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  1. Newbie Questions... Basically I am currently obsessed with Spartace, watching and reading everything I can. I came across some things and I hope some of you could shed some light on them. 1) SJH said that she has more chemistry KJK over Shin Hakyun according to a tweet I read, referring to this article: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002687260 Does anyone know the background of this? Of all people, why KJK? They weren't in an official loveline yet, at that time? 2) I came across a tweet that mentioned that Tiny Oppa had a spat with MC Shippers before. Do you guys know the story behind that? Thank you in advance!
  2. Yep, that's exactly what I meant, which is why I used quotation marks on "ex-girlfriend". I am liking this show now because of the KJK stories hehehe, although it's very obvious that they are still trying out so many things and finding their way.
  3. Just watched 5 Cranky Brothers, and they had to rank the things that make their significant others less attractive. Spelling mistakes was one of the choices. According to the translation of Viu: KJK: That actually happened to me. My "ex-girlfriend" kept making spelling mistakes. But I found it cute. When she got something wrong, I'd tease her by saying "Did you mean this?" Then she'd get embarrassed but I'd tell her that it was cute. Reminds me of the poem that SJK wrote for KJK, where they checked for errors afterwards. She had 2 spelling mistakes and several spacing mistakes. I just got reminded. Also reminds me of how he finds her cute when she makes mistakes during quizzes. Hee hee.
  4. To others, they may say that this is just in the head of delulu shippers. It's easy to dismiss it that way. BUT I believe the cast knows what they're doing and they're saying. They react so much to what's going on, what's on the news, etc. etc. They know what people talk about on social media. They have revealed this over and over again blatantly and subtly. KJK seems to know what's being talked about concerning himself etc. So they know. The whole cast has animals assigned to them. And they know. Some have even EMBRACED it. And yes, even if it's never made a big deal of, SJH is the fox.
  5. To be honest when I first read this, my initial reaction was "naaah, it can't be, it's farfetched". BUT I've watched and re-watched a lot of 2019 Spartace videos, watched some 2019 RM episodes again, and tried to piece everything together and I now feel the same. In my head, it's like they laid out a plan for the year. Loveline was introduced, intensely even. And he's reeeeeeally making a big deal about wanting to get married next year. (From a new fan: I know that people always ask him, yearly, about this. But is it more of a big deal now compared to before? Or is the intensity of 'getting married next year' the same as always?) And he wrote that letter during his concert. (I'm still looking for a complete translation, things were just pieced together here.) And then Tiny Oppa tweeted about how 2020 is going to be a great year and used the hashtag #Love (although he could have been referring to Kim Gun Mo). And then he really made it a point to mention that he 'tried hard to look for someone' at the start of the year. He also mentioned at some point that he wants to meet someone naturally, he didn't want things to be forced. And many other things. It's like they're going to say "it just happened that we got together because we've been good friends for a long time, we care about each other, it 'naturally happened'." I guess you can say that this is wishful thinking on my part, and it's really not impossible as well.
  6. Though I am entertained by the two, I absolutely believe, objectively, that Monday Couple have never been a thing else other than a TV show loveline. LOL omo so, so true. And I've only been on this ship for less than 2 (?) months.
  7. Another thing that was awesome in that episode was... To KJK - "Let's say you have a girlfriend, and she's in a variety show..." Errrr...
  8. @Adora Dark Oooooh can't wait to watch the second episode! I thought the first episode released (not the pilot) showed that they need to gel more as a group. Will definitely still watch a few more episodes because of KJK.
  9. ON LOVELINES AND DIFFERENT VIEWS. I've realized that people are really, really different. We all see different things. There are ships that I truly, truly do not understand no matter how hard I try. And some I feel are so *obvious*, and so it baffles me when others don't see it. But yeah, people are different, so I just remind myself that. And everyone can share what they feel and think, as long as they're not hurting anyone, by being rude and mean and stuff. That said, I'm still at a point where I am thoroughly entertained by the Monday Couple. Gary is so damn funny with his comments, and Jihyo is just so damn cute. Sure, they do have 'moments' as well, but I see those moments as two people who truly care for each other because they're part of a family, and it just so happens they are in an official loveline. As I've said in an earlier post, I think one needs to look a the whole story and not get stuck in the moments. Also, not all moments are created equal, some have more weight than others. I haven't watched MUD as full episodes, so whatever I know about the KJK-HJY loveline, I know through RM. And sure, it's cute and funny at times, but I don't understand how it could be seen as anything deeper than it actually is. I do like their loveline, there were really some funny stuff on RM because of it. I mean, even SJH said "I love this so much" or something to that effect. I won't fault people involved in the loveline, if I don't see anything real, because they are just doing their jobs as entertainers. I guess, if people fault someone for a loveline, that means they saw something real and believe that it has spilled to real life. For me, I wouldn't even call SA a loveline. Because a loveline is just part of a script. KJK and SJH's story is so not part of a script. It's just two people who care about each other much much more than others, based on how they take care of each and show affection for one another.
  10. @kook_mong I absolutely agree. I love how cute the loveline-related stuff were. But I really love the actions and things we see outside of the scripted loveline more. @heynell Oh she shared those views on children and marriage in the past? This is the good and bad thing about being new. Good thing is that there's always something new to discover, which makes it exciting. Everything is new! Everything is fresh! But the bad thing about being new is that I still don't have all the pieces. Gosh it's so daunting that I just started 2014 RM episodes! I want to go through each one to judge for myself if anything grew or changed over the years. I have to say, that info makes me wary and go back to the "they're probably not dating now" thought given that she wrote that poem for him recently. I can't believe that the content of the poem is all part of a script. That, or she changed her mind. These two... they make me crazy. Fun though! I became a fan of SJH two months ago, through Running Man, for the reasons you mentioned - she is so damn strong, she doesn't give a damn, she is truly an ACE! She is such a girl crush!!! Though I am really not fond of some of her stylist's choices recently, hehehe.
  11. I am finally done with Running Man 2013! On to 2014! My guess is that KJK and SJH became a couple towards the end of 2013 If I have to be specific with my guess, I think they got together in August that year. They've been close for quite a bit already by this time and they've shown that they care for each other for quite a while, but in my eyes, something *shifted* at that time. I think they were already together by the Shinwa episode, that helicopter ride was something. And this timeline fits with the Singapore fanmeet in September 2013 where they were ridiculously close even if they were not in a loveline, and of course MAMA in November 2013. Either that, OR they were in an MU stage (mutual understanding), and Haha could have actually been telling the truth that they got together during Mama. It also fits with the timeline where SJH broke up with the CEO boyfriend in 2013. Of course this is just a guess but I tried to have some sort of basis for it.
  12. I don't think there is a strict definition nor a to-do list for any shipper. I respectfully disagree that SA shippers should *only* look for happy moments, and that the goal is not to confirm the relationship. Everyone is different. All reasons and context are valid. As long as people are respectful and reasonable and make sensible contributions, it should be okay. What I love about *many* members here is that even those with concerns are very reasonable and there are many sensible conversations. @Xonos I have been wondering about that. If they have indeed been together since 2013, or whenever, why aren't they married if there's so much talk about it outside. Is Running Man more important? Hard to believe it's that. This is one of the main reasons why I still go back and forth on them being together (right now).
  13. @kook_mong I have that part of my brain too that wants to protect me from hurt, and that's where my #3 comes in. I really, really find it hard to believe that they've never been together (your #4) because of everything that we've seen. @kimmongji01 Yes, please please #1 or #2!
  14. @kook_mong I am really hoping it's #1!!! I'll even take #2! How about you, what went through your mind when you watched?
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