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  1. While we wait for new episodes (hopefully it will air next week), I saw that the press con has English subs now. It was nice to actually understand what was being said and not infer based on facial expressions.
  2. This drama keeps reeling us in! I can't wait for next week's episodes. I'm still torn on if he did cheat or not with everything that they are teasing us with. Like who text him saying that they miss him in last week's episode? Was it for him or was it for someone else he's covering up for? Who was the person who supposedly caught him in the office that night? That person was sneaking into the office at that time. Was it Hyun Ah? Stealing stuff to sell? I don't think he's having/had an affair with a woman on the team though. I feel like each have their own secrets and that's why they come to him or he is somehow related like dealing with his supervisor's mistress. Someone mentioned Mi Na possibly being pregnant and that could be why she is trying so hard to get a promotion before others find out. With JS having gone through a miscarriage, it would be hard to tell her that she's pregnant but might be easier to tell SJ? In the character bio, it said JS was getting tired of trying too. Having been in a relationship and finding out that my ex-bf cheated on me, it was rough. There was doubts at all times. You try to see if you can make it work and get pass it. In my case, I found out after the fact and when we had already reconciled to try again. What JS is going through reminds me of that past. IMO, it just can't work since I did try and realized once a cheater, always a cheater. It definitely would feel like a bigger betrayal from a husband of so many years. I'm loving how Jang Nara is portraying her character so well! She's doing an excellent job. I do fear that even though he may not have cheated, the lies and secrets he's keeping will eventually tear them apart and I don't see a happy ending for our couple Still rooting for them in real life!!
  3. I just finished watching ep 2 subbed and I loved it more than episode 1 because I was on edge on how things would unravel the whole time. I’m happy it’s not going at a slow pace as we pretty much know that she finds out and calls him out on it. My favorite scene from this episode was when they were at their dining table. No spoilers. :) I can’t wait to see how next week’s episodes will play out. Before the drama started I believed he wasn’t cheating and was covering up for his VP. I still hope it’s some kind of twist and not predictable because I have high hopes for this drama and the complexity it promises. However the special episode interview and the press con has me questioning things. JNR said she would have gone to her lawyer if she was in this situation lol and at the press con, LSY says he doesn’t want to be like his character and started to relate less and less to him. Lots of bad choices made by his character. I felt the other casts were afraid he’d slip a secret how they reacted each time he talked lol Also thrilled they are doing rating wise!!! I want them to succeed! Lastly, that article about their potential to date lol makes the shipper in me happy even though we won’t get much lovey doves scenes in the drama.
  4. What were the ratings for episode 1? edit: nvm found it on soompi http://www.soompi.com/article/1362189wpp/vip-starring-jang-nara-and-lee-sang-yoon-sees-great-premiere-ratings I’m curious what’s in the room in their house that she looks at. Wonder if they lost a child/pregnancy.
  5. Haha one can only hope it’s because of him but I think she’s just nervous. Is the live press con going to start up again? It seemed like they were going to set up and the live got cut off. I keep checking and not seeing a new live set up.
  6. Ah Rin was in that second vlog in the team meeting so I"m assuming she's a child of a VIP customer? I just can't wait to watch the drama! 11 more days!
  7. @sksen I'm seriously shipping this couple for real. The more I learn about them, the more optimistic I am. Their parents want them to get married, they've remarked that they should get married, they're both christian, he's the same age as her, they're reserved, and they look good together! She totally leaned into him at the BBQ place in Masters in the House and she's already gotten so comfortable with him like you mentioned
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