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  1. Is that She broke up with him or He broke up with her? Who said to break up first?
  2. I'm here coz I love ep 1 so much. Even though the plot is kinda obvious, it is very entertaining. I love the female lead character here. She is smart and independent, not like normal dumb K-drama girls. I'm happy for Jo Boa, she is very amazing in this role.
  3. I think "that teacher" is Min Hyuk's hyung, Alice's team leader. Coz, he seems so nice (in a weird way) and he is only one left who has those abilities.
  4. In the preview for ep 11, Detective Ko told JG that it's the only way to save his wife. It means his wife is dying?
  5. Does Oh Si Young have romantic feeling for Min Hyuk? That's why she is jealous over TY in both past and present? So, Detective Ko is a member of the time-traveller hunter group?
  6. I heard that this drama will air after Start-Up, Sat-Sun timeslot in December this year. If it's true, I'm so excited it's still in 2020.
  7. In the future episodes, I wanna see Joonyoung jealous. He must be so cute.
  8. I've seen a lot of time travel movies/TV series. The theory is that if one's future self killed his/her past self, that person would also be erased from the existence. And, it would be like the future version would also die, if the past died. I'm surprised in this show, that Eun Soo's Mom(from future) killed her own self (past), and she is still alive, only has some side effects, maybe Alice have special techniques.
  9. Do you know where is that little daughter of Professor Jang in Ep 1? Is she young Tae Yi?
  10. Min Hyuk is Jin Gyeom's father, right??
  11. Could I ask what is Luo Hou Ji Du? Is it the same as Star of Mosha or Demon Maleficent Star? Mo Sha Xing? I'm quite confused.
  12. Have anyone noticed now that Master of Le Ze Palace really love and care about Si Feng? Based on trailers, he would be Si Feng's father in this life. Coz, according to Le Ze Palace rules, they are not allowed to fall in love, have wife and kids. So, he is protecting his son as his beloved disciple. I saw SF with Golden Wings in the trailer, SF might be a part of Demon Clan. And, the whole Li Ze Palace could be all demons. Probably Li Ze Palace has a good reason to wear masks for actually hiding their secret identities.
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