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  1. I swear I read an article of HB and SYJ interview last December 2019 acknowledging how they met in an award show before but I can't find it anymore!! They were talking about how they met few years back even before 'The Negotiation', and only said one greeting to one another and never really talk during that award show. I hope someone can find that article! It definitely amazing how things turned around and its like they're really destined for each other!
  2. I'm not seeing the North Korean loyalty badge on Ri Jung Hyuk's clothes so maybe he's still in South Korea, so there's a high possibility that its SeRi's and Jung Hyuk's ring?!
  3. I love how Son Ye Jin shared an exclusive photo of her and Hyun Bin in Switzerland this Christmas eve, that explains a lot!!! its like a gift for us shippers~ Both look so happy together, only time will tell~
  4. I agree with KimSooHanMoo, When HB was talking about his "most unforgettable moment while shooting" he sounded worried talking about it. A rough translation on that part: Question: What was the most memorable/ unforgettable moment while shooting? HB answered: "When she fell, although it was not included in the script, while shooting there was a scene where we had to run while holding hands and suddenly Ye Jin disappeared as she fell down. It was the moment I panicked, therefore it was memorable.." He was then asked if it was part of the script when she fell down, and he answered "No it wasn't, she really fell... I really thought something wrong had happened.. Everyone was really scared at that time and so it was the most unforgettable moment for me during filming.." (awwww Binnie was so concerned of Ye Jin that he can't forget about it!) Ye Jin then teased him and said "He let go of my hand as we were supposed to run together but because I was carrying a parachute gear on my back it was hard for me to run as it was really heavy and the parachute pulled me which caused me to fall... I glanced at HB and he was gone.. haha so he probably didn't see me fall." HB: "I did not see you fall because I have to look forward to run then suddenly you disappeared and our hands was released." SYJ: "I thought he would keep holding my hand" HB: "If I did then both of us will get hurt" SYJ: "Nope.. I won't fall if you didn't" HB: " I don't think that's the case" HAHA I love their flirty banters in this interview, their very much like their characters in Crash Landing on You 100% similar!! Son Ye Jin loves teasing Hyun Bin and it shows how close and comfortable they are in real life too!
  5. I think they already know from the get-go that they will be asked about the dating rumors in the press conference, and both of them safely and professionally answered the question. They definitely came well-prepared for it! Hyun Bin even grab the microphone first and wanted to answer the question straight away, and Ye Jin approved his answer (well done Hyun bin!) while the director kept laughing and shyly answered the question like he knows something about them.. Therefore "Dont worry too much and positive thoughts only" (as the director said ) and through this drama they will show their deep relationship and developing teamwork which we are all excited to see! I have so much respect for both of them. In my opinion, they're priority right now is the drama, and if they are truly dating in real life (which is highly likely) it makes more sense if they will admit their relationship after the drama ends and not in the beginning. Even HB is excited when the drama ends based from his Esquire Korea 2019 Interview: Q: Which part of the future do you want to go?A: I just want to be able to go to the end of this drama right now.Q: At the end of Crash Landing of Love?A: Yeah. If only I could just see the time when the drama is just over .... (Laugh) Who knows maybe we will get a good news after the drama? For now..... its a HYUN BIN X SON YE JIN TOP SECRET ROMANCE!
  6. Hi guys, I am a newbie here at Soompi. I've recently became a fan of both Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, and I cannot wait for their upcoming drama this November!! I am so excited to see the drama teasers and behind the scenes! Anyways...I do have a feeling as well that the drama will be set in the 80s or early 90s as based on various photos we have seen so far. For instance, SYJ and HB hairstyles (especially SYJ hair in Star News greeting video) and fashions looked retro especially on the photo of them walking together in Switzerland where it seems like SYJ was wearing shoulder pads looked very 80s to me. I could be wrong but hopefully we will find out more information about the drama soon! and get to see behind the scenes of the script reading. =)
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