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  1. Kim Taeri has a new movie as upcoming project. I think she would be available. Not sure about if she wants to go back for dramaland. She mostly does movies. My thoughts exactly! I don't want him to make the same mistakes as them. I always trust his choices and decisions. Can't wait to hear the good news from him.
  2. I have someone in my mind, she is Kim Taeri, you probably know her in Mr. Sunshine. She is a famous movie actress too. Mr. Sunshine was her only drama till now. But, she is a well-established actress with enough fanbase. A very good actress too. She is 90er, so, she is around the same age with Our Jong Suk. She is someone who could on par with Jong Suk in talents, visuals and fame. Two of them would be my dream pairing. The next drama is very important for him since it's the military comeback. So, I don't really want to see him with any of his previous leading ladies.
  3. I see. Thanks for your answer. I always trust him too. We know he has golden touch, the good eyes for projects. So excited to hear the good news soon!! I kinda wanted him to go with Hong Sisters new drama about wizards and witches. Which actress do you guys want to see him with?
  4. Hello! Any update drama casting news/rumors of Our Jong Suk?? We heard about some drama rumors even before he discharged. But now, no? I miss him so much.
  5. Hello, I have been finding his thread for a while. I started to notice him in waikiki. And then I became his fan in CLOY and now after Mr.Queen, I'm totally in love with him. Now, I could support him fully, he bounced back even better. I am so proud of him. I also watched Time for him, but dropped after his character died. Anyone knows why his ig hasn't verified yet? Is there anything we can do?
  6. Thanks I hope his thread is tagged with this thread. In this way, fans like me could easily find his thread. Above tag of his name hasn't been tagged with anything.
  7. Is there Kim Jung Hyun's personal thread in soompi forum? I didn't see one, or tag with Mr.Queen. If you found his thread, can you tag with this Mr.Queen thread?
  8. Thanks, I'm so happy that he is back. He is always been my most favorite Korean Actor. I miss him so much. Please share about his comeback project if he is confirmed.
  9. When he will be back? How many days left. I'm so excited! I heard that he already received many casting offers (as expected). I'm sure he would choose the best one.
  10. I heard that it would be the original Netflix production, same like Sweet Home, Love Alarm and Kingdom. So, it would not air at the public or cable channels. You are right, YJT is not a bad choice. I'm currently watching the ongoing drama, Mr. Queen. At there, Male Lead, Kim Jung Hyun is giving me Denver vibes. Kim Jung Hyun is surely very talented, I have seen him in CLOY, School 2017, Waikiki. He could pull off Denver well. I hope they choose him as Denver. For Rio, my choices are Kim Min Jae and Lee Jae Wook. Both could pull off well as Rio.
  11. Lee Byung Hyun and Ji Jin Hee are my choices. Since it is produced by BH Ent, I really wanted to have Lee Byung Hyun as the professor, you know he is the founder/CEO of BH Ent. Anyway, YJT is also good. Now, I have some favorite actors for Denver and Rio. Do you want to hear?
  12. I'm a huge fan of the Original series. I'm kinda surprised that it would have Korean remake. It made me excited, also felt very anxious about this. You know many things could go wrong. South Korea is very sensitive about some stuff which included in the original Spanish series. And, they will use now the original character "city" names. The casting so far is very good. Park Hae Joon as Berlin and Jeong Jong Seo as Tokyo are the excellent choices. But, I don't really like Yoo Ji Tae as The Professor, I have some other actors in my mind. Still, Yoo Ji Tae is a veteran actor, I am sure he wi
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