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  1. 1 hour ago, Kemil20 said:


    Just checked jeonsomin hashtag on instagram and I think their post yesterday triggers some peope. :sweatingbullets:




    They just jealous,because no more interaction between their favorite:popcornjackson:

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Happyjana said:

    I noticed there a new fake kookmin shipper account in ig just like @sominjongkookcouple acc. That account hashtag & caption is so weird, & only tag kjk.They really triggered after latest ep & now they want us kookmin clan looked so bad. Its getting out of control now:(

    Can we  make that account dissapear?

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  3. When Somin dancing park jinyoung-coming of age ceremony and her loveline ysc support her..at the end ysc said yes it's right and then Somin celebrate with sechan i think make kjk over jealous :D , he's stand up for support Hana and said "Hana!Hana!" Idk why he's support hana because he's invest with yooa :mellow: 

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  4. 22 minutes ago, Ksmerch said:

    Im sorry, i didnt mean it like that but again i apologize to all the ppl here. Its just that i found it odd since love is in the air for kookmin nowadays, then i noticed that thing happened so im kinda confused. She had thousands of fan to make friends but why this particular guy,  if i can say 'chosen'.By they way this is the guy im talking about, doesnt seem connected to any RM member or her brother, so i hold on to my earlier assumption that somin took interest/lucky guy. https://www.instagram.com/sangmintr/

    Sorry but she's doing to all fans her know,example basketball player when he's coming in runningman but i think it's not big deal.because she's love her fans

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  5. 9 minutes ago, kookminclan RunningMan said:


    i don't think jsm will post pics from private gatherings where she is meeting her bf on her instagram.

    may.two and lpm_autumn, the owner of kimbrosis cafe seem to be really close friends of jsm. she and he have been friends for around 10 years. they usually hang out together at the Grand Mint festival which is coming up this october, so one more reason to catch up.

    i don't know if it is a pattern but i have noticed with jsm that she often meets up with her friends when kjk is busy or on vacation. the day jsm posted a picture at kim bro sis cafe, kjk was having a concert. now  kjk is on his concert vacation, and jsm is coincidentally or not meeting up with her friends. 


    i am glad she is in a good mood and having fun with her friends while he is having fun with his friends. i think it is a healthy thing to keep renewing your old friendships even if you get together with someone. 


    something else i observed; it could be a coincidence. last time kjk went to Canada with his dad and wasn't coming online for a few days. jsm then posted an emo post with clouds on 11 july and haha teased her asking her to write a poem. the very next day kjk started posting his ig stories and he kept reporting his activities for the entire trip. that was so unlike the kjk of old who would practically go missing from his IG once he reached LA. we had to get news of him from his friends' ig. i think that is what @Laijana meant. this time, from the time his flight landed, he has been giving regular ig story and post updates and jsm too has been really active from then on.


    i was reminded of what jsm said while defending yjs in the "along with the gods" episode. yjs would keep calling his wife to tell her he had reached wherever he went and jsm found that very romantic.


    i don't know if it is because of the fan curiosity about jsm's possible bf or if it is jsm teasing her fans and keeping them guessing who "that man" is. she posts her pics without revealing who is with her and after a day, the person with her reveals himself/herself. :)


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