, his spirit was so sad and angry (and traumatized) at everything (plus the demonic cultivation), he didn't remember where his spirit was or where he roamed. Wei wuxian also has memory problems so it's understandable and makes sense to his character. Also a lot of cultivators were summoning his spirit while he was dead. and he died thinking lan wangji hated him.
  13. All of the ones available have chinese hardcoded subtitles except the one from Netflix.
  14. uhhh he was dead, so his spirit was wondering around i guess???
  15. Her other two are also xianxia! The first one is Scum Villain's Self-Saving System. This is the summary: The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System. Shen Yuan is reborn into a young man and scum villain destined to die, Shen Qingqiu. But it must be known that the original Shen Qingqiu was sliced alive by his disciple, Luo Binghe, into a human stick! ... He wants to prove – even scum villains can live, and live coolly at that! (Basically, Shen Yuan loved reading webnovels and his favorite one was about the hero (Luo Binghe), who used to have a harem and a badass. She Yu'an was unhappy with the way it ended, complained online then quickly afterwards he dies in an accident. He transmigrates into the novel and becomes the villain, but he changes things because he doesn't want to die! Spoiler alert: the hero ends up falling for him. it's very funny and sometimes painful (like mdzs). Her third and latest novel is Heaven Official's Blessing and it's probably her best one??? It's very long, and it has a mix of action, adventure, romance, hidden identity and so. much. pining. You know how Lan Wangji waited 13 yrs (and in the drama 16) for WWX? The main character's love interest waited hundreds of years. hundreds. Her novels are really good T___T Be prepared for Heaven Official's Blessing because there's angst.
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