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  1. In the trailer, he said that the Korean Empire, not Joseon or Goryeo. It looks like it is based on modern day kingdom (correct me if I'm wrong). Or we don't know it yet, probably some mixed modern days with sageuk like LOTBS, MLFTS or even Goblin. I'm just so excited anyway.
  2. https://www.storykpop.com/2020/02/actor-hyunbins-upcoming-movie.html?m=1
  3. The South Korea's first lady is a big fan of Hyun Bin as well. It's so cute.
  4. Guys. Take a look at this. Our drama is definitely so popular. South Korean President and the first lady watched it.
  5. I don't remember or recall in which episode RJH's birthday (birthdate) is shown. Is it in Fake passport (Chinese Citizen identity card) in ep 14?
  6. One thing I love about this drama is, there is no idols at all in the cast. You know, there is no acting holes, Every actor in this drama can act their roles well.
  7. 1. It was 7-year apart. 2. Seri only stayed in the north for a few months, I think it's only 3 months ( maybe I'm wrong) 3. It is only 3 weeks when RJH goes to the south after Seri is sent back to the south.
  8. Guys! Please do not read netizenbuzz comments about our drama surpassing goblin in rating. That site is really toxic. K-netizens still hate, degrade and disrate our drama, even our proved them wrong. I'm just getting pissed.
  9. The actor Kim Jung Hyun (GSJ) just posted an update about the drama in his Instagram.
  10. When did they say those? In Last night farewell party? Or is there any separate interview before, they just release now since the drama is done aring?
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