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  1. You can find the soundtrack here, including instrumental versions of the theme song.
  2. Did you like Jade Dynasty? Wondering if I should go see the movie or not. I didn't really like the drama version and I also don't like that the story is not finished. But I like Xiao Zhan.
  3. Xiao Zhan at the ZheJiang Autumn Festival 10/19/19 Singing 你是此生最美的风景 (You're the most beautiful scenery in my life) Demonstrating 4 different kinds of smiles
  4. I hope this isn't against forum rules, but OMG
  5. @themarchioness They are releasing extra unaired clips from that old episode I think.
  6. Tickets were sold out in 5 seconds!! Edited to add: @stevii The Global Package includes hotel and tickets for both nights selling for 9999 RMB here.
  7. One of the best fan made videos I've seen. Everything is just so perfectly synced, and the song is just beautiful. Cr
  8. His laughter just makes me so happy! Cr
  9. I like all the interviews and photos from Bazaar. Yibo looks so fierce in that photoshoot they did. Speaking of sharing, here's some more random stuff.... Is it sad that I recognize most if not all of these looks? Cr Yibo was so good as Lan WangJi. His microexpressions were everything. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked to see him BTS at first. He's like a totally different person! @themarchioness Is this really how he auditioned for/won the DDU gig?? Cr
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