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  1. 1st would be family (where her father attempts to kill her), 2nd is death (where she will gradually lose all her senses and die) and 3rd is love relationship (her heart and absolute trusts towards Jiu Chen is literally broken by Jiu Chen when she realized that he is actually waiting for her death so that Ling Xi can come back). Supposingly the death tribulation should not be the 2nd one because if Ah Mo really is dead, it means that Ling Xi would not even get the chance to pass the 3rd tribulation, so Jiu Chen's whole plan in washing away the demonic aura in Ling Xi would fail. Hence, there was a scene in the guest house between Jiu Chen and Si Ming, Jiu Chen actually did question Si Ming "if her death tribulation is coming soon, what and when would be her next next tribulation. Would there be any mistake?" So, in a way, we do have to give credit to Jing Xiu for giving away his pearl of life to save Ah Mo's life, because without him, Ling Xi may not even have the chance to pass her last tribulation with Jiu Chen
  2. Hi. I have been a silent reader of all the L&D posts here. Love reading all the comments. Really going through some hugeeee withdrawal after ended it about 1 months + ago. Chang Chen and Ni Ni really did a great job in portraying their characters. Regarding Ling Xi's pregnancy, I think Ling Xi did give some subtle hints about it although she did not realize yet that she is indeed pregnant. If I'm not mistaken, in ep 58, when she was foolishly "admiring" the wedding letter that Jiu Chen gave her, at the end she was feeling abit nausea with her covering her mouth. And in another later episode (most prob ep59), there was a moment where she also has the inclination to vomit (which is something new for her character). Knowing that Ling Xi going to have a daughter after they did the "deed", I think Ni Ni did try to drop some subtle hints here and there to her audiences to make it more realistic
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