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  1. LOL my fangirling has reached new heights, I made a video for DongJeon couple. If this ends in tragedy, I will just keep watching my video and pretend they walked a flowery path in the end hahaha.
  2. Yup, definitely. I can see the depth that she's adding to her acting with each project she takes on. This line "The deeper the emotions in the play, the more shining of Kim's inner space will be." from the article above is true. It's just like as knetz would comment 'she digests her roles very well'. And she does even better when she actually connects with the writer's writing, ya know when her characters make sense loool. Actually that crying scene with YM reminded me of the scene in Page Turner when Yoo Seul's mom slapped her. I think that Page Turner scene is/was? probably my top crying scene of hers. But yeah her crying scenes here in Tale of Nokdu are *chef's kiss* and it's kinda cool how each scene feels a little different. All of them...I felt her PTSD when DJ went back to her house for the first time, swing scene was beautiful, scene with YM was great, her internal battle in front of the gibang when she was wrestling thoughts of her family and ND, the confession scene was great. Her eyes just does everything and she's definitely mastered that watery eye thing at this point. Hahaha
  3. Saaame. I'm only a few years older than her but I feel like I'm watching her like a mom since it's like I've been watching her grow up since she started as a child actress. Hahaha. She still has that baby side to her though, especially seeing how she reacted to the PD simulating the kiss on his hand. LOL It definitely boggles the mind though how she can be so pro one minute then like a kid the next. Also, being a longtime fan sucks...it's like live-watching dramas. You're too caught up and have seen everything there is to see so there's no choice but to just keep re-watching stuff while you wait for new stuff to come.
  4. I think it was a steady build up...I could see her breaking out of her shell with each project. It's cool seeing how far she's come. Now I'm just deaaarly wishing the writer has this story all properly planned out to the end. I still have some trust issues since she also wrote School 2015 . So I guess now we know JDY and KTO call each other jagi/honey according to KSH. And through this BTS, JDY possibly calls KSH macaroon looool
  5. I'm really loving how at ease KSH seems to be in this filming set, it reminds me of how much fun she seemed to have in LFG set. Although we know she's hiding her nervousness through laughing, there's still a sense of ease. I remember in Ruler, she was laughing cause of being flustered too but you could tell she was suuuuper embarrassed. It probably definitely helps that she's very comfortable with the PD and JDY. The macaroon thing reminds me of this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-MlkYY--sU. I wonder if KSH is no longer 'Kim So Hyun - Dong Dong Joo' on JDY's phone...is it Macaroon now?
  6. Sorry guys, the next part I don't understand as much. I'm not entirely sure what exactly JDY did wrong with the kiss loool. But umm...I died a little when he referred to KSH as macaron? Then PD asked JDY if he's making the mistakes on purpose. So JDY says no, no, ayyy. I couldn't hear exactly what KSH was saying but JDY said he couldn't see. After that they were just asking each other if they were cold and compared who got soaked more in the rain. KSH: Oppa, you're not cold right? JDY: I'm cold too KSH: You're not wet JDY: I'm wet KSH: Look at how soaked I am JDY: What? We were in the same place though KSH: I would like to wear a gat/hat too Last part was KSH asking the VJ how the scene was so the VJ told her it was really really good. No problem! It's just a rough translation though, that's only as far as my understanding can go. LOOOL I'm not sure if they didn't know it was a deep kiss, or if she was just embarrassed at how detailed the PD was explaining it. Or if it's a similar reaction to when the PD was demonstrating how to wrap her arms around JDY and kiss him earlier. Hahaha yeah, this is when I realized how much of a sunbae KSH really is although they're both technically nervous. She's just hiding hers through laughter loool.
  7. Then during the scene where ND asks DJ if she isn't nervous at all, JDY unknowingly steps back during rehearsal so the PD told him to not step back and then KSH jokingly said 'He must be scared'. Then they rehearsed the scene where DJ kisses ND for the 3rd time. KSH misunderstands the PD's instruction to cup JDY's face while giving him a ppo-ppo. So she ends up giving him a ppo-ppo on the cheeks hahaha. It's cute how KSH was kinda trying to practice how to cup his face nicely. Hahaha And OMG at 1:57...the PD actually demonstrates on his hand how to do the kiss LMFAO. He was specifically instructing them that the scene was not a peck but a deep kiss. LOOOOOOOL So KSH slightly screamed and got embarrassed so she was kinda like mwo-yaaa. After that JDY and KSH looked soulless laughing loooool and i think the caption is something to the effect of like 'Mental breakdown'. Then during the scene where ND kisses DJ after she tells him she likes him. JDY actually jumps the gun and kisses her too early that's why KSH stopped him. KSH: Fine. I like you. JDY reaches for the kiss. KSH: Mmm...waitaminute... KSH: I still have another line left JDY: I'm sorry! KSH: I like you so much it's killing me. (JDY was confirming the lines)
  8. Ahhhh....I didn't think it was possible for KSH and JDY to be even more adorable in the BTS than the actual scene. I was expecting KSH to be the shy/nervous one when filming this scene but I was surprised to see that she was actually the more comfortable one, joking around and everything. This is not the JDY who was super excited and confident with his kiss scene with KTO. JDY's little 'research' *ahem* around KSH to figure out how far his gat/hat reaches. Is this his 7D personality coming out? I really loooooved KSH's delivery of Dong Joo's lines prior to the kiss scene so it was an absolute treat seeing KSH play around with her lines during rehearsal. So it looks like she actually ad-libbed the part where she hits Nok Du's chest when she was asking why she keeps thinking of him. The caption says Dong Joo's Real Adlib and during the rehearsal she goes: KSH: Why did I think of you? KSH: Should I hit him?~~~ (playfully) KSH: WHY DID I ONLY THINK OF YOUUUU??? (angrily) - this is my fave part When I saw this, I thought wooow...this is how she practiced it during rehearsal and THAT's how it came out. clap clap BRAVO KSH was so playful in this BTS. During the part where she has to wrap her arms around JDY, the director asked her to wrap her arms while making her hands look pretty so she playfully tried to make it pretty loool.
  9. My bad for getting hopes up, I got carried away with the confusion along with knetz LOL. Its the withdrawal syndrome taking over after waiting a week, I'm no longer thinking straight. Hahaha!
  10. Ahh okay that makes more sense, I guess they just didnt update the schedule from yesterday. I got too excited LOL. Hahaha, I think KBS is finally seeing all the confusion they updated the schedule. Its all episode 7-8 reruns now.
  11. Its on Naver, like if you type in the korean title for TON. There's an area where you can click TV연여. And it shows the airing and rerun times for each day. https://m.entertain.naver.com/tvBrand/8551619
  12. Hey guys, if I'm understanding correctly... Episode 9-10 might be airing at 11:00 KST on KBS2. Episode 9 at 11:35 KST on KBS Drama and Episode 10 at 12:20 KST on KBS Drama. I don't know if those channels exist for live streaming. Then they will be airing Episode 11-12 at the usual hour...10pm (22:00) KST on KBS2. From the comments I'm reading...there is still baseball today but it might be on a different channel. They will also do a rerun of Episode 9 at 23:05 and Episode 10 at 23:45 on KBS Drama. This is such a mess...people who aren't aware will probably watch at 10pm and miss 2 episodes looool. I wanted to do a screenshot on my phone but there's security policy. LOL
  13. Yup, from what I understand JDY really wanted to go on the swing so he kept making up excuses to get KSH off it LOL. JDY kept trying to convince KSH that the swing was dangerous. So the staff who was approaching them called him out on it and asked him aren't you just doing this cause you want to go on the swing? And KSH repeats the same thing, that Nokdu wants to go on the swing. JDY sticks to his story and tells KSH that the swing is gonna collapse and it's dangerous. Finally, KSH relents and gives up the swing to him. But just as JDY is about to go on it, he gets called by the staff to film something. And then KSH takes the swing back and mischievously says 'The owner of this swing is me'. LOOOL
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