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  1. Unpopular opinion: I actually really dislike JH's character. He seems like this total nice guy who wants to help. But for some reason he comes off like a self righteous spoiled brat. He has no idea what it ia like to struggle. I agree with WDH said. Everything he has gotten is because of his father. DH lost opportunities to be something other that politics because of him. He had to fail on purpose so JH could be top at school or else his family lose their only means of survival. He didn't earn it. Scholarship are given to top students right? If DH was going get those, he could have been very successful in any field he chose, instead he had to come up with a new life goal. JH just annoys me with his whole personality and trying to give the person who's life was ruined because of him "advise" and wanting to "play fair". What does he know about fair or what the people at the marketplace face just to live.
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