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  1. I Repeat Ha Sung Woon's song, I feel sad, remembering MH on his position. At first, He loves GD but he can't say anything. Now, GD loves him but he still can't say anything. I feel bad also to LS. He losts all of the people that he loves or trusts so instantly. He heard GD make confession directly, of course it makes his heart shattered in pieces. So sad see him always cry and cry. 6 episode remaining, I wish the best for all. No more tears, no more sadness.
  2. Second kiss by GD.. One side I'm sad but the other side I feel happy.. I think GD will be in danger situation when I watched preview eps 9. Look like MH struggling to save her whatever the situation. In my opinion, LS moves slowly to protect GD, he should have known that with the position of being king, GD was in danger. He should take action quickly, maybe send a bodyguard or something to monitoring GD. Now, MH's father will hunt down GD. I hope MH always next to GD to protect her. But I'm enjoying with eps 8, YS is so funny when he scared
  3. Hi everyone.. When I see Young Soo tantrum in this episode 7, just remember a little brother.. Ma Hoon is a warm hearted person, always understanding and wise.. It is only with that expression that we immediately understand that he really loves his brother.. Young Soo is still stubborn child, hahaha
  4. Hi.. I'm just newbie in this forum, I'm sorry for my bad English. I like this drama so much because light and funny. I think Kim Min Jae fit to this drama, I see him more and more handsome since Goblin drama. His skill acting always good and of course even the other actor is great. Tonight Eps 7 will be aired, I can't wait. Every day in a week I always scroll my instagram and twitter and this forum to see their update. I always waiting Monday and Tuesday coming. I'm so exited and curious.
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